Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Post -words from Katie!

Easy Weight Loss After Birth
If you're like most new moms, you may find it difficult to make it to the gym as often as you did before you gave birth. However, that doesn't mean you're forced to wait until your little one enters school to start getting back into shape. Through a combination of simple exercises and healthy eating habits, you can get fit easily without having to juggle your baby and the gym.
After delivery, wait to speak to your doctor before starting to exercise or beginning a new diet. Your doctor should know your case well after helping you through decisions for labor like pain management, banking your baby’s cord blood, circumcision and your actual delivery. Your doctor should then be able to make helpful suggestions about the healthiest way for you to begin your weight loss plan. Frequent Naps Lost sleep is one of the biggest problems to plague any new mother. Lack of sleep can make you more likely to overeat and can slow your metabolism to a snail's pace. While it can be hard to find a few moments to rest, it is an essential part of getting your pre-baby figure back. Consider napping when your baby does or try to find someone who will take your newborn off of your hands for a few hours. Walking One of your best options for easy exercise is walking. The best part is that you don't even have to go to the gym or hire a babysitter. All you have to is put your baby into his stroller and walk out the door. Your metabolism and mood will benefit from the sustained but non-strenuous exercise. Furthermore, your baby will benefit developmentally from the stimulation of the sunshine, fresh air and interesting surroundings. Workout Programs Public broadcast stations often televise workout programs that can be done at home, in the comfort of your own living room. These programs typically air for 30 minutes, which doctors recommend as the minimum amount of time you should spend exercising each day. If you don’t find anything that suits you, there are hundreds of fitness DVDs on the market, many designed to be specifically for mom and baby. These shows and DVDs encourage a gentle form of exercise that also lets you bond with your baby and instill healthy habits from an early age. Portion Control After giving birth, it's essential to cut your portion sizes back because you're no longer eating for two. The extra 300 calories per day that was required during pregnancy will now only serve to pack on more pounds. Cutting back can be a difficult task once your body becomes used to the extra food, but structuring your meals the right way can make it easier. Try focusing on foods that are more satisfying, like those containing lots of fiber and protein. A glass of water before meals will also take up room in your stomach, causing you to become full sooner. Stay Hydrated If your postpartum weight loss is going more slowly than you feel it should, dehydration may be the culprit. Most people are in a chronic state of dehydration and don't realize it. A lack of water stresses your kidneys and forces your liver to take up the slack. This diverts resources from the liver's other important function-- metabolizing calories into energy. If it can't do this efficiently, your ability to lose weight suffers. You may even gain some weight, since your body will start channeling calories into your fat cells to be stored until they can be processed under more ideal conditions. This dehydration can also have a negative impact on your milk supply if you are breastfeeding.
With so many new changes and factors in your life, it may seem that there is no room for a weight loss plan. By simply making sure to be active (even if it’s broken up throughout the day) and caring for your diet, you will soon be feeling slimmer and more energized. A healthier you will provide better for your baby!
“Katie Moore has written and submitted this article. Katie is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26.”

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The scoop on Ramsay

Little Ramsay update:: as of this morning I am 2 centimeters dilated, 50% effaced, and baby is super low!! Alot more progression this time (36 weeks) than with P baby. I would not progress at all with him and each visit I felt was discouraging. I'm having a good amount of contractions (average around every 10 min / most not too painful). Doc said to head to hospital when they become 5-6 min apart... Change could happen overnight or in a matter of weeks!? We set an induction date of July 16 (39 + weeks) if he doesn't come before then. She does not think we will make it all the way. That's a little over 3 weeks from today and I already feel like my body is done. I am getting very excited and ready to meet our last sweet baby. I've finally washed all of his clothes, packed bags, and bought a new car seat! York told me last night if I walked up the hill to the club house Ramsay would fall out. I'm not so sure he isn't right! Perry knows something is up and rarely lets me put him down... He will need a little extra loving in the coming weeks. I don't mind that a bit... He is a cuddle bug. In other news York is in swim lessons and is doing wonderfully! One item off my list... Survival at the pool the rest of the summer for my 3 year old (while newborn and 18 Month old in tow). Life is exciting, busy, hard, and fulfilling right now -all at the same time. I'm still feeling good and anxious to hold my new son. Heart is full! Many thanks for the continued prayers as we were able to avoid a premature delivery and maintain a healthy pregnancy. God is Good

