Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perry D turned three!

Rise and shine its donut time!
We celebrated sweet P on his actual birthday last Wednesday -November 27!  We enjoyed a morning with donuts, family, and amazing friends. Perry loved his donut cake and Ramsay officially won the prize for most donuts eaten in one sitting!  Perry began the morning with this quote, "it is not my birthday and I do NOT like donuts!" Luckily, we pushed through and by birthday time he was in rare form. ((Donuts are in fact his favorite food group!)). The kids were able to color a donut page, decorate their own donut, and play toss the donut game. It was an absolute wonderful day to turn three!  We appreciate the Heavenly Donut Company for allowing us to party!
Perry Daniel you are one amazing kid. You are funny, loving, and kind. You are the most like me- in that- you are crazy hard headed and bossy!  I enjoy watching your eyes light up when you see new things. I love that you watch York's every move and you call Ramsay "your baby". I love that you look like a tiny angel when you fall asleep beside me. I love how you fight sleep because you feel like you will miss something - as do I!  I love how your tiny fingers fold together when you bow your head to pray and how you insist that God is the boss!  I love how you aren't scared of a thing.. You are so brave. I love your smile and that giggle laugh.  I love your silky hair and how it falls into place without a brush. I love your big doe eyes and how they slant down ever so slightly on the ends. I love your crazy long eyelashes and button nose. I love how you want to brush your teeth almost hourly. I love the excitement you get when your brother or father comes home and the incredible bear hugs you give. I love that your convicted.. Which is the reason for your stubbornness.   You will be very successful in this life because of your passion. I will vow to help guide that passion to glorify our savior. You are one amazing little boy and I'm blessed that your my little in the middle!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playing CATCH up

Ramsay had his first DIP cone this summer.

We ate ALOT of Chuys cheese dip....

Gator rides were on the daily agenda

my little nemo's
We took York and Perry to their first concert... Alan Jackson!

We took every single toy outside!
made friends at the park

Enjoyed some cousin Hollee time

Illegally drove up the street

Watched fireworks with friends

did some slidin'

captured some brotherly love

and a little more...

Played with Edie Lane

Made it to the beach...

attempted family photo's

Made our first "beach" friends... Gunter and Sam
Had a couple of check ups!

Celebrated daddy with army party

got a pedicure


Had some dates... love our Collins

one more movie date...

Goofy boys

Practiced our touchdown dance
rode some tractors with Pop pop

Ramsay got some gator action (while parked)


Perry learned to sign I LOVE YOU

Got new tires on the truck

pool fun

Caught red handed getting "cookies"... just like DADDY

and had some down time :0)

I have been a terrible blogger this summer -partly because my laptop wasn't working- and I felt that without pictures my blogs would become LAME.  So here we are ... days away from Thanksgiving and I'm playing catch up!  Although I feel guilty for letting the blog become neglected... I look through these photos and recall the memories, smells, and love I felt in those moments.  I'm so grateful for being able to stay home with my wild men and make these special memories.  So what if- a blog doesn't get written, a load of clothes had to be turned on again (for the 5th time), or my dining room table looks like a yard sale for little children's clothing.  So what if- the beds never get made, the toys are left all of the living room, or that my car looks like a homeless person is living in it.  So what if- I didn't get a shower, the boys Sunday clothes got stained, or we skipped nap time for a afternoon movie.  So what if- he wears Camo boots with everything, he insists on brushing his own hair, or he has to "cut" his food by himself.  These days are fleeting and the older I get the more important each moment becomes.  I am so thankful for this life... for the opportunity to raise my boys and share each experience together.  The fighting, whining, and crying that a day brings is definitely out shadowed by the laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses.  What a bonus each day holds for my little army... whether its a new word, a day without potty accidents, or the simple excitement for getting "brother" from school... we embark on a different journey daily.  I'm thankful for our sweet Sydney who helps me a couple days a week.. without her my mind would be mush and perspective distorted.  I'm thankful for those hours to run errands with a minute to myself...  those hours that allow me to genuinely miss them!  That small break enables me to appreciate LIFE... 

Enjoy the pictures of this summer/fall... and I promise to be a more dedicated blogger!  We should be moving in the next 2 weeks and I have a BIG blog coming with pictures from the beginning to end of the build.  Enjoy this life and try to let some of the small "battles" go... and embrace the love and opportunity that sits all around you.

WAR EAGLE ... my friends!

