Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meet the Family...

Always asleep with his hands by his head!

York meets his MJ and Paw. (great grandparents)

4 generations of Harless Men!

Proud granddad! (Wesley's father)

Another proud grand papa! (my dad)

Meeting his Mimi Perry (great grandmother)

Favorite great uncle Mike!

The Watson's with York! (Great Aunt & Cousins)

York and Sissy...

As you can see York is FINALLY meeting his extended family! We had a long weekend of family fun. I think York was held the entire time... he is getting so spoiled! We made our way to Montgomery on Thursday and spent time introducing York to the rest of his relatives. We returned Saturday night for some much needed REST! It was a wonderful trip and York slept the whole ride down and back! (What an angel) Enjoy the pics from this past week...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Miracle by definition...

Miracle: An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God!

An act of God... is precisely what our family is experiencing. At 5:56pm our pediatrician called with news about York's CT scan. She explained that although the X-Ray appeared to show that the sutures of York's skull were indeed closing prematurely... the CT scan concluded that the sutures had NOT closed at all. I can not express the mixture of emotions that I felt at that moment. After hours of prayer, sleepless nights, endless research, and millions of tears our life was touch by the hand of God. (yet AGAIN...) To put into words the way Wes and I feel is absolutely impossible. Often times we look for answers from friends, family and even ourselves but the truth is that we first have to connect to the source of power from which prayers are answered. We can not thank all of you prayer warriors for the work you have done. After expressing to the doctor my amazement and appreciation of the news... she simply said, "I wish I could take credit... but the glory goes to God!" What an amazing moment... I was completely speechless. We forget that miracle happen each day... to be apart of one is incredible. Thanks again to all of your support emotionally and spritually! We love you all...

"I will praise you with my whole heart; I will tell of your marvelous works! I will be glad and rejoice in you, I will sing praise to your Name, Most High." Psalm 9:1-2

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can do all things through Christ...

Thank you for all of your sweet emails/calls... It has definitely been a whirlwind since receiving the news of York's medical condition. If you were not aware we went to the doctor for his 1 month check up when the pediatrician couldn't feel Yorks' soft spots well...She sent us for an xray. They confirmed Dr. Schroder's suspicion that York has a condition called Craniosynostosis. Craniosynostosis is a medical condition where some or all of the sutures in the skull of an infant or child close too early, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth. (This has been linked to premature births) This is a fairly common problem (1 in 2,000 births) and can be fixed with one surgery. We had a CT scan this morning and were told that York would be admitted because they would have to put him under for the scan. Fortunately the doctor noticed that York was sound asleep and they attempted the scan without anesthesia! He was able to stay still for the entire scan and we were discharged within the hour. (I am so glad we didn't have ANOTHER hospital stay) Our pediatrician will call us with the results within the week. (We are hoping to hear that the sutures have NOT closed completely.) After they assess his situation we will meet with the pediatric neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, and pediatrician on March 8th. They will not perform surgery until he is at least 4 months old. He is in NO danger at this point because the brain isn't big enough to allow pressure from the skull. The surgery can be between 3 - 7 hours depending on the severity. The hospital stay is around 4 days. After recovery he can return to being a normal rambunctious little boy. This will not cause any problems cognitively. The pediatrician said that it will not effect IQ or anything... it is purely "cosmetic". We will know more in the coming weeks and I will be in touch! We are in good spirits and know that God will take care of us. We have wonderful family and friends that surround us and shower us with prayers and encouragement. Wes and I are thankful for this little miracle and know that this small hurdle will only make us a stronger family and more grateful for the amazing gift of life. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and LOVE!
Evan, Wes, and York

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" Philippians 4:13

Monday, January 19, 2009



We saw Mr. York's first tear today. The culprit... A shot! We went to the doctor this afternoon for his 1 month check up. He is up to 7 pounds 4 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long! The flood gates open end when the sweet little nurse took blood and gave him a shot! I hated it for the little guy... afterward he looked at me like -thanks mom!. He only let out about 4 or 5 cries and then he acted like nothing happened. He is such a good baby!

