Monday, April 8, 2013

DMB = incredible

This is my brothers girlfriend "kitten" and me at Saturdays Dave Matthews band concert!  I absolutely love Dave and have since middle school. I'm on the corner of obsessed and crazy girl when it comes to him/ my music. Sweet hubs gave me tickets for my birthday in January and I have been looking forward to it ever since. He did NOT dissapoint! Seats were amazing, company wonderful, and nachos perfection! Yes I did rock a Rambo style headband ... On a dare but I think I did it justice! Ha! I have finally learned how to upload picky iPad so I'll be posting more frequently. I'll leave you with one of my favorite DMB songs... And his encore song!
"The space between the tears we cry
Is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more. "

Friday, April 5, 2013

Plain and simple

Life is hard.  Raising little people is difficult.  Some days need a do-over!
Plain AND simple. 
Other days are incredible, impossible to forget, and rewarding beyond measure. Hey moms... This stuff isn't easy, there is NO manual, and we are all in the same smelly-sleep deprived-sticky boat! Some days our boats are sailing beautifully into the sunset and other days we are capsizing and washing upon shore.  My house is a wreck, my car atrocious, and my mind is overwhelmed with daily schedules and logistics. (( We need groceries! ...there are 100 loads of clothes to do!...we are out of diapers!..."don't touch your brother!"...have the dishes been run?... Oh -here is that dirty diaper in the back seat I forgot about 3 days ago! ... I have to run those clothes again because they smell like mildew!!... "please don't touch your brother"....Here is a nutrigrain bar and propel because we are out of all lunch items AND milk...sorry I forgot about cowboy day at school- mom's cowgirl hat from college really looks good on you - I promise...what's for dinner?... "if you touch your brother again I will get the spanking spoon"... No the baby cant have chips!... We need groceries!)) I hope some of these things resonate with you!  It's life... And in between the 426 questions per hour you are answering -while juggling dinner, diapers, baths, and hubby's conveniently, inconvenient phone calls -the most amazing things happen. You overhear your little one tell his brother he is his best friend.... shares a toy without your prompting ... leans over to kiss the boo boo of his best friend... attempts to entertain brothers bc you can't get to them immediately... Bows his head and thanks God for his day and his meals... Rubs your arm while watching cartoons...sings softly with you as you rock him to bed...and  reaches for your hand in public just to know he is safe. Wow- these seemingly unimportant everyday occurrences are tiny moments etched in your hearts and minds forever. And while we are caught up in our day to day chaos these little seconds of the "good stuff" are slowly fading away. Our babies are growing and I'm reminded we are in a season of life. A very difficult but incredibly important season.   These moments when I'm stress to the max and about to loose my mind I have to remember to be patient, kind, and choose my words with love. They will remember my temper, if my words were shrewd or compassionate, and will model it. These tiny sponges are looking to us for guidance. I hope we all will think before we speak, only react with love in our hearts, and show them love as Christ loves us.  Soak up each moment... And vent about the tough ones!! Praise him for the days in the sun and praise him for days in the rain.  When it's a really bad day... Blog about it- we have all been there!
:) Ev 

Life is GOOD

 Here are a couple of recent pictures of the Harless Hams... enjoy!