November News

War EAGLE with the best neighbors ever!  What a nice day to relax and cheer on our TIGERS
Happy Birthday to our sweet Sydney!
Dinner with Jackson

Perry can "persuade" Rams to do just about anything.. especially hiding from MOM in the cabinet!

Nice break with Skip at the Galleria!

Finally decided to chop the mullet
Good bye baby mullet!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Why is it so easy to take this life for granted?  Why does it take a tragedy, accident, or illness for us to appreciate the many blessings surrounding us.  Why is it so hard, as sinners, to get caught up in our selfish living that we can't dedicate our first thoughts, breath, or prayer to him?  Why do we "push" him aside when things are going well... giving ourselves all the credit for these blessings?  Are we too vain to think we "deserve" this life we are given?  When in reality WHAT do we really deserve?  Is entitlement the bigger issue?  I'm humbled with a change of perspective.  Ashamed -really. 

 Ashamed that I get overwhelmed with my children at times... that my patience have been depleted and I snap at a family member or spouse... that my fatigue effects the joy that night time rituals bring... that in the hustle and bustle of raising young children I don't take in the beauty that surrounds me.... that instead of raising my voice I should turn to prayer before handing out a punishment... that these days are fleeting and I'm barely hanging on without the adequate amount time given to our Lord... 

More so ashamed- that in the wake of a tragic loss of life that I'm reminded how incredibly blessed we are.  Why does it take something so monumental to "shake us up"?  The 30 little piggies that live in my house bring unexplainable joy to my days... am I taking them, this life, our life for granted?  Am I emphasizing the "right" things throughout our day, is our focus on our amazing God and His hand in our lives, and am I able to lay my head on the pillow at night without regret.  Building character in these little men is a dangerous and difficult job... am I doing my best?  Will they appreciate this life that we are given?  In learning to be more grateful for the "small" stuff, I hope it propels me on a journey that the boys will learn from.  That we will all be able to see God's work in goodness and in darkness.  

Scripture says, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)  How liberating is that?  God will never allow anything to happen that isn't according to his will and directed to our good.  TRUST.  This may be the most difficult part of being a Christian for me. TRUST.  Accepting our role in his plan and understanding we are not the "main character" is challenging.  

Today I am thankful for the change of perspective this day brings and for the fullness it will give me all the days of my life.  Saddened for the loss of one of Perry's school mates.. as their life will never be the same.  Please pray for their strength, comfort, and days ahead as they will be unbearable.  We will lay this precious child in the ground tomorrow and I can not articulate the grief I feel.  As we celebrate this little "curly headed" angel -I'm reminded that we are all here for a purpose.  I encourage you to find and embrace your purpose today.  Share the works of our Lord in your life and don't be ashamed.  For I am ashamed not to.   

Lord, you have given us 1 chance at an amazing life.  A life that we are able to shape, mold, and create to Glorify YOU.  Help us remember that you are the reason we wake each day.  Lead us down a path that only perpetuates good.  Allow us to be examples to others who haven't received your eternal promise.  Use us, Lord, as vessels to share you word and love others as you love us.  Provide us with the gumption necessary to stand up for you and not be shaken.  We celebrate you Lord.  We celebrate you today and every day after that.  Only you know our true heart... thankfully so.  Sometime words just aren't enough.

Today words aren't enough. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

The summer has flown by at record speed.. 
We have been so busy my blog has unfortunately taken a back seat.  

Here's what's going on 
York began k-4
Loves his teacher and new schedule (8-11:45)
Perry is adjusting to mornings without brother
Baby is walking well and is his brothers shadow 
New House has been sheet rocked and ready for flooring
(Move in date has moved to early November)
We have an amazing new girl (Sydney) who helps me 2 days a week with the boys
We have thoroughly enjoyed the Oak Mt amphitheaters concert series!
Perry has become a momma's boy and I'm not complaining 
York is getting great at carpool (which has been a learning experience for me!)
Wes is worn out from working at pharmacy then at new house... 
I'm gearing up for the annual golf tournament for the YMCA, helping with a charity (jks) drawdown, and a live auction! 
Perry and I have had a few dates while York is at school and they are great. Nothing like one on one time with each of my babies. 
York comes home gushing about his day and my heart smiles. He already recited his first bible verse.
York rides with Wes each morning to school and I think it's a highlight for them both. 
Ramsay is saying lots of words and signs in the cutest voice to loud music. He is super smily and will eat anything! 
Ramsay and perry will begin Mother's Day out next week. (2days/ 9-1pm) pray for sweet Rams since he has only stayed in church nursery and it is epic fail each week! 
Hoping it gets better...

