Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OuR CrAzY weekend...

March of Dimes Walk
(March for Babies)With you help we raised over $1,700.00!!
Daddy and York hanging out in the park before the walk began...
Great turnout!
York and I before Mandy's bridal tea...
Mary Thomas came to visit!
Katie and MT!
Playing with a new toy
Gumming the teething ring...
SATURDAY morning was the March of Dimes walk. We had a blast... It was a 4 mile walk in the Highland Park area. We met at Caldwell park for breakfast and games prior to the walk. They had a fabulous turn out. We will definitely make this a yearly event for the Harless family. As soon as the walk was over we drove to Montgomery. We made a quick stop at Mimi and Papa Perry's house. We enjoyed our visit very much! Next... we rushed home to get ready for my cousins baby shower and best friends engagement party. They were both lovely get togethers and York was able to meet some of his cousins.
SUNDAY morning we ate a delicious breakfast at my mothers home. ((I forget how much I LOVE a homemade breakfast until I visit my mom)) We then prepared for Mandy's bridal tea. My mother made the sweetest little outfit for York. It looked adorable on him. The tea was beautiful and Mandy received some wonderful gifts. Finally we hoped back in the car... picked up daddy... and headed HOME!
MONDAY our sweet friends from out of town came to visit. Mary Thomas (6 weeks old) and Katie came over to play. It was so wonderful to catch up with them... the baby is just adorable! She had the most beautiful smocked dress on that Katie wore as a baby. ((I am such a sucker for Baby GIRL clothing)) Good thing I have a boy... because I would be BROKE!
We took York to the doctor for his 4 month check up last Tuesday. He is a whopping 14 lbs and 25 1/8 inches long. He is growing so quickly... I think I am doing a good job of capturing every day on camera! ((I'm quite obsessed)) The doc says he is doing great and would like us to begin rice cereal! We have been attempting to have one bowl of rice cereal each morning...However, he is not ingesting much because it mostly ends up running down his face or on me. He has begun blowing bubbles and spitting it out each time I give him a spoonful! He thinks its a pretty funny game. ((By the way...he has started laughing out load and it is so CUTE!!)) The doc told me that it would take him a little while to get the hang of it and then we could progress to some veggies and fruits! We are also getting ready for his baby baptism that will be on Mother's Day! We always have a full plate ... until next time!
Have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beach Bums...

We took York to the beach for the first time! We went to Destin and had a fantastic time!Little man in his beach hats! (he now sucks on his fingers... goodbye passie)
Getting ready to head out to the beach!
Hanging out on the beach... under the umbrella, with TONS of sunscreen, zipped up! I was so worried that his perfect skin would get burned... so I went overboard!
He was SO good... we took him down after a bottle and he played and slept for hours!
Laying with my sweet baby! The weather was Beautiful!
Getting ready to head over to Baytowne Wharf! (attempt at family photo)
At Marlins Grill... delicious food!
York wasn't feeling the love for this photo!

York's first beach trip was a huge success! We had the best time and he was a little angel! We basically packed a few diapers, wipes, and bottles and lugged him around Destin! We even made it to the beach with him a couple of times. Like I said above... I was so worried about burning his sweet little skin that I used every means necessary to keep him Lilly white! The weather was beautiful Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (little windy)... Sunday was rainy. The most gorgeous day happened to be Monday when we were leaving... Naturally! It was such a nice vacation and we enjoyed every minute of it! Back to the REAL world now... York has his 4 month visit on Wednesday and I am so excited to find out how much he has grown! He is wearing some 6 month outfits...he is growing so fast! I am also excited to be heading to Montgomery this weekend for my best friends Engagement Party and Tea! We have a very busy week ahead...

Wednesday: York's 4 month check up! YAY

Thursday: Dentist appointment, Friends from Memphis coming into town with their new baby!! (Mary Thomas)

Friday: Little brother coming to visit!

Saturday: March of Dimes walk @ 8:00am, heading to Montgomery for cousins wedding, Baby Shower for cousin, and Engagement Party for Mandy

Sunday: Wedding Tea for Mandy, heading back to Bham!

It is going to be a hectic but FUN week and weekend! Also... last night was the infamous Dave Mathews Band concert!!!! We had a blast! I will say that it was the BEST concert I have ever been to! (Thanks hubby) Wes and I had a wonderful time and were able to spend some much needed time together. We try to do a date night once a week... but sometimes life gets in the way! ((It was also very COLD at the concert... hope the WARM weather gets here soon or I will be forced to schedule another beach trip!!)) Hope everyone is doing well!

xoxo - Evan and York

Monday, April 13, 2009

He is RISEN... indeed!

Easter 2009 Our attempt at a family picture.
Daddy and Baby... after church!
Sweet love in his Easter outfit!
"The Farm"... Wesley's family has a farm in Sylacauga where we gather for all holidays. It is the boy's favorite place... fishing, hunting, four wheelers, food, & fun!
Wesley getting his line wet!
Another pic of the main house.
Hanging out by the fire place on the dock! It was such a beautiful day!
Wesley and some of his cousins "digging in"!

York got "love" from all his cousins... this is Carlton. Aunt Suzie and York rocking on the porch!
More cousin love!! Stephanie and Rachael... (our favorite blog readers!)

York brought a crowd... "look at that sweet baby!" Visiting Ya-Ya for Easter supper.
It was a long day but York was still smiling at the end!

