Monday, August 31, 2009

The big bad PIG...

This is one sick little boy... York has gotten a visit from the big bad PIG! Yes... that is the infamous Swine Flu! The picture above was take at the ER on Friday morning. We were in Montgomery for a wedding and my sweet little man got this nasty Fever/ Runny nose/ awful cough. ((BACK STORY: On Monday we were in contact with a lady who had "the Pig" and we didn't know it.... Neither did she. She loved and kissed all over MR. York. On Wednesday she was put into the hospital. We thought that we were in the clear until Thursday night when York began running a high fever)) That is why we immediately went to the ER... we didn't want to take any chances when we knew he had been exposed. With a preemie (okay... insert laughter... he definitely doesn't look like a preemie) you have to take each sickness very seriously. Luckily this is his first time being sick. So they did the nostril swab (which he LOVED!) and we waited and waited and waited for the results. Yes the little piggy decided to take up residence with our little man. The bad news -they will not give children under 12 months of age any medicine. We can only treat symptoms. Wonderful! After 3 nights of NO sleep we had a successful 9 hour night last night!! YAY! He is looking better, acting happier, and his eyes are not glazed over anymore! We haven't had a fever in 24 hours! Hopefully we are out of the woods... I will keep everyone posted!
Happy Monday!
Origin of "the PIG": At the drugstore, the customers say they "got the Pig"... so we have adopted the saying at our house! Hope you can use it too!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My best friends WEDDING!!

This is my best friend Mandy...She is also little man's godmother....
We are headed to Montgomery this weekend to celebrate Mandy and Adrian's big day! Mandy is so very special to me and I cannot wait to stand beside her as she says "I DO". We have been friends for many years and I am honored that she has included me in her special day. I have no doubt things will be beautiful and she will make a gorgeous bride. Pray that God will calm her nerves, fill her heart with incredible joy, and bless their marriage for eternity. It will be a fantastic weekend! This will also be York's first wedding... it should be interesting.
**Pictures and commentary coming soon!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 8 months/ 29 weeks/ 203 days...

Happy 8 Months, Happy 29 weeks, Happy 203 days!!
You have made our life complete. You give new meaning to the words "unconditional love". You make each day worth living to the fullest. You make an ordinary day extraordinary! You make hearts melt, eyes gleam, and lips smile. Your life has made our faith in God forever changed. Your life is the most amazing gift we will ever receive.

Thank you for being YOU... Thank you for the unbelievable joy that you bring to each and every moment of my life. Thank you for always looking at me with those beautiful eyes and loving smile. Thank you for teaching me selflessness, courage, and power of prayer. Thank you for making difficult days seem unimportant. Thank you for laying your precious head on my shoulder each night before you go to bed. Thank you for giving your dad and I the most amazing connection any two people can share. I promise that we will always provide you with a life rich in love. Happy 8 months little guy!!!