Monday, August 26, 2013

The summer has flown by at record speed.. 
We have been so busy my blog has unfortunately taken a back seat.  

Here's what's going on 
York began k-4
Loves his teacher and new schedule (8-11:45)
Perry is adjusting to mornings without brother
Baby is walking well and is his brothers shadow 
New House has been sheet rocked and ready for flooring
(Move in date has moved to early November)
We have an amazing new girl (Sydney) who helps me 2 days a week with the boys
We have thoroughly enjoyed the Oak Mt amphitheaters concert series!
Perry has become a momma's boy and I'm not complaining 
York is getting great at carpool (which has been a learning experience for me!)
Wes is worn out from working at pharmacy then at new house... 
I'm gearing up for the annual golf tournament for the YMCA, helping with a charity (jks) drawdown, and a live auction! 
Perry and I have had a few dates while York is at school and they are great. Nothing like one on one time with each of my babies. 
York comes home gushing about his day and my heart smiles. He already recited his first bible verse.
York rides with Wes each morning to school and I think it's a highlight for them both. 
Ramsay is saying lots of words and signs in the cutest voice to loud music. He is super smily and will eat anything! 
Ramsay and perry will begin Mother's Day out next week. (2days/ 9-1pm) pray for sweet Rams since he has only stayed in church nursery and it is epic fail each week! 
Hoping it gets better...

Life is crazy, exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling all at the same time. Help me, Lord, to drink it up!!

Pictures soon of boys and house. Promise!