Monday, June 18, 2012


"Don't you see that children are God's best gift, the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?  Like a warrior's fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth.  Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children!  Your enemies don't stand a chance against you; you'll sweep them right off your doorstep."
(Psalm 127:3-5)

We enjoyed a perfect Sunday at a new church (our second time visiting -I will post about our decision to change Churches later) celebrating Father's and their impact in our children's lives.  I'm so very blessed to have Wesley as my children's father.  He is a kind, honest, compassionate, and hard working dad.  His love for our boys is immeasurable.  He is the first to step up and help with any chore or need they may have and most of the time overindulges their every want. (Hence the 1,000,000 matchbox cars in our playroom)  He never tires of answering the question "Why" and I enjoy his "Brady-like" explanations that last several minutes.  York quietly listens as he formulates the next set of "Why's" from the lengthy (sometimes scientific) information.  I quietly giggle as I think of what my response would have been... lame in comparison!  The boys think he hung the moon and I wouldn't want it any other way.  They run to the door as he arrives in the afternoon and shower him with kisses and love pats (which quickly turn into WWF sessions).  I love their complete and absolute love for their dad and the excitement that overtakes them when seeing him at the end of the day.  (Selfishly I feel that same excitement... to know he is home safe but also that I can sit DOWN for a moment -it doesn't get more real than that folks! hehe) 

As we celebrated our Father's we almost forgot it was our 6th anniversary!  I really can not believe that in that time we have made a home together, welcomed 2 amazing little men into the world (almost 3), and have smoothly transitioned from selfish newly weds to responsible parents.  In the blink of an eye we in a different stage of life.  We went from late night movies, concerts, and spur of the moment trips TO late night feedings, 3 year old concerts of Jesus loves me, and spur of the moment potty trips.  What an interesting change of events that all parents must experience ... and while I wished we had savored those weekly "date" nights more I can not complain of the date nights I have now.  They just look a little different!  I now have 3 boys to enjoy a little date with each night... poor Wesley having to share his time with soon to be 3 other men!  Luckily he isn't the jealous type (HA!).  Our days as newly weds were filled with a long work day, meeting for dinner with interesting conversation, then home to do it all again.  Our days now although sleep deprived are filled with slobbery kisses, piggy back rides, sand box play, baby talk, occasional time out session, and lots of precious little heads resting on our chests.  You grow as a couple and Wes and I have grown as parents.  We feel the need to grow our relationship with our Savior more than ever.  As the questions and situations get harder so does our need for the perfect armor from our Lord.  We will continually search the word for suitable armor for every storm we may face as parents but we will also remember praise as we travel his glorious path.  Thank you Lord for Wes and the partnership he has given me.  Thank you for the exploding love his has for our little ones and me.  Thank you for the patience you instill in us daily and the sacrifice you made for each of us.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Even York says I'm "mon-al"

"Mommy, a futon is a bed that folds out."

"I'm harvesting mom" -as he 'plows' his sandbox

"Do you know I love you no matter what son" -Wes
"No matter what I love ... BACK HOES!" -York
(Back hoes are tractors and York can name all tractor makers by color and wheels =obsessed!)

"Your so cute sometimes"

"Dad, don't pet me!  I'm NOT an animal!"

"I have alot of poop in me mom... all the way to my ribs!"

"That's an old school taxi"

"I couldn't live without you mom!"
"I need you to keep me safe... I couldn't cook or anything!"

"Mommy your mornal"
(He has heard Wesley tell me that I'm acting Hormonal!)

"They have double Decker buses in cau-go"

"Yea these are pull ups -I'm training"

"I don't like that speak"

"Don't let the working mans down, Dad!"
(He was trying to get Wes to come outside to the 'construction site' to help him build)

"Mommy, its NOT girly that you drive a truck"

"Dis is a mack daddy fry"

"Mommy your a good lizard and daddy is a bad lizard"

"Mommy I left the light on in Ramsay's room... I don't want to waste electricity"
(he then sped out of the room to turn it off)

"This is probably P's fault.. he taught me how to break things"
(after he busted a snow globe on the floor)

"Mommy you are really getting in my business!"

