Monday, August 9, 2010

What a steal...

What a D*E*A*L!
Friday night I participated in the "tax free" weekend with all of the other CRAZIES!! I needed a couple of miscellaneous items to complete York and Perry's room. Earlier in the week I received a 20% off coupon in the mail from Kohl's and was eager to use it. After dinner we headed to Kohl's in search of some great finds. I hit JACKPOT... 1) trusty coupon 2) twilight hour -extra savings 3) tax free weekend! Had I known that this trifecta was the case before I got to the register I may still be there.. HA! After 2 buggies full of toys, clothes for both boys, books, maternity must haves, baby necessities, and an array of decorative items we managed to get to the check out. I shouldn't have left Wes alone on the toy isle because we are now proud owners of toys for ages 3 years -12 years. ((He justified these purchases by saying that he was putting them in the attic for the boys for later.. )) I'm thinking are we going to pull them out for Christmas 2015? {Side note: he opened 2 of them when we got home and said he was putting them together for York! Yea.. right!}
Behold our FINDS and more importantly our SAVINGS!
This is my $70.00 Kohl's CASH BACK!!
(going Wednesday to hit them up again!!)
Anyone needing to make a Kohl's run...I'll pick you up on Wednesday!
Above is my receipt!
Total: $377.68
Total SAVINGS: $422.26
The clothes are stacked on top of each other...
We also got York a chair (not pictured) and the books are stacked on top of each other on the back of the table! My receipt was, no kidding, 2 feet long!! LOVE THE SAVINGS and LOVE my FINDS!
On another Bargain Betty note: Our first month as antique dealers was quite the success! We moved alot of items and made over $300.00 in just 30 days!! W.O.W Thanks for everyone who visited our booth and bought and item or two! (special shout out to Dan! thx!) I'll have to upload a pic of the booth now... it looks so different! Go visit the Greystone Antique Market and look for BOOTH 46! Love you guys...
Oh yes... I'm still pregnant! Ha! I haven't updated on the pregnancy in a while...Funny how I blogged about each doctor's visit last pregnancy along with coordinating belly photo's and I have NOT 1 photo of the Perry Bump! I am 24 weeks and am getting large and in charge. (the in charge part isn't a change for those who know me!) I am still running 3 days a week which is become a bit more challenging. I have ordered a maternity belt to wear during exercise to hopefully help relieve some of the back pain and strain. As you know... I go weekly for my shots and you can imagine how OLD that has become. I have to remember that it is a small inconvenience for a chunky full term baby! Anything to get this little angel here healthy! Lugging York up and down the stairs at the doctor during his nap time will have to work a little while longer! Baby is about 1 1/3 pounds and is about the size of an ear of corn! I have 2 friends that are expecting their little ones any day now... Please say a little prayer for easy deliveries and healthy babies for Allison Hendrickson and Cathryn Wells! (Both having BOYS!)


The Dunn's said...

OMG at your Kohl's spree!!! I just hate I wasn't with you!!

Allison and Karl said...

Thank you for the prayer request, Evan!! :) We greatly appreciate every single prayer throughout this next week! I cannot believe the deals you got at Kohl's. You did great!

The Howell's said...

WOW! We hit up Kohl's too! I love that place! We didn't get THAT much stuff but still saved a ton!