Thursday, August 26, 2010

Having a Pipi-fied attitude...

York and I are in Montgomery visiting family! We are so excited because we get to visit with my cousin, Pipi, and her family tomorrow night!! Below is a picture/blog about my incredible cousin!...
(Pipi, Aunt Mary Charles, and Goggie)
Philippa Brown:
"Pipi", Fa-Fa, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, friend, child of God
I am lucky to have a cousin whom I've known my entire life as "Pipi". She is as unique as her name and amazing in every sense of the word. Pipi is the type of person that you are automatically drawn to and instantly love. She illuminates a room with her beautiful smile and dynamite personality. You cant help but fall in love immediately. Miss Congeniality pretty much sums her up... but underneath her one of a kind persona lies a woman who is truly on FIRE for Christ! I have recently had the opportunity to learn this first hand. I have always known that she was a devout Catholic and raised her children in a God fearing home. However, I did not know nor understand her relationship with our Heavenly Father. ((BACKSTORY: 11 years ago at the young age of 31 Pipi was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She underwent chemo/ radiation therapy and a double mastectomy. She has been in remission ever since. Recently, at a routine check up the Doctors discovered that the cancer has returned and is beyond the point of chemo and radiation.))
"Only God the Father knows my day and I trust in Him!" -Pipi
Instead of letting this devastating news bring her down she chooses to look at the positive in the situation and is a firm believer in miracles. In fact, she told me, "when we get that miracle there will be no denying it's God!... and if we do not get that miracle -make no mistakes miracles will be performed for that I'm sure!" We as a human race are natural "problem solvers". We want to take everything in our own hands and fix it! We rarely trust our Lord with ALL of our heart and with ALL of our mind to take care of us. We need to take Pipi's advice and realize that God's plan for us is far better than the ones we construct on our own.
Her faith is the best medicine!!
When she was diagnosed the first time... my mother passed on some advice that Pipi gave her during that difficult time. Pipi said, "Mary, God does not give us anything we can not handle!" (At the time she had 3 children under the age of 5! Husband was partially blind... and she was going through treatment after treatment) W.O.W That small phrase has helped me maneuver through some of the rough spots in my life. She is absolutely right... He only gives us things that make us stronger, happier, better balanced, and most importantly better Christians. She defeated the cancer and it made her a better mother, wife, friend and child of God! It made her ... her! It molded Pipi into the woman that we all love and adore. Here we are many years later with the same illness but this time Pipi "gets it"... She knows that her life here on earth although wonderful isn't near as majestic and incredible as her life in heaven will be. To elaborate my point of how amazing she truly is ... their is a facebook page dedicated to her
(you must check it out -Friends of Philippa Brown)
she commented a couple of weeks ago:
"Another wonderful day. I had someone ask why I wasn't depressed. How could I be depressed with so much love, support, and prayers... to be depressed would be nothing less than a SIN! Thank you for keeping me happy! joyfully, Philippa"
isn't she is just incredible! She never ceases to amaze me with her constant love for our Lord and others. When you tell Pipi that her outlook is completely amazing and her general spirit is one of a kind ... her only reply is that she wishes she could take the credit. She continues to glorify God with her every word and thought. She contributes her daily strength, happiness, and peace to her heavenly Father. She is one of God's best allies and why wouldn't he want her by his side each day? Selfishly we are not ready to give her up! NOT JUST YET! Pipi's heart is so full of God's love that it spills over to others... her explosive Joy is contagious! Her positive thoughts and attitude can only be contributed to her perfect love for her Heavenly Father... if you look real close you can see his EYES shining through hers. She is remarkable in more ways than we will ever know. Pray that each day Pipi is able to help her family and friends understand what she already knows... Pray for her children that they will grow understanding hearts...hearts like hers! Most of all pray for Neal (her husband) that he will walk with her daily and Cherish every second and every breathe and know in his soul that he has found a love and a person that most look an eternity for and do not find.
Lord... thank you so much for Pipi! Thank you for giving me an Earthly example of a person who loves you completely and always gives you the glory. Pipi is a person of love, person of purpose, person of great character, person of prayer, person of the word, and most importantly a person of hope! All characteristics that we all work daily to embody. She is an amazing role model and a definite gift!
I thought it would be fitting to include a verse from Philippians since it is so very close to her name... Paul wrote: "Whatever happens conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ." -Philippians 1:27
Christians strive a lifetime for a lifestyle that honors Christ and our Pipi gets it right daily!!
Live each day with a "Pipi-fied attitude" with this verse on your tongue: "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." -Proverbs 3:5-6

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If you look to the right of my blog you will see that the "wow-zers" is warranted! DOUBLE DIGITS... yes 99 days or LESS to meet sweet little Perry!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reality sinking in!

