Monday, June 11, 2012

Even York says I'm "mon-al"

"Mommy, a futon is a bed that folds out."

"I'm harvesting mom" -as he 'plows' his sandbox

"Do you know I love you no matter what son" -Wes
"No matter what I love ... BACK HOES!" -York
(Back hoes are tractors and York can name all tractor makers by color and wheels =obsessed!)

"Your so cute sometimes"

"Dad, don't pet me!  I'm NOT an animal!"

"I have alot of poop in me mom... all the way to my ribs!"

"That's an old school taxi"

"I couldn't live without you mom!"
"I need you to keep me safe... I couldn't cook or anything!"

"Mommy your mornal"
(He has heard Wesley tell me that I'm acting Hormonal!)

"They have double Decker buses in cau-go"

"Yea these are pull ups -I'm training"

"I don't like that speak"

"Don't let the working mans down, Dad!"
(He was trying to get Wes to come outside to the 'construction site' to help him build)

"Mommy, its NOT girly that you drive a truck"

"Dis is a mack daddy fry"

"Mommy your a good lizard and daddy is a bad lizard"

"Mommy I left the light on in Ramsay's room... I don't want to waste electricity"
(he then sped out of the room to turn it off)

"This is probably P's fault.. he taught me how to break things"
(after he busted a snow globe on the floor)

"Mommy you are really getting in my business!"

"Mom, I love you as much as a big rig!"

"There are lots of wheel barrels in this town..."

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