Life is crazy, exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling all at the same time. Help me, Lord, to drink it up!!

Pictures soon of boys and house. Promise!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby RAMS is ONE!

Happy birthday precious Ramsay!
On Tuesday (July 16) we celebrated doll babies first birthday.  Ramsay has brought so much love and happiness into our lives. He wakes each morning with a big pacifier grin. He rarely fusses and adores his brothers. He began walking two weeks ago and is loving his new found independence. He tries so hard to keep up with the big boys and is close behind their ever step. He is growing entirely too quickly and will soon catch up with P in weight! (21 pounds at check up)  We have transitioned to whole milk, sippy cups, and a forward facing car seat!  Will time please slow down?  How incredible it is to look back on this past year!  Completing our family of five has come with its challenges but far more rewards.  This perfect little man rolls with the punches and is an absolute blessing.  I am savoring our good night lullabies and morning time together without brothers. He has a couple of words. (ie momma, dadda, bubba, etc)  He currently enjoys uninterrupted naps, ice, one paci in mouth/ one in hand, toe nibbling, yelling, using most things as chew toys, blowing raspberries, belly laughs, dogs, baths, all table food, being held, occasional head butts, ice cream, being naked, loud music, and all of his brothers attention. 
We are having a party on the beach for sweet Rams this week with smash cake and all. Instead of gifts we've asked family to donate to a foundation who supports families in need during terminal prognosis or illness of a child. I encourage you all to check out their site and see how they are making a difference in Alabama. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stop and smell the roses

June has been crazy for the Harless family. 
step fathers birthday (6) 
Wesley's 32 birthday (13)
fathers day (16) 
7th wedding anniversary (17)

We took a family beach trip to celebrate and enjoy the beginning of summer. The kids had a blast and made wonderful memories catching crabs, flying kites, building castles, fishing, and swimming mixed with minimal fighting. It was a much needed trip and a wonderful way to spend Wesley's big day and our 7 married years together. We did break away for one date night and it ended with a trip to wal mart! Woo hoo! The joys of being married/ traveling with children.  

Amongst this chaos of summer I've managed to sit back and enjoy and reflect (if only momentarily) on some incredibly special moments. York and Perry met some friends at the beach (Sam /age 11 and Gunter /age 12) who stayed at the house beside us. They were amazing little men and adored my boys. They woke each morning anticipating how their new "friends" would fit into their day. We even invited them to dinner one night. They braved the waves, "taught" the big boys how to fish, built a massive sand castle, and dominated any snack food I provided. It melted my heart to see these older boys so engaged with mine. And quickly reminded me that time doesn't stop and soon mine will be out on the beach standing taller than Me.  We became Facebook friends (hehe) and hope to keep intouch.  They set a great example to my boys in many ways with their stellar manners and incredible patience. We are still talking about those two and I hope York and Perry will always remember their first beach friends.... 
(I'll post pix later)

We are also enjoying swimming.  York learned last year and had a rocky start remembering. In fact I gave a pep talk (while in pool screaming at the TOP of his lungs shouting things like "I will choke and DIE"--- all parents watching and judging) "it's just like riding a bike! Son -You never forget" to his appropriate response "mom- I don't know how to ride a bike! Duh!". Right.  Ok  
Implement plan 2--I just chunked him in!  That worked like a charm. My little nemo swam to the ladder like a pro. (still onlookers are judging). After a very harsh look from York and the realization that he was in fact alive -he did a little chuckle and began swimming like micheal phelps. Ok so maybe phelps little cousin but nonetheless he is enjoying it an I don't have to pay for swim 
Lessons again! Woo hoo!  I am now contemplating trying the "sink or swim" method with ole P who thinks he can do the breaststroke already.  I'll update on that as we progress...

Our new favorite place is steel city pops! If you haven't gone it's an absolute must. Heaven on a stick! I am not joking. My best friend Kelly has been telling about the Popsicle phenomenon (because she is alway in the know about incredible new kid things) for at least a year and I can't believe I didn't go sooner. As York would say-"it has changed my life."  and that my friends is NO exaggeration.   Find a store near you and if I may-- order a butermilk and eat until your hearts content. (also good are strawberry and chocolate).

