Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 10 months sweet PERRY!

Perry Daniel Harless is 10 months old!!!  I can not believe it.. he is such a big boy and steals my heart with every look!  He has absolutely NO interest in pacifiers... York also gave his up around this age.  No complaints here!  He loves finger foods and his bottle.  He gets very excited when you show him the bottle.  We will begin introducing a sippy cup in the next couple of weeks.  He already drinks out of my straw at dinner... little heifer!  He is in a "big boy" car seat and is enjoying seating more upright!  He is a sweet heart with an infectious smile... we adore you P!  You make each and every day that much better! xoxo-mom

York is back in Mother's Day Out and making new friends and this mom is enjoying time alone with sweet Perry.  York had a couple of rocky mornings walking into MDO but he is now a pro and it warms my heart to see him run into class so excited.  And thrills me more to watch him race to the door when I come to pick him up...  What wonderful moments!  We have been cheering on our tigers, playing with friends, and enjoying some cool breezes.  Below are some pix from the last couple of weeks.
MR. YORK - first day of school!!

York with his puppy Chip!

Walking out to the car... he feel asleep 45 seconds later!

York, Hollee, sissy, Brad, and P enjoying the Auburn vs Miss State game!
Thanks for watching our rugrats!!!

Hollee and York hanging before lunch

love these kids

T and York enjoying some park time on a beautiful Saturday!


Little Brother's taking a break...

War Eagle from our backyard...

A butterfly in the backyard... so pretty!

3 of our 4 boys taking a "cart" ride!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jabber Jaws -Just say thank you!

We were welcomed into the hair salon by a sweet young girl and York proclaims, "I have a mullep (mullet).. seeeee it!" as he points to the back of his head.

We forgot York's Auburn hat at home and he said, "Awe Snap!"

We were in the car headed to the grocery store and York was quietly playing with his trucks and I hear him whisper, "I love you John Deer Truck".

Same car ride = York tells me, "Mom 2 hands! Put da phone in your purse!"  I guess he is keeping me safe!

Wes can be a bit high strung at times... and he came home the other night complaining about something and York said, "Dad just relax -be lax!"

York has recently begun turning on my car when I'm putting Perry in his seat. The first time he did this I got upset and told him how dangerous this was and he should never do that unless he asks me and I help him... he looks over and sweetly says, "Just say thank you mommy!"

I asked Perry to tell York how good he was being and York quickly looked up and said, "P doesn't talk, mom!"

Perry was crawling away from York's wrath when I hear York call out, "Come here rascal!"

We were behind a very slow car and York yells, "Move ON dude!"  Hopefully he doesn't inherit my road rage... eek!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Harless Family Photo Shoot...

Fresh Grace Photography captured some amazing moments and I am forever grateful to LDW.  I can not say enough about her talent and style.  If you are in the market for family photos please give her a call... www.freshgracephotography.blogspot.com !   Perry is wearing his Christening gown that my mother made and York wore as well!  Enjoy...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No we are NOT the Duggars or Sister wives...

9 kids + 3 moms + ZOO=
We braved the Zoo this morning with 9 kids!  We practically had the entire park to ourselves.  It was wonderful... the kids could run around and enjoy the beautiful animals and slight breeze.  The zoo also has a splash pad that is a real crowd pleaser.  The kids loved cooling off after checking out their favorite animals.  York loved the alligators and elephant!  Kate S. was our zoo tour guide and did a great job explaining what was coming up next... We love our day with the Starr sisters and their little ones especially the newest addition MM!!  We did however look like the Duggars as we took a nice lunch break at Chappy's ... in fact I think I overheard a waitress say "oh lowd" when we darkened the doors!!  Here are some pix of the day!
checking out the bird exhibit!

Kate, York, Blake, and Turner looking for alligators!

What are these 3 up to?? T R O U B L E


Running FREE


We have had a busy week.  Monday began with a great trip to the fair!  I absolutely love the fair ... Wes NOT so much.  He says the fair is lame, dirty, and expensive.  I like to describe the fair as a delicious night of F U N!  I am absolutely obsessed with fairs and have been since I was a little girl.  Who doesn't love funnel cakes, caramel apples, balloon/dart games, fish bowl games, mazes, monkeys riding dogs (that's for you Kelly), clowns, Ferris wheels, and last but not least the CARNIES!  I love fair workers ... they are so interesting.  Traveling the country in their motor homes to entertain our children.  I think I missed my calling! (hehe.. Wes will cringe when he reads that!)  I will say I think Perry had more teeth than half of the carnies at Monday nights festivities.  Nonetheless we had a fantastic time.  York was tall enough to ride several rides and I of course over indulged in fair food and went home with a tummy ache and big smile!  So long fair carnies... until next year.
SpongeBob, Patrick, and York!

York in the race car...

Turner the cowboy!

Feeding the animals

crazy P

laid back

Piggy racing at the fair

watching a bear tear down a picnic table

Daddy trying to win a stuffed animal!  Although Wesley didn't win (because he said the game was fixed!) I think deep down he still had a good time!  Thanks Hubs for indulging us .. again!