"Mom, I love you as much as a big rig!"

"There are lots of wheel barrels in this town..."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

She saves me from BREAK DOWNS!!!

Meet Tascha!
She has made such a difference in our lives in the short time we have known her.  She is kind, smart, incredibly patient, and an amazing woman of God.  I began looking for some help around Christmas anticipating the arrival of Baby #3 and the ending of Mother's Day Out within weeks of each other.  I knew my Spring/Summer would be difficult with a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old -trying to help at the drug store/ working with our Charity/ and training on the side if there was time.  It is hard living away from your family because they are the natural choices for help when you have a baby.  I have wonderful in-laws that are happy to help in a pinch but both work full time.  So I hate asking them to take off to help us.  My mom and sister are great help but both live over an hour and half away and also work.  ((Unfortunately our church doesn't have a weekly nursery option and I didn't want to throw them in some church/school for a couple of weeks.))  So Wes and I discussed the idea of hiring someone to help during the week.  The Lord brought us Tascha... she and her sweet husband were moving here from Tennessee and she was looking to work with children and also fulfill her duties as the wife of a minister.  She has an elementary education degree and knew it would be difficult to find a position in the middle of the year.  After checking references and exhausting prayer we hired her.  I can not express to you how amazing she is... The boys adore her and it is evident she loves them equally.  It makes for a much easier trip to the grocery store, date day with one of the boys, haircuts, dentist appointments, my weekly doctors appointments, donation pick ups, YMCA meetings, etc.  I do know I would be one CRAZY momma without her.   Since being on bed rest with both York and Perry I didn't know what this pregnancy would hold... well as of Friday I am officially on "light" bed rest.  I'm not sure what that looks like with 2 kids under the age of 3 but we are working on it.  I feel good and am able to rest when I need to because of sweet Tascha!  Thank you Lord for bringing her into our lives and allowing our extened family a break... I think my mom spent the last month and a half of Perry's pregnancy running up and down the interstate to stay with us!  Thank you Tascha for all of your amazing help and love for our boys... your the BEST!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kshell Photography got some AMAZING pix of my boys today at the park.   I wanted to share a couple with you...
Notice York with his "mini" guitar... he asked if he could take it to the park to play for the kids!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Schools out for ...SUMMER!

Ramsay and I are doing great.  We have 3 more weeks of shots and then Dr. H will let him come! Remember that Mr. Perry decided to cook a few extra weeks so I have no clue what to expect with this little bug!   I'm crossing fingers for the last week of June or early July but as God has shown me time again that I am not in control .. .Still working to embrace that.  Nursery is done for the most part (of course we are still lacking  infant diapers, formula, bassinet, and co sleeper =we prematurely gave those things away).  I will soon get into York's closet for baby clothes and dig into the garage for old bottles!  It is funny that I had EVERYTHING situated by this time with the other two and this time I am struggling to finish one task.  It will all come together because the nesting has begun!  I did order the little guy 2 sweet coming home outfits and some monogrammed items this week.  And we did manage to buy a new car seat!!  baby steps people....

In sweet P news -we went for his 18 month appointment today and he is a solid 23 pounds (actually just under 23 but we are going to call it even)!!  That is 10-25th percentile for his age... same with his height.  So looks like he is just going to stay a little guy with BIG attitude!  That sounds like a girl I know... hmm!  (Takes after his momma!)  He loves to follow "bubba" everywhere and do mimic his every move.  York is a pretty good sport but his permanent shadow does wear on him after a while.  Perry just loves to be beside York at all times... and I think it is precious. 
Whats been going on...We joined Skip at the galleria for a little lunch and Carousel ride!  What a treat... Norm rode with both boys and gave this momma a much needed break.  The boys had a great time and it was Perry's first time to ride with bubba!  He was all smiles as they waved each time they came around.  Thanks Skip for a great lunch DATE!

This week we have had hair cuts, pool time, bday at chuck-e-cheese, lunch date with Daddy at the store,Ya-Ya time, and doctors appointments.  We have had a LONG week but are excited for the weekend.  Hoping to enjoy some fishing with daddy and maybe a pool visit or too.  I have some fantastic 4D pics of sweet Ramsay that I will work on posting next week and more hilarity that comes out of the mouth of our first born!  Stay tuned...