I have to blog about the other night before I forget. I put both Ramsay and Perry to bed and let York watch some cartoons in my bed for awhile. It was getting late so I told him that he could stay until he fell asleep then I would move him to his bed. He then asked me if I would hold his hand as we slept so we could dream together... And that is precisely what we did. I woke up about 3 hours later his small little hand in mine and my heart is still full thinking about it.  As I stepped out of the sower the next day I said "York you sure were funny in my dreams last night. So glad you were able to come!" and he said "I dreamed about you too, mom. The holding hands really does the trick". Yes it does sweet boy.   I will dream with you anytime. 

Perry is talking a ton! He has a very sweet heart and is quite the character.  My favorite is when Wes will tell him "I love you P" and he yells "I love MOMMY!".  It is hysterical and he only does it because I laugh so much. He went with me to the nail place recently and as they were doing my pedicure (him in my lap) they reached up to rub some lotion on his leg.  The nail lady sweetly looked up and said "that feel good?". From then on he continually repeated in his best baby Asian voice "that feel gooooood! That feel gooooood! Mommy- do that feel guuuuud?"  It was definitely the highlight of my day and maybe 3 or 4 other ladies that heard him. 

Ramsay is almost walking. He has taken a few steps. Some willingly and others forced by brothers who get too pushy. (literally)  He is strong and can hang with his brothers without a problem.  He loves to eat and hasn't found a food that he doesnt enjoy.  He has a tender disposition and just goes with the flow. As long as brothers are in clear site he is happy.  He will be a year old in just a month and I am again wondering where the time has gone. What a blessing he is to our family and my sanity.  Not to mention he has a killer smile...

House update 
We are in the framing stages of the build and I have a gazillion pictures to post to document our progress. It is exciting and the boys are finally understanding that in October / November  we will move into this house we have watched go up. Bigger post to follow on details. 

Enjoy these days of summer my friends. Until next time. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


"Do you have a girlfriend?" - pop pop

"No oo o ...they are too expensive!" York  

"I love you petal to the metal" - York 

"Mom -you need a sleep number bed." -York 
((too much television?))

"I have kong fu skills" - York 

"Oh great day" -York 
(learned from uncle Scott)

"I love snails -I think they are gorgeous!" -York 

"I feel so free mom!" -York 
(walking naked after bath) 

"I don't do sleepovers " - York 
(when asked to stay the night) 

"Girls can not go to home depot.  It's just too dangerous. You can like it mom but you can't go!" - York 

(justifying a boys trip to the depot) 

"I want to change your name to Dave mat-u" -York 
(Dave Matthews -- bc of my hysteria surrounding last post/ concert)

"Do you know what I like to do for fun? I like to kick people's 
buts." -York 

"I'm not cute I'm cool" - York 

"Dot call me kid me preschooler!" -York 

"Mommy your an expert " -York 

"I love you so much even when you make me 'mad as I can go'." -York 

"Heaven has a gift shop" -York 

"What does heaven look like? " - me
"It had beautiful flowers and lots of hummers"-York
(York's obsession w daddy's humme
r has hit an all time high)

"I don't like the color you are when u tan" York to me

"Is that why you bought me these water Guns? ...So I could protect you from lizards!" -York

"I've been hunting for days. Shot 10 ducks" -York
(duck dynasty)

"I've been walking for years ...that's why my shoes have holes" -York
(wearing crocs)

"Stay close someone might snatch you." - me
"I'll snatch them --they don't know about me!" -York
(where does he get this confidence??)

"I just burped on the interstate"- York

"Get your bloody face away from me" -York
(after my fall)

"Mom you're Acting like you're 22!" -York

"Those dogs in the doggy trap are mean!" -York
(perhaps that's called a dog pen)

"Is he into those ?" -York
 (Ramsay eating Cheerios)

"I love you so much" -P
"Thank you brother sir" -P
"Santa watchin you!"- P
"No cut my chicken fingers!" -P
"What chew think about that!" -P
"Hey broda bear!" -P
"let's jam momma! Windows down.. Turn it up!" -P
"I love mommy boo boos" -P
(after my fall)
"How bout that!"-P
"Whose your best friend ? - me   "SteFAnie" -P
(his teacher)
"Chocolate nilla " -P
(what he calls chocolate krispy Kreme donuts)
"You s bad boy-- you go jail !" -P
"perry did you bite that boys?" - me
"he a bad boy.. I bite him 2 times!" -P

