Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. on the MOVE...

I love HATS! Especially Uncle Scott's....Bathtime! Escaping...
York and my dad last week in Montgomery...

York is constantly B*U*S*Y! He spends each minute of his waking hours playing, running, talking, chasing, singing, hiding, and more RUNNING! Welcome (Wes and Evan) to a "toddlers world"... here you will enjoy a continual state of CRAZINESS! We are getting broken into the next stage of our magical journey! It is definitely different and never boring. York is busy exploring all of the things in his new world. He is quick to learn how things turn, roll, rock, or slide. His new trick is to turn the T.V on and off. This makes Wesley very annoyed!! But I have to remind him that this precious little 13 month old doesn't really understand what he is doing. He just thinks its funny because it gets a reaction out of us! He also has learned to escape the doggy-gate I have rigged in the living room. He is just too smart! Each day is so exciting and always different. I love listening to his sweet sounds and voice. He makes my every minute so sweet. Side note:: I have had that nasty ole stomach bug and Wesley had to take care of York and me. He did such an amazing job ... he was so attentive to me but also keep a close eye on little man. I have to give him a big THANK YOU! I am feeling much better and am so happy to be able to give my baby and husband big kisses.

Fun Friday Facts:

A son needs a mom...

to make sure that faith is the light that guides him.

A son needs a mom...

to make sure his socks match!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why a Son needs a mom...

I received a book when York was born called "Why a son needs a mom". (By: Gregory E. Lang) I recently picked it up and began thumbing through the pages. It is a wonderful combination of reasons why boys need mothers. It got me thinking of things I want to teach York and how I would like to mold him into a man that loves the Lord, takes pride in his work, understands the importance of relationships, etc. So... I would like to begin a weekly Friday blog that outlines one important attribute/idea and one silly reason why a boy needs a mother. Here is installment numero uno!
whose arms, heart, and mind are always open.
to be his first dance partner.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This is the day...

that the Lord has made... I will rejoice and be glad in it!This weather is AMAZING... York loves being outside!

2 of my 3 boys...

Have a great week everyone!


Friday, January 15, 2010

I give thanks to you...

O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever.
-Psalm 86:12 If you have been following our blog for the past year then you know what the power of prayer means to me and my family. On this day, last year we were given the news that our tiny preemie had a medical condition known as craniosyntosis. ((where the sutures of the skull close prematurely)) The only remedy would be to cut from ear to ear and break open his skull to allow brain growth and development. Yes... you read correctly! We were on our way to Children's Hospital for further testing and meetings with plastic surgeons and neurosurgeons. WOW.. what a day! At that point I went straight to the Lord in prayer. Actually.. that is all that I did for weeks. I prayed over York's bed while he slept so peacefully and so perfectly. I prayed while I pumped... I prayed while we drove to doctors appointments... I prayed as I ran in the afternoons... Prayer kept me sane. I would fall to pieces talking with Wes but always kept a strong appearance for others sake. It was hard on our family and friends... they didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything to say. I assured everyone that things would be fine and that our little boy was strong and he was a fighter. Underneath that facade I was scared to death and cried myself to sleep each night. York had been home from the NICU for only 2 weeks with us when we received the unbelievable news. The weeks and months that followed were unbearable. After setting up surgery for April 12, 2009 we went in for the second set of CAT scans. The doctor called us the next day with the most amazing news. She said that the sutures of the skull had miraculously opened and that York would not need the surgery. I immediately fell to my knees. The doctor said that this was a medical mystery and she had never seen anything like it! Praise God! Unbelievable... it worked! Our family, prayer warriors, church family, and friends had done it! Wow... miracles really do happen! All of this to say... I never fail to go to God for help and comfort in the dark times of my life, yet I don't always remember him when my cup is overflowing. I seem ungrateful and I take his generosity for granted. Here we are exactly 1 year to the day and things are absolutely amazing... Life is so sweet right now. Yet do I pray to him like I did 1 year ago today? no. I am ashamed of that. He has blessed me by giving me the treasure of my heart, my family. How can I praise him enough? My new years resolution... a little late I might add... to come to our Lords feet in prayer: equally in good times and in bad.
Lord... You bring beauty, peace, and love to my existence. My heart overflows with thanksgiving.

