Monday, April 6, 2009

Glad to be home... Sick Daddy... Porkies?

Talking up a storm.. Holding his head up well...
Sweet face that welcomed us home...
Just woke up... bad hair day!
Looking around... Eating his hands... taste better than the passie!Coming home from the beach... missed my little man!!
Laying on the beach with Nikki Herndon
Hanging out after fishing... a little WINDY!
FREEZING on the boat!
Our beach trip was very nice.... but GLAD TO BE HOME! I expected to miss my sweet little man but NOT that much! (I will NOT be going on any other trips in the near future without him.) I had a hard time enjoying myself because I missed him desperately! It is absolutely amazing how much you can love something so incredibly! We did manage to make it on the beach Friday and on the boat Saturday! It was very windy so we weren't able to "sunbathe" but were able to relax a little. (and ATE a ton!!) We came back early Sunday to relieve my mother and squeeze that precious baby! BREAKING NEWS!!!! York slept from 9:30pm to 7:30 am in his BED! My mom let him sleep in his bed while she was here because it is closer to the guest bedroom. He really loves his bed and sleeps much more soundly. Of course I was up all night running across the house to check on him EVEN though the monitor was in my ear. I hope that I will soon get used to him being in the other room and I can sleep more soundly too! On another note... Wesley started feeling bad yesterday morning and progressively got worse... I begged him to go the the doctor today (he usually self medicates) because he was running a low fever last night. He has walking pneumonia! After 2 shots, blood work, chest x-ray, and 3 prescriptions our sick daddy is home. He has been banished to the couch and I have miraculouasly turned into Nurse Harless. He has been home for approximately 20 minutes and I have fluffed pillows, changed the channel on the television, closed the blinds, fetched water & medication, changed the room temperature, provided a healthy 100 cal snack, and found a nice cozy blanket for him to cover his sick little body with. It is going to be a LONG couple of days. The doc said that he would be contagious for 72 hours... So York and I will be staying clear as much as possible. God forbid I get this nasty cold because somehow I don't think I will be able to lay on the couch and be waited on hand and foot! I hope Mr. Harless gets better soon... because being FULL TIME nanny, nurse, dog walker, cook, maid, and MOMMY is ROUGH! An eventful couple of days... JUST THE WAY WE LIKE IT!
OTHER NEWS...... My sister, Ashton, has a sweet little Yorkie "Maddie" and she has had puppies. She had 3 female "Porkies OR Yorkie-Pom's" (Yorkie-Pomeranian) We are not sure what they are supposed to be called because it was an accidental union!! I prefer to call them Porkies just because it sounds funny! --2 black and 1 brown-- Pictures coming soon... if you are interested in a small cute designer breed let me know.


Margaret said...

He just so precious Evan! And I will admit something to you~ I STILL haven't left Simms overnight (she is 17 months old)! I just don't know when I'll be ready! Kinda sad, huh? Glad ya'll had a good trip!

Jana Gwin said...

LOVE the sunglasses! He looks so much like his daddy!