Friday, January 28, 2011

All we do is WIN, WIN, WIN... no matter what!

Last weekend we packed up the boys and headed to Auburn for the National Championship Celebration! We thought it would be fun to take York to the stadium and enjoy the festivities! Wes planned a lovely weekend which included a weekend stay at Grand National Hotel (along with wonderful room service -which York enjoyed the most), a much needed spa afternoon, and birthday dinner with great friends at my favorite restaurant in Auburn! It was the perfect way to celebrate the big 2-7!! War Eagle Everyone!

Sweet P Update:
We had his 2 month check up this am... he is 11 lbs 2 oz (25-50%) and 22 in long (10-25%) so he is a shrimp! Wes and I are both short so this isn't shocking at all! He is doing well but she does think he has a touch of "colic" which we will be treating with probiotics (there really isn't any medication to "cure" colic) . At this point we will try ANYTHING! His fussy time is from around 6 pm to 11 pm. He is sleeping 8-10 hours at night and has been since 6 weeks old. So no complaints there... I will deal with some afternoon fussiness if I'm able to get a good nights sleep! He loves to smile and coo and likes to be talked to... he loves watching is brother! He will stare at York until he cant hold his eyes open any longer. It is the sweetest thing to watch! Earlier in the week "Skip" and "Suzie" came and watched the boys so Wesley and I could grab dinner and the boys had a ball!! They are the perfect babysitters... we appreciated the night out, guys! thanks so much!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


That is what York is calling Perry right now! The other day Wes say, "It's okay P-dog!"... and York picked it right up. I'm not a huge fan of the nickname it reminds me of Randy Jackson on American Idol! (Which is back on... I swore I wouldn't watch this year but it has sucked me in yet again!) Maybe the nickname will run its course and something new will takes its place... until then I will have to tolerate it. I will have to admit it is pretty funny to hear York say, "Momma, P-dog FUSSY!" or "P-dog, wuv you" or my ALL time favorite "P-dog stinky!!!" (while plugging his nose) Below is a smile caught on film...

I couldn't post without including a pic of Mr. York-man! This was York yesterday standing at the front door watching the "workers". We are finishing out the room above our garage to make a playroom for the boys. So York turned into Bob the Builder and became the "Boss"! He was mesmerized by their tools and watched as they came in and out for hours... unlikely babysitter but I'm not complaining! Other York-news... he has an obsession with "money-sss" as he calls it! So I found an old wallet of Wesley's and gave it to him. Naturally we had to put "money-ss" in it! So I scrounged up 50 cents. ***Hold that thought for a funny story about the same 50 cents... Last week Wes and I put York in our bed to watch cartoons awhile before he went down for the night. He likes to jump on our bed (great parenting..I'm aware!) and build "boats" with pillows! As he did his nightly boat building Wes noticed a jingling noise... I didn't notice and continued to feed Perry. He asked York if he had something in his pants and York began laughing... As Wes took off his diaper he found the infamous 50 cents! I couldn't stop laughing and then proceeded to explain why didn't put anything in our diaper!*** That same 50 cents when into his new wallet. (cleaned of course) Then he proclaimed, "Mommy cards!" Smart Kid! So I decided to make him his own cards. I found a stack of pictures and I found a small pic of his face, cut it out, and pasted it to a piece of card stock and made it into his own AL Drivers Licence. We then found a picture of daddy and momma to put in there as well. He is so proud of that wallet and takes it everywhere! The only problem is that he is trying to "swipe" the driver's licence in between the kitchen cabinets. I realized at that point we go out to eat entirely too much... he knows that they swipe the card! I'm in TROUBLE!
We are headed to Auburn this weekend for the National Championship celebration. We are going down tomorrow afternoon spending the weekend in the loveliest village on the plains! I'm so excited because it is my Birthday on Saturday and I cant think of a better way to spend it than with my boys in Auburn! ((I'm also treating myself to a spa morning with a friend at my cousins beautiful Spa!)) I hope to get some great pictures to share with you all! Enjoy the rest of your week.... Ev, York-man, and P-dog signing off!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check it out...