**The picture above is from the car after we left Children's hospital. Little did we know that a miracle had happened and we would soon find out that our sweet baby would not have to undergo extensive surgery.
***If you know someone who is going through a difficult time with a new baby (preemie or not) and just needs to talk... give them my name and email. I would love to share God's amazing grace and our story.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can life get ANY better?

Seriously... look at him! 1 year...
365 days...
52 weeks...
A year seemed to creep by until I became a mother. A year seemed to last an eternity. A year has never meant so much to me until now. Time is certainly put into perspective when you bring a child into the world. They change so much in 1 short year. They come into this world so tiny and fragile depending on you for everything. They lay in their crib so innocent and sweet and you pray over them each night that God will keep them safe. You pray that he will give you the tools and the instinct to know what is best for them. But mainly you whisper prayers of ... "Thanks!" Thanks for choosing me! Thank you for allowing me to understand unconditional love.
Thank you Lord for...
* York's smile each time I get him out of his crib in the morning!..
*his little fingers as they point out pictures in his books...
*the way he clinches his teeth each time he gets excited...
*the times he reaches up and looks at me with those amazing baby blues...
*the sweet sounds that come out of his perfectly formed lips
*the way he crosses his feet when he sits (just like his dad)
*his little dimple that gets me every time
*his sweet spirit
*his slobbery kisses
*his fat little hand as it pats my leg or back
*his excitement as Wesley pulls in the driveway
*his way of making everyone around him...HAPPY!
York has brought unexplainable joy to our lives and continues to make our days more meaningful. He has taught me the true meaning of God's ultimate sacrifice. He has taught me more in one year that I have learned in my lifetime. He has changed our world and made it complete. York is a blessing that we are most grateful for and although at times overwhelming we wouldn't trade it for anything. This year has taught me to embrace each moment and appreciate each stage for they are gone to fast.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're BACK!

Hello 2010... and Hello faithful Blog followers! First of all, I would like to apologize for the lengthy hiatus I have taken from my blog family! I will admit it is partly my fault... I am just now getting Internet at the new house. Yes... being without Internet (with the exception of my blackberry email/facebook) for 43 days has driven me absolutely BANANAS! Not only have I left my blog stalkers "in the dark"... I have fallen down on my own personal blog STALKING! I feel completely disconnected! (Is there a blog/facebook rehab... if so... ADMIT ME!)
So... it has been a CRAZY but AMAZING last couple of weeks! Lets rewind to Turkey Day '09! We spent Thanksgiving in Montgomery this year and had an absolute blast. I enjoyed seeing both sides of my family and sharing little man with everyone. ((As most of you know... holidays can get hairy when you have family in different towns. There is always one side that gets "jipped" and it is almost impossible to make everyone happy! O.K have a baby and multiply that feeling by 1000!! So we have adopted the "switching sides" on different holiday method. It is not the best... but it will work for now. So we spent Thanksgiving with my side and then Christmas with Wesley's ... get the picture?!)) Below are some pictures from the day...
York playing with the blinds with his precious Turkey outfit!
York with my dad (holding him) and his 4 brothers...
Scott, Randy, Jimmy, and Mike
my sweet Papa and my dad
crazy monkey trying to escape!
me, York, and Dad at Mimi Perry's home
Chance, York, me, and Sissy (Ashton)

Fast Forward to December 17, 2009... Happy First Birthday York! We had his party on December 20 and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, Mr. York had double ear infections ... but you would have never known! He was a perfect "prince"! We had family and close friends at the party and York received so many wonderful gifts. Mae-Mae (my mom) was the first guest to arrive...
Birthday Cake and "smash" cake
We did a "prince" themed party... I thought it turned out well!
My big boy!
We did a few appetizers, cake, and ice cream.
York's granddad's enjoyed the party from the stairs.
Norm "skip" and Steve Wes and York opening gifts... Thanks cousin Emily for the hat!
Dig in!
December 25, 2009... Christmas Day! We spent Christmas day/ lunch with Wesley's mom and grandparents. We had a delicious meal and enjoyed relaxing for a little while. Christmas Night we headed to Wesley's grandmothers in Trussville. We headed out the next day for Gatlinburg with my mom, step dad, brother, and sister for Christmas with them.
Our Christmas tree in the upstairs "nook" so York wouldn't be tempted!

Are all of these mine?
What a pose..
So We're Back and ready for whatever 2010 has in store for us...