Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stop and smell the roses

June has been crazy for the Harless family. 
step fathers birthday (6) 
Wesley's 32 birthday (13)
fathers day (16) 
7th wedding anniversary (17)

We took a family beach trip to celebrate and enjoy the beginning of summer. The kids had a blast and made wonderful memories catching crabs, flying kites, building castles, fishing, and swimming mixed with minimal fighting. It was a much needed trip and a wonderful way to spend Wesley's big day and our 7 married years together. We did break away for one date night and it ended with a trip to wal mart! Woo hoo! The joys of being married/ traveling with children.  

Amongst this chaos of summer I've managed to sit back and enjoy and reflect (if only momentarily) on some incredibly special moments. York and Perry met some friends at the beach (Sam /age 11 and Gunter /age 12) who stayed at the house beside us. They were amazing little men and adored my boys. They woke each morning anticipating how their new "friends" would fit into their day. We even invited them to dinner one night. They braved the waves, "taught" the big boys how to fish, built a massive sand castle, and dominated any snack food I provided. It melted my heart to see these older boys so engaged with mine. And quickly reminded me that time doesn't stop and soon mine will be out on the beach standing taller than Me.  We became Facebook friends (hehe) and hope to keep intouch.  They set a great example to my boys in many ways with their stellar manners and incredible patience. We are still talking about those two and I hope York and Perry will always remember their first beach friends.... 
(I'll post pix later)

We are also enjoying swimming.  York learned last year and had a rocky start remembering. In fact I gave a pep talk (while in pool screaming at the TOP of his lungs shouting things like "I will choke and DIE"--- all parents watching and judging) "it's just like riding a bike! Son -You never forget" to his appropriate response "mom- I don't know how to ride a bike! Duh!". Right.  Ok  
Implement plan 2--I just chunked him in!  That worked like a charm. My little nemo swam to the ladder like a pro. (still onlookers are judging). After a very harsh look from York and the realization that he was in fact alive -he did a little chuckle and began swimming like micheal phelps. Ok so maybe phelps little cousin but nonetheless he is enjoying it an I don't have to pay for swim 
Lessons again! Woo hoo!  I am now contemplating trying the "sink or swim" method with ole P who thinks he can do the breaststroke already.  I'll update on that as we progress...

Our new favorite place is steel city pops! If you haven't gone it's an absolute must. Heaven on a stick! I am not joking. My best friend Kelly has been telling about the Popsicle phenomenon (because she is alway in the know about incredible new kid things) for at least a year and I can't believe I didn't go sooner. As York would say-"it has changed my life."  and that my friends is NO exaggeration.   Find a store near you and if I may-- order a butermilk and eat until your hearts content. (also good are strawberry and chocolate).

I have to blog about the other night before I forget. I put both Ramsay and Perry to bed and let York watch some cartoons in my bed for awhile. It was getting late so I told him that he could stay until he fell asleep then I would move him to his bed. He then asked me if I would hold his hand as we slept so we could dream together... And that is precisely what we did. I woke up about 3 hours later his small little hand in mine and my heart is still full thinking about it.  As I stepped out of the sower the next day I said "York you sure were funny in my dreams last night. So glad you were able to come!" and he said "I dreamed about you too, mom. The holding hands really does the trick". Yes it does sweet boy.   I will dream with you anytime. 

Perry is talking a ton! He has a very sweet heart and is quite the character.  My favorite is when Wes will tell him "I love you P" and he yells "I love MOMMY!".  It is hysterical and he only does it because I laugh so much. He went with me to the nail place recently and as they were doing my pedicure (him in my lap) they reached up to rub some lotion on his leg.  The nail lady sweetly looked up and said "that feel good?". From then on he continually repeated in his best baby Asian voice "that feel gooooood! That feel gooooood! Mommy- do that feel guuuuud?"  It was definitely the highlight of my day and maybe 3 or 4 other ladies that heard him. 

Ramsay is almost walking. He has taken a few steps. Some willingly and others forced by brothers who get too pushy. (literally)  He is strong and can hang with his brothers without a problem.  He loves to eat and hasn't found a food that he doesnt enjoy.  He has a tender disposition and just goes with the flow. As long as brothers are in clear site he is happy.  He will be a year old in just a month and I am again wondering where the time has gone. What a blessing he is to our family and my sanity.  Not to mention he has a killer smile...

House update 
We are in the framing stages of the build and I have a gazillion pictures to post to document our progress. It is exciting and the boys are finally understanding that in October / November  we will move into this house we have watched go up. Bigger post to follow on details. 

Enjoy these days of summer my friends. Until next time.