Wes and I have started a CHARITY!! Please check us out at ! If you would like to help/volunteer let us know! If you know of a local family who would benefit from our services please pass our name along. Lastly, if you know a social worker (local) who works with newborns and their families I would love to get their contact information! Thanks guys and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winner Winner... DUCK dinner!

2011 National Champions!... It still hasn't hit me! The entire trip to Arizona was amazing and the game couldn't have been any more exciting! We enjoyed the company of close friends, amazing food, beautiful weather, and an experience of a lifetime! Below are some pictures that I took with my phone (and stole from Kelly's blog)... War Eagle !

Kate, Jay, Kelly, Heath, me, and Wes and Don and Charlies Steakhouse in Scottsdale, AZ!

Hanging out before the game at the Tostitos Tailgate Party

This was the view outside of our hotel room. It is Camel Back Mountain (named because it favors a camel's back.. thx to HHH for the explanation)

Wes took me to a sunset dinner on Sunday night... It was breathtaking! Thanks hubby!

Another view from our table...

Wes and Heath getting ready for the big GAME!

Helping some sweet Auburn ladies across the street!

Wes and I are so thankful to have been able to have this incredible experience! (thx Janey!!) Although we missed our boys like crazy we were able to relax a bit and enjoy some adult conversations, sight seeing, and Auburn Football! After delayed flights, missing pilot and crew, baggage issues, and frozen roads we were able to see our sweet boys and relieve both Grandmother's last night! Thanks Ya-Ya and Mae-Mae for watching our munchkins while Wes and I helped our Tigers bring home the NATIONAL TITLE!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Seeing double?

Perry 1 month old...
York 1 month old

Perry at Birth...

York at birth...
What do you think? see any similarities?

Harless Ho! Ho! Ho!

We had wonderful Christmas holiday celebrating the birth of our Savior! I am just now catching my breath from our travels... We enjoyed family, food, and gift giving! York loved opening gifts (all gifts were fair game!) He learned to say "Santa" and how to play the Santa application on my phone thanks to Sissy... he sang Jingle Jingle throughout the Christmas break... he didn't understand the concept of leaving Santa cookies -he ate them! sorry Santa!... he wanted to rearrange every ones tree decorations... and he enjoyed the bags, paper, tape, and ribbons on the gifts instead of the actual goodies inside! Perry enjoyed the festivities while dreaming of angels and waking up every once in a while to see who was holding him .. we played lots of "Pass Perry around"!!

Harless Christmas Marathon run down: We celebrated the York-side of family on Dec. 17, headed to Montgomery on Dec. 22 to visit, Christmas eve with Pinkston-side of family, Christmas morning with dad, Christmas lunch with Perry-side of family, Christmas dinner with Huey-side of family, Dec. 26 had a Pinkston family reunion then headed to the beach for a week with my mom, step-dad, sister, brother and our 4!... we spent New Years back in Bham by ringing in the new year in our SLEEP!... finally we celebrated Harless-side of Christmas yesterday!

Below are some pix from the crazy Harless travels! FYI.. packing 2 boys, a husband, and momma for a week in Montgomery and a week at the beach almost KILLED me! If I haven't lost my mind yet... I don't think I ever will! Kudos to all you mommas out there...

This year I decided to combine a Birth Annoucement and Christmas Card. I think they turned out really beautiful thanks to Inkspots and Polkadots!! Front: Perry Birth Announcement
Back: Harless Christmas Card
Brotherly Love
This was Perry 99% of our Holiday break
York and Turner at the Zoo Light Safari ... Loving some Aubie!
One of York's Favorite toys.. thanks BRAD and HOLLEE!
Enjoying this bag
Harmonica fun!
Sweet moment!
York and Mae-Mae's tree!
Caroline and York playing the piano
Family Picture
my sweet siblings
All of the cousins
back row: John Pair, Bryant Pair, Christopher Brown, Chance Perry, Cole Pinkston, Drew Brown
front row: Grant Watson, me, Caroline Watson, Kathleen Brown, Asthon Perry (Sisssy)
My sweet Boys (minus Perry)