Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our morning...

Happy after breakfast... Back to sleep!
He loves shug... the feeling NOT so mutual!
Caught the end of a smile on camera!
He holds his passie with the back of his hand... cute!

At one point this morning (4AM) all 3 of my boys were SNORING... Baby, Wes, and SHUG!

How can a girl get any sleep?


Margaret said...

Evan, York is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL babies I have ever seen! GORGEOUS!

AFlurry said...

Hey Evan! I just saw you on Lauren's page. Your baby boy is so beautiful & I just had so much fun reading about him & his early arrival into the world. Congrats & it looks like things are going great for y'all. We are due with a boy the end of March! Tell Wes I said hey & keep in touch!