Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby RAMS is ONE!

Happy birthday precious Ramsay!
On Tuesday (July 16) we celebrated doll babies first birthday.  Ramsay has brought so much love and happiness into our lives. He wakes each morning with a big pacifier grin. He rarely fusses and adores his brothers. He began walking two weeks ago and is loving his new found independence. He tries so hard to keep up with the big boys and is close behind their ever step. He is growing entirely too quickly and will soon catch up with P in weight! (21 pounds at check up)  We have transitioned to whole milk, sippy cups, and a forward facing car seat!  Will time please slow down?  How incredible it is to look back on this past year!  Completing our family of five has come with its challenges but far more rewards.  This perfect little man rolls with the punches and is an absolute blessing.  I am savoring our good night lullabies and morning time together without brothers. He has a couple of words. (ie momma, dadda, bubba, etc)  He currently enjoys uninterrupted naps, ice, one paci in mouth/ one in hand, toe nibbling, yelling, using most things as chew toys, blowing raspberries, belly laughs, dogs, baths, all table food, being held, occasional head butts, ice cream, being naked, loud music, and all of his brothers attention. 
We are having a party on the beach for sweet Rams this week with smash cake and all. Instead of gifts we've asked family to donate to a foundation who supports families in need during terminal prognosis or illness of a child. I encourage you all to check out their site and see how they are making a difference in Alabama. 

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KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

He's so cute! I'm getting nervous to be a family of five soon!