It's official... my York-man is turning into a big boy! He is no longer my little baby! Reality has recently started to sink in... I think this feeling is multiplied because I have begun washing newborn clothes and getting both boy's rooms stocked with the essentials. Perry's room is getting newborn diapers, pacifiers, powder, baby shampoo, receiving blankets, rattles, and soft plush toys... while York's room is filled to the max with matchbox cars, puzzles, books, talking toys, riding toys, big boy toilet, toothbrush, blocks, etc. See... this momma is a little misty! My first born has morphed into busy toddler right before my eyes! Where did these last 20 months go? Here are some signs that by sweet boy is growing up:
  • Starting school (mothers day out-2 days a week) September 7, 2010
  • Enjoyed nursery at Church so much that he didn't want to leave!
  • Transitioning to Big Boy Bed!
  • talking so much -tells me if he is hungry/thirsty/tired
  • working on telling me when he has to potty!
  • eats with spoon/fork
  • enjoys looking/reading books for 10 minutes or longer
  • likes to watch Sprout Cartoons in the morning
  • eats so well -anything we are having he gets!
  • doesn't forget about objects when they are taken out of his sight!
  • likes for things to be clean -wipes table off after eating and hands/mouth
  • starts daddy's truck with the key less entry! (thinks its hysterical -Wes does NOT!)
  • walks Shug with a leash

These are some things that have thrown me into Emotional Mad Woman status! Not to mention I am about to begin my third trimester... LIFE, SLOW DOWN PLEASE! I am trying so hard to soak up each and every second but I have hit a little tired patch in this pregnancy and it is all I can do to keep my eyes open in the afternoons. Thank the Lord for York's afternoon siestas... momma appreciates them! Sorry no pix this post... refer to the 200 I posted last time!

Perry Update:

I go Wednesday for my gestational diabetes testing and 7 month check up/shot. Other than the fatigue I am feeling really well.. enjoying this sweet time! (may be the last time I have a pregnant belly!) That's a post for another day!

Love you all... Ev

Friday, August 20, 2010

Picture Perfect!

Below are some pictures from our very HOT outside photoshoot in Montgomery. A friend of mine from highschool (Meredith Sellars Photography) is a very talented photographer. I feel she captured our little man's personality so well! I am so impressed with her work and would like to share some of our favorites...

Holding my little mans hand... he holds my heart!

Monday, August 9, 2010

What a steal...

