Thursday, September 1, 2011

No we are NOT the Duggars or Sister wives...

9 kids + 3 moms + ZOO=
We braved the Zoo this morning with 9 kids!  We practically had the entire park to ourselves.  It was wonderful... the kids could run around and enjoy the beautiful animals and slight breeze.  The zoo also has a splash pad that is a real crowd pleaser.  The kids loved cooling off after checking out their favorite animals.  York loved the alligators and elephant!  Kate S. was our zoo tour guide and did a great job explaining what was coming up next... We love our day with the Starr sisters and their little ones especially the newest addition MM!!  We did however look like the Duggars as we took a nice lunch break at Chappy's ... in fact I think I overheard a waitress say "oh lowd" when we darkened the doors!!  Here are some pix of the day!
checking out the bird exhibit!

Kate, York, Blake, and Turner looking for alligators!

What are these 3 up to?? T R O U B L E


Running FREE

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