Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new love... BOB!

Sweet Baby York My BOB... the greatest jogging stroller on EARTH!
side view...
Chocolate Brown and Blue.. like everything else of Mr. York's!
I am super excited!!!!!!

I am back to running/jogging!! This is my first week back... York is 4 weeks and I feel great! Yes, I am taking it SLOW. (for my grandmothers who read this) I am up to 2 miles and couldn't be happier. I am already registering for local runs. I hope to do the 5K Brenda Ladun Run (Breast Cancer Race on Jan 31st) and the annual Adams Heart Race in Feb 28th! It is too cold to get little man in the BOB now... but in a couple of months we will be running all over the place!


Allison and Ryan said...

I think he definitely looks like you in this picture!

Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

Please let me know when you can have visitors or can meet for lunch!!!! I am dying to meet York! Plus I have some yummy gossip to share with you!