Yesterday I was able to go shopping and leave York with Wesley. Janey and I decided to do some shopping for the upstairs room. We planned on being gone for a couple of hours. However, when girls get together to SHOP (especailly one who has been "held hostage" in her home for over a month) you loose track of time! We left around 11 AM and didn't get back until 6 PM. (That is roughtly 2 feedings and 3-4 diapers) FYI...Wesley had only changed 1 diaper prior to yesterday. When we finally returned (after 48 calls to ask me why he is crying) Wesley's first words were "You sabotaged me!" I felt terrible but it was really nice to be out and about. He did a wonderful job and is now a professional diaper changer, burper, rocker, and bottle maker!! He said he has a new found respect for the MOMMA!

Pictures of the COMPLETED room will be up soon!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday York... 1 month!

Happy Happy Birthday...
It is hard to believe that 1 month ago this little miracle graced us with his sweet presence. Technically he is supposed to STILL be inside of me... YIKES! York is so healthy and growing by the minute! It has been an exciting week ... York is out of preemie diapers, preemie clothes, preemie passies, and preemie bottles! He also slept for 4 hours last night... YAY! He is eating 3 ounces now and adding to his double chin. I love seeing his little fat rolls they are so adorable... He has come such a long way in 1 month! He is super alert and enjoys looking around the room. He is also making the sweetest little noises! I have been putting him to sleep in his bed during the day and in the bassinet at night. He has recently began sucking on his fingers if I am not quick enough with the passie. Each day brings new challenges and discoveries. Each night I praise the Lord for this precious little life ... and thank him for choosing Wes and I to be his parents. Sweet Dreams!
Rocking the Mohawk! Not loving it!
In his bed... loving the teddy bear mobile!
Wide eyed and bushy tailed...
Mesmerized by Mae Mae (my mom)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new love... BOB!

Sweet Baby York My BOB... the greatest jogging stroller on EARTH!
side view...
Chocolate Brown and Blue.. like everything else of Mr. York's!
I am super excited!!!!!!

I am back to running/jogging!! This is my first week back... York is 4 weeks and I feel great! Yes, I am taking it SLOW. (for my grandmothers who read this) I am up to 2 miles and couldn't be happier. I am already registering for local runs. I hope to do the 5K Brenda Ladun Run (Breast Cancer Race on Jan 31st) and the annual Adams Heart Race in Feb 28th! It is too cold to get little man in the BOB now... but in a couple of months we will be running all over the place!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Almost Complete...

This is our bonus room above our garage... Wesley is converting it into his "Man Cave". Wes had 1 room in our home that was 'his' and it became York's nursery! Consequently, this became his weekend project. He has done a fantastic job and I am so pleased with how it is turning out. We lack paint and carpet and the MAN ZONE will be ready for furniture!
I couldn't write a blog without including some updated pictures of our precious angel...

Baby boy trying to hold his own bottle... he is up to 5 pounds 15 ounces!

He is beginning to enjoy his bouncy seat... he even reached for the blue elephant!

This is York's new highchair...

I really like the chair because it looks like a piece of furniture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our morning...

Happy after breakfast... Back to sleep!
He loves shug... the feeling NOT so mutual!
Caught the end of a smile on camera!
He holds his passie with the back of his hand... cute!

At one point this morning (4AM) all 3 of my boys were SNORING... Baby, Wes, and SHUG!

How can a girl get any sleep?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today in the life of York...

In the bathtub...
Sweet angel!
Happy after the bath...
He wasn't happy with me parting his hair!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Doctor Doctor give me the news...

Life is so HARD...
Look how adorable... I think he is praying!
His sweet outfit from "The Good Life"... He was GQ for his doctors appointment!
Between York and Shug I have NO room in my bed!
Today was York's first doctors appointment. He is up to 5 pounds 2 ounces! He did great... this was our first outing and of course it had to RAIN. Not only was his appointment at 8 AM...It was quite a sight trying to juggle a newborn, umbrella, diaper bag, purse, etc. But we managed without getting little man wet! Next time I will consolidate all of my "stuff" into the diaper bag! Of course everyone at the doctors office thought he was adorable and I ate that up! He is such a sweet baby and has his fathers calm disposition! The doc would like for Wesley and I to get flu shots... so that is on the agenda for tomorrow. She also suggested that we hold off all visitors for another 4-6 weeks because of cold and flu season and how susceptible he is. She said that if he were to contract something in the next couple of weeks that he couldn't fight it on his own and would end up in the hospital! So I am taking all necessary precautions to keep him healthy... Sorry family and friends you will have to follow York through pictures for a couple more weeks! Have a great weekend!