Thursday, February 6, 2014

potentially 936 weeks of ball

We've got the fever... The youth baseball bug. York will be playing 5 year old tball! He has mentioned baseball in the past but just recently begged me to sign up. So this mom caved. I added it up-- if all three boys play ball then this begins an 18 year run of ball park hot dogs, sunburned farmer tans, countess foul ball disasters, stadium cushion investments, tournaments instead of spring breaks, exercises in being good sports, excessive cheering, 3 field hopping, late night practicing, my kind of fun.  York is beyond excited and Perry wants a jersey! This will be our first organized sports experience and will be interesting as little brothers tag along to practices and games.
-Perry news-
Mr. P has become quite the mommas boy. I absolutely love it. He is my snuggle bunny, sous chef, and mini shadow. I love his sweet little thoughts through out the day.  He is also quick to boss his brothers when they don't listen. He still gives the best hugs and never wants me to leave.  Mothers day out or church nursery drop offs are still excruciating. He says "mom I'll go to big church with you" or "mom why don't I run to the bank with you ... I'll be good". Breaks my heart to turn away but I know he is fine after a few hugs from the teachers.  He is trying a couple more foods which makes life easier and says his muscles are getting bigger because of it.  He is currently obsessed with camouflage boots and monster trucks -mainly gravedigger.  Both he accessorizes with daily. He holds my heart.
*Rams news*
This little one acts like he is 3 years old. He can hang with his brothers easily. He will push or pull if need be and isn't scared to go for what he wants. He is gaining on Perry in the weight department.  He rarely cries... Only when hungry. He sleeps amazingly and wakes happy. He wants to be right beside his brothers and hates "baby toys". He would rather play with hot wheels, big rigs, and dump trucks. He loves shoes and wants to wear them constantly. He despises the highchair and squawks like a bird until you get him out. He laughs at his brothers throughout the day and my heart melts. He is a go with the flow kinda boy and as I've said in the past a perfect finale.
Love these boys and the daily adventures we encounter together. Each season of life brings new challenges and fulfilment. I can't imagine life any other way and for this I'm grateful.