Our day began around 6:30 AM! (showers, baths, breakfast, bottles, burping, changing, dressing, packing, etc) We made it to the 9:00 service with 5 minutes to spare. I cant believe we did it! It was such a wonderful sermon and being my first Easter with a son the magnitude and meaning meant so much more to me. I am constantly in "awe" of how our pastor who has preached about the Resurrection for nearly 20 years can be so innovative. His message was about The God of the Third Day and third day responses from 3 different points of views: Mary Magdalene, John, and Thomas. It was a wonderfully different way of hearing the Easter message and a reminder to us that one day he will come again.
After church we headed down to the Farm for lunch with Wesley's dad-side of the family. The weather was picture perfect and this was York's debut! This was their first time meeting our little rascal. He was passed around about 30 times and everyone stole some 'sugar'. He was such a doll and didn't get upset at all. He loved the attention and enjoyed meeting his extended family. He flashed that sweet smile and 'talked' to everyone. He pretty much stole the show... as he does EVERYWHERE! I was able to actually EAT during a meal time! Wes and I were able to visit and enjoy ourselves while York visited with his cousins.
We headed back home to take a short nap... (Wes and York napped while I repacked the car/diaper bag/feed baby/changed baby/etc) We then headed to Wesley's mom's for dinner. She had a great spread and precious decorations. We ATE AGAIN.... I know I gained at least 3 pounds yesterday. ((Super diet mode this week)) We had a wonderful Easter... although I didn't get to see my side of the family (we have to do every other holiday) it was still a wonderful day. Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Glad to be home... Sick Daddy... Porkies?

Talking up a storm.. Holding his head up well...
Sweet face that welcomed us home...
Just woke up... bad hair day!
Looking around... Eating his hands... taste better than the passie!Coming home from the beach... missed my little man!!
Laying on the beach with Nikki Herndon
Hanging out after fishing... a little WINDY!
FREEZING on the boat!
Our beach trip was very nice.... but GLAD TO BE HOME! I expected to miss my sweet little man but NOT that much! (I will NOT be going on any other trips in the near future without him.) I had a hard time enjoying myself because I missed him desperately! It is absolutely amazing how much you can love something so incredibly! We did manage to make it on the beach Friday and on the boat Saturday! It was very windy so we weren't able to "sunbathe" but were able to relax a little. (and ATE a ton!!) We came back early Sunday to relieve my mother and squeeze that precious baby! BREAKING NEWS!!!! York slept from 9:30pm to 7:30 am in his BED! My mom let him sleep in his bed while she was here because it is closer to the guest bedroom. He really loves his bed and sleeps much more soundly. Of course I was up all night running across the house to check on him EVEN though the monitor was in my ear. I hope that I will soon get used to him being in the other room and I can sleep more soundly too! On another note... Wesley started feeling bad yesterday morning and progressively got worse... I begged him to go the the doctor today (he usually self medicates) because he was running a low fever last night. He has walking pneumonia! After 2 shots, blood work, chest x-ray, and 3 prescriptions our sick daddy is home. He has been banished to the couch and I have miraculouasly turned into Nurse Harless. He has been home for approximately 20 minutes and I have fluffed pillows, changed the channel on the television, closed the blinds, fetched water & medication, changed the room temperature, provided a healthy 100 cal snack, and found a nice cozy blanket for him to cover his sick little body with. It is going to be a LONG couple of days. The doc said that he would be contagious for 72 hours... So York and I will be staying clear as much as possible. God forbid I get this nasty cold because somehow I don't think I will be able to lay on the couch and be waited on hand and foot! I hope Mr. Harless gets better soon... because being FULL TIME nanny, nurse, dog walker, cook, maid, and MOMMY is ROUGH! An eventful couple of days... JUST THE WAY WE LIKE IT!
OTHER NEWS...... My sister, Ashton, has a sweet little Yorkie "Maddie" and she has had puppies. She had 3 female "Porkies OR Yorkie-Pom's" (Yorkie-Pomeranian) We are not sure what they are supposed to be called because it was an accidental union!! I prefer to call them Porkies just because it sounds funny! --2 black and 1 brown-- Pictures coming soon... if you are interested in a small cute designer breed let me know.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Some picture from this week: York wearing the handmade hat from Aunt Becki (it has his name across the top)
Giggle Monster
Wearing his new shades!
Getting sleepy!
Playing in his new walker that Skip (Norman-Wesley's dad) gave him!

Recently my best friend (Prissy Prosecutor- AKA Panda) began a blog about her journey as the "bride to be" and her day to day life as an attorney. She had such a cute blog title that I decided to spice it up a little! After a long walk with the husband last night he came up with "LIFE WITH NEW YORK"... a play on words if you will! Good... right!? I fell in love with the title instantly and changed it first thing this morning! So thanks for the inspiration ...Panda and Wesley!

Also... Wes and I are leaving for the beach this afternoon!! (BITERSWEET) Without little man... I know! I know! SAD!! We are going down with another couple who is bringing their boat. So we will be on the water Friday and Saturday and I couldn't take the baby with us. So I opted to let my mom (GrandMary, Mae-Mae, etc -we cant decide on her name) come to Birmingham and keep sweet baby cakes and Shug! I have struggled all week with the decision. I know it will be wonderful for Wes and I considering I haven't left York's side since the day he came home with us (not to mention -in my tummy for 8 long months before that)! As I prepared to get his things in order for my mom to come (washing clothes, getting bottles ready, cleaning his room)... I got misty! I will be complete MUSH when he goes to Kindergarten! I am leaving literally 100 little notes for her... He needs to burp after every ounce, change his diaper after each feeding, try to keep him up from 9:00 to 11:00pm so he will sleep through the night, he likes to have his bath around 8:30pm, 2 and a half scoops of Similac formula in 5 oz bottle, etc.... I mean she raised 3 kids... it's not like she doesn't know what she is doing!! I am completely confident that everything will go smoothly and York will be a doll as always. I am sure that I will drive my mom crazy calling every hour! So think about us this weekend and pray that I will stay sane and not drive back on Friday morning!! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!