Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet P is 4! (months that is)

Happy 4 months... sweet P!

I can't get enough of that face! Brother-Play York is such a BOSS... wonder where he gets that from? 2 peas in a pod... eating Chocolate Cake!
Best Buds

(disclaimer: these 2 do not ALWAYS play this nice)
We enjoyed family and celebrated my Papa's 84 th birthday in Montgomery...

York enjoyed the gold fish pond best!

York, Pop Pop, and Perry swinging at Mimi Perry's house
York feed the fish about 15 times...
Perry is MUCH happier after the third formula change!! whew...
We have finally completed the play room!

Here is a before picture
and after...

Yes... 3 walls are chalkboard paint! I have enjoyed drawing on the walls as much as York has! York is loving every minute in his new "baby cave". Momma is loving all of the toys out of her living room! York asks to go to 'PayRoom' ALL of the time and when we walk in he says "Wow!" It makes Wes and I feel so good! Send you KIDS and let them go to town...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is his Super Bowl...

Mommy likes surprises! Wes called me from work on Monday to say that he had an opportunity to fish a Billfish Tournament in Miami weekend after next. (FYI... for those of you who do NOT know Wesley -he is OBSESSED with deep sea fishing! This is his SuperBowl!) I immediately said YOU MUST GO! His reply was .. "Babe your going with me!" WHAT.. I can't just pick up and leave my babies that soon without some serious preparation! But sweet hubby knew my all to well and had already made arrangements for the boys! Woo HOO! There is a catch ladies... I must fish the tournament too! Apparently I have a good chance of winning the "lady angler" division because there aren't very many signed up. Although I am NO "lady angler" I have a CRAZY competitive side that will be driving this gal! No complaints here... to be in sunny South Beach for 5 nights (1 day of fishing) and a possible cash prize... my kinda vacay! For those of you who would like to see how we stack up to last years competition go to http:// I am so fortunate to have a hubs who wants his "old lady" tagging along! I will have a gazillon pictures to upload of the fabulous getaway and hopefully I will be able to enjoy while missing the other men in my life! (York and Perry of course!!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

What a month....whew!

York's expression explains how the last several weeks have gone! Perry is getting so big!! Sitting in York's old bumbo!
Looking around... still NOT a fan of "tummy time"
York loves his daddy's boots!
Goggie came to visit the boys and brought some GREAT goodies!
(She had a pace maker put in on Monday and is doing great! Continued prayers for quick recovery...
Sweet York heading to school
York loves to "tickle" Perry and P isn't so amused!
The "infamous" boot! Thank goodness its gone and I'm in a brace now!
York had to wrap his leg too...
my sweet baby boys..
holding hands
lady killer
SWIM LESSONS with Mrs. Jenny!
Not so sure about swim lessons... Day 1
A smile from P to get you through the day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning?

Go to our charity blog: and check out what we've been up to! If you would like to donate any baby item (diapers, wipes, paci, bottles, car seat, stroller, ect), gently used clothing, shoes, or jackets (any size) Please let me know! I know many of you are getting ready to "clean out the closet" for spring things. If you want to make some \ones day/week/year ... think of us and we will make it happen! Each day we see the impact in our community and it makes all of the hard work WELL WORTH IT! Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

the "boot" as in BOOT CAMP!

Many of you know that I'm teaching Extreme Fit Boot camp 3 days a week at 5:30am. ( It is the perfect job for me... I can use my personal training certification again and get my workout in, help others obtain fitness goals, and be back home before the boys wake up! Monday night I was running with a friend and stepped off of the road and rolled my ankle. I immediately went down. ((I have a history of weak ankles and have damaged them many times)) This time however I heard a loud snap and swelling began immediately. My sweet friend (K) asked me if I needed her to carry me back to the house -piggy back style!... as much of a sight that would have been I couldn't allow her poor back to undergo this load! Wes came and got us and we assessed the situation. We decided that if the swelling didn't go down by the morning that I would go have some xrays. So Tuesday morning I headed to a "doc in the box" and figured they could tell me if it was broken or not. The x-ray revealed a broken piece of ankle bone but they were unable to tell if it was an OLD or NEW break. They would have to send my x-rays to be read by a radiologist. GREAT!!! My mom headed up from Montgomery to help me... The gave me crutches and told me to wait for a couple of days til they called back. So here I am with 2 babies, unable to bear weight on my left leg, and the business part of the month at our drugstore! Not great timing! In the meantime... I send a message to my boot camp class to come a little early to help my get the equipment out of my car and explained the accident. Two of the girls in my class work for an orthopedic and told me to call immediately and they could "fit" me in. After 3 hours of new x-rays, an MRI, and amazing new friends/doc conversation the mysterious break was explained. It is an old break but I have torn several ligaments which is causing the intense pain/swelling. The MRI showed there was no cartilage damage and nothing needed to be