What a D*E*A*L!
Friday night I participated in the "tax free" weekend with all of the other CRAZIES!! I needed a couple of miscellaneous items to complete York and Perry's room. Earlier in the week I received a 20% off coupon in the mail from Kohl's and was eager to use it. After dinner we headed to Kohl's in search of some great finds. I hit JACKPOT... 1) trusty coupon 2) twilight hour -extra savings 3) tax free weekend! Had I known that this trifecta was the case before I got to the register I may still be there.. HA! After 2 buggies full of toys, clothes for both boys, books, maternity must haves, baby necessities, and an array of decorative items we managed to get to the check out. I shouldn't have left Wes alone on the toy isle because we are now proud owners of toys for ages 3 years -12 years. ((He justified these purchases by saying that he was putting them in the attic for the boys for later.. )) I'm thinking are we going to pull them out for Christmas 2015? {Side note: he opened 2 of them when we got home and said he was putting them together for York! Yea.. right!}
Behold our FINDS and more importantly our SAVINGS!
This is my $70.00 Kohl's CASH BACK!!
(going Wednesday to hit them up again!!)
Anyone needing to make a Kohl's run...I'll pick you up on Wednesday!
Above is my receipt!
Total: $377.68
Total SAVINGS: $422.26
The clothes are stacked on top of each other...
We also got York a chair (not pictured) and the books are stacked on top of each other on the back of the table! My receipt was, no kidding, 2 feet long!! LOVE THE SAVINGS and LOVE my FINDS!
On another Bargain Betty note: Our first month as antique dealers was quite the success! We moved alot of items and made over $300.00 in just 30 days!! W.O.W Thanks for everyone who visited our booth and bought and item or two! (special shout out to Dan! thx!) I'll have to upload a pic of the booth now... it looks so different! Go visit the Greystone Antique Market and look for BOOTH 46! Love you guys...
Oh yes... I'm still pregnant! Ha! I haven't updated on the pregnancy in a while...Funny how I blogged about each doctor's visit last pregnancy along with coordinating belly photo's and I have NOT 1 photo of the Perry Bump! I am 24 weeks and am getting large and in charge. (the in charge part isn't a change for those who know me!) I am still running 3 days a week which is become a bit more challenging. I have ordered a maternity belt to wear during exercise to hopefully help relieve some of the back pain and strain. As you know... I go weekly for my shots and you can imagine how OLD that has become. I have to remember that it is a small inconvenience for a chunky full term baby! Anything to get this little angel here healthy! Lugging York up and down the stairs at the doctor during his nap time will have to work a little while longer! Baby is about 1 1/3 pounds and is about the size of an ear of corn! I have 2 friends that are expecting their little ones any day now... Please say a little prayer for easy deliveries and healthy babies for Allison Hendrickson and Cathryn Wells! (Both having BOYS!)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Trading Spaces

We have finally finished the transition and completion of Baby Perry's nursery and York-man's big boy room! Perry inherited York's nursery with some changes in wall color and art. We transformed one of the upstairs rooms in to rustic-chic for Mr. York. Below are too many pictures to showcase the long hard work. Thanks to my man slave (aka Wes) for all of the after hours painting, moving furniture, and then moving furniture again, hanging pictures, hanging blinds, re-hanging pictures, putting furniture together, hauling off trash, and retrieving the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper for me, etc. I couldn't have done it without you. I have a few other projects I'm putting together for York's room but on the whole he is ready to begin sleeping upstairs. We are going to let him start with naps in the big boy room and see how that goes. We are not in a huge rush to get him up there since Perry will not make his debut until November. I don't want to push him and selfishly would like him to be "confined" to the crib a while longer. Enjoy...

Perry's -Furry Friend- Nursery

Ignore the swing with blue blankets on the right... don't have a place for that yet. Its home is in the middle of the room right now.

Above is my amazing antique find... the sweet giraffe!! I found him at Peddlers of the Past in Alabaster and fell in love. My mother-in-law recently said she saw a similar one at World Market for $99 and I paid a whopping $15 for mine! What a steal!

York's Rustic-Chic Toddler Room

This is the adorable bed we had made at Seibels in Homewood. They did a fantastic job and I just love how it looks in the room!

"Hello, my name is Shug and I still live here ... I promise!"

Above you will see the brown table ... that was Wesley's and his mothers when they were little. PROJECT # 1: I'm planning on painting the table to match the fish artwork above his dresser!

ABOVE Project #2: I'm in the process of attaching York's letters to a piece of driftwood that I found... we will see how this goes.

Below are 2 of my favorite pieces for the room... they are prints of Lake Logan Martin and Lake Martin! We found those at Seibels as well and I think they will be able to accompany York to Auburn or wherever he chooses to go to college! Very COOL prints!

77 Amazing Years...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Mimi York...Happy Birthday to you!

York played the piano for Mimi's birthday...

Mimi was surprised with the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Thunder from Dairy Queen!

York helped blow out the candles...

More cake please!

We celebrated Mimi York's 77th birthday last night. She and Ya-Ya had just gotten back from a fun filled weekend in Nash-vagas! (Nashville) We welcomed them home with an impromptu birthday bash. Happy Birthday to the Mimster... she is the glue that holds this family together. She provides us with warm smiles, tender hugs, wonderful advice, a listening ear, and most importantly an amazing Christian example.

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing soldiers for Christ that I know!