Monday, April 8, 2013

DMB = incredible

This is my brothers girlfriend "kitten" and me at Saturdays Dave Matthews band concert!  I absolutely love Dave and have since middle school. I'm on the corner of obsessed and crazy girl when it comes to him/ my music. Sweet hubs gave me tickets for my birthday in January and I have been looking forward to it ever since. He did NOT dissapoint! Seats were amazing, company wonderful, and nachos perfection! Yes I did rock a Rambo style headband ... On a dare but I think I did it justice! Ha! I have finally learned how to upload picky iPad so I'll be posting more frequently. I'll leave you with one of my favorite DMB songs... And his encore song!
"The space between the tears we cry
Is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more. "

Friday, April 5, 2013

Plain and simple

Life is hard.  Raising little people is difficult.  Some days need a do-over!
Plain AND simple. 
Other days are incredible, impossible to forget, and rewarding beyond measure. Hey moms... This stuff isn't easy, there is NO manual, and we are all in the same smelly-sleep deprived-sticky boat! Some days our boats are sailing beautifully into the sunset and other days we are capsizing and washing upon shore.  My house is a wreck, my car atrocious, and my mind is overwhelmed with daily schedules and logistics. (( We need groceries! ...there are 100 loads of clothes to do!...we are out of diapers!..."don't touch your brother!"...have the dishes been run?... Oh -here is that dirty diaper in the back seat I forgot about 3 days ago! ... I have to run those clothes again because they smell like mildew!!... "please don't touch your brother"....Here is a nutrigrain bar and propel because we are out of all lunch items AND milk...sorry I forgot about cowboy day at school- mom's cowgirl hat from college really looks good on you - I promise...what's for dinner?... "if you touch your brother again I will get the spanking spoon"... No the baby cant have chips!... We need groceries!)) I hope some of these things resonate with you!  It's life... And in between the 426 questions per hour you are answering -while juggling dinner, diapers, baths, and hubby's conveniently, inconvenient phone calls -the most amazing things happen. You overhear your little one tell his brother he is his best friend.... shares a toy without your prompting ... leans over to kiss the boo boo of his best friend... attempts to entertain brothers bc you can't get to them immediately... Bows his head and thanks God for his day and his meals... Rubs your arm while watching cartoons...sings softly with you as you rock him to bed...and  reaches for your hand in public just to know he is safe. Wow- these seemingly unimportant everyday occurrences are tiny moments etched in your hearts and minds forever. And while we are caught up in our day to day chaos these little seconds of the "good stuff" are slowly fading away. Our babies are growing and I'm reminded we are in a season of life. A very difficult but incredibly important season.   These moments when I'm stress to the max and about to loose my mind I have to remember to be patient, kind, and choose my words with love. They will remember my temper, if my words were shrewd or compassionate, and will model it. These tiny sponges are looking to us for guidance. I hope we all will think before we speak, only react with love in our hearts, and show them love as Christ loves us.  Soak up each moment... And vent about the tough ones!! Praise him for the days in the sun and praise him for days in the rain.  When it's a really bad day... Blog about it- we have all been there!
:) Ev 

Life is GOOD

 Here are a couple of recent pictures of the Harless Hams... enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say what you need to say...

"Sometimes when I wait too long I have to pee outside link an animal."

"I put boo boo traps all over the house."

"it was before rams came from heaven ... Before he touched earth."

"that plane made an X in the sky for me because it's my world."

"I'll freak out and won't come back until July" 
(if we had another baby)

"abc pipe" (PVC pipe)

"I lost my mind when I saw my presents"

"my mind was blowing up"

"sun will change your life."

"I'm from sweetieville"

York you are 1 hot mess - mom
"no, I not - I'm a masterpiece"-York 

"'my eardrums can't take that"
(Ramsay crying)

"this ice cream is changing my life"

"I have gps in my pants"
(regarding his amazing perception of direction)

"I got this at the freak out toy store... You know when you get the toy you want and you freak out!!!"

"this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home, this little piggy went to the bass pro shops" (on sweet Ramsay's piggies)

"look at that dog lasso!" (dog leash)

"that is frustrating"

Perry is talking up a storm as well!!
He calls my brothers girlfriend Kristin.. Kitten (which has stuck)
"hush- mere" (hush come here!)
Coo bean (cool beans)
You Racal (rascal)
Oh tooey (oh fooey)
Tanks wheaty (thx sweetie)
Kunkin pie (pumpkin pie)
Bubba or rork (York)
Bebe (Ramsay)
Doing? (what are you doing?) 
He will repeat most anything and has such a doll face voice! He loves to sing, play guitar, or the drums. He joins me nightly singing twinkle twinkle, daisy, you are my sunshine, and Jesus loves me. I just melt when he sings... Darling boy. 

Ramsay is talking too-- cooing and babbling. 

Friday, February 22, 2013


As most of you know, Wes is a home builder by trade.  He was a builder when we met and built until we were pregnant with York.  When the market began to decline and money inconsistent we decide to explore other options.  Luckily, Wesley's family needed help in their family business and it was a smooth God made transition.  Although we weren't building full time we decided to keep up his license in hopes that one day he would use it again.  Building is Wesley's passion... it is his first love and his special talent.  I have been throwing around the idea of "flipping" a house since Ramsay was born.  I am always looking for ways to secure our financial future and provide Wes an outlet doing what he loves on the side.  Recently the opportunity has shown itself and after careful thought and much prayer we decide to pursue this dream of mine.  We have closed on a property in the Redmont area with wonderful friends and hope to finish all construction by mid march..  The house is so unique and a wonderful find.  I have begun a blog ( and hope you will follow our progress throughout!!
In other BREAKING news... We have decided to buy some land and BUILD for ourselves!  We did not mean to do these 2 very LARGE projects simultaneously .. it just happened that way.  We are relying heavily on prayer to keep our priorities straight during the next coming months.  I hope to include the boys in every stage of the build and allow them to even "dig" a little of our foundation and swing a hammer or two.  They are so very excited about living in the "country" .. haha!  It is definitely not the country but the wooded lot does give that feel -which I adore!  I can't wait to give our boys the feeling of "freedom" to build tree houses, climb trees, have large area to play, and ride toys like I did growing up.  Here is our "under contract" lot!  I'm sure you will get CRAZY tired of my updates -but hope it will serve as a way to track progress with pictures.
 It has been over a month since I've blogged!  We are a little busy as you can see but promise to jump Back on the blogger bandwagon!  Family update....H1 is doing great -Loving school, moved up to children's church out of nursery (tear), begging to wear flip flops and short sleeves daily, and keeps me in stitches with his one liners! H2 is talking up a storm and I have to add has the most precious voice!  He says "doin" to everyone ... Aka what are you doing? He is feisty, energetic, and is amazed by his older and younger brothers. H3 is cutting teeth, growing big, and killing us with that grin!  He is an absolute gift- sweet, funny, and calm!!! Loving these boys and our daily adventures. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In my 29 years...

My parents taught me how to love. 
 (In that "Unconditional" kind of way)

My husband taught me how to love. 
(In that "smile on your face when your thinking about them" kind of way)

My children taught me how to love.
 (In that "will do anything and sacrifice to make them happy" kind of way)

My friends taught me how to love. 
(In that "I'll always listen" kind of way)

Christ taught me how to love. 
(In that "lead by perfect example" kind of way)

 LOVE looks different, feels different, and is reciprocated differently as we walk through life. To understand parental love is to hold your child for the first time and feel that sensation that rocks your soul. That love that explodes inside of you as you look inside the eyes of your flesh, the love that chills your bones when their spirits are broken, the love that consumes you when they squeeze your hand or kiss your cheek.  Love -I had no idea existed and so glad I was able to find. To understand true love of a partner is to join hands in prayer over a sick baby, laugh in memory of what date nights used to look like, to lean on for support in times of need, and assurance that there is only 1 person who knows the real you!  To understand the love of a friend is to know that any time is good to call/talk, that no matter how frivolous an issue they will hear you out, and most importantly having a sister in Christ who always seems to be leading you back to him. To understand our savior's love is to look in the book of Corinthians ...
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in partand we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes,what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 

I'm so incredibly blessed on my 29 th birthday...To have experienced such love.  My hope for this year is to show others love like Christ intended. To not anger easily, to see the best in all situations, to have no enemies, and quite frankly -love like a child. My boys are the best role models for that. They love with a pure heart, no holding back, and with no criteria! I will strive to have an elementary love this year. Very simple but deliberate. 

Thanks to all who have shown me love today with phone calls, texts, emails or hugs. I feel your love... it puts a smile on my face and a sweet song in my heart. Glory be to God for a wonderful day and many to come. 
Xoxo-bday girl

((quick shout out to a special little lady- Collins Henderson -on her first birthday! I'm so thankful for this precious baby and her sweet momma... I'm glad we will forever be connected by sharing our special day!  I hope your day is filled with as much love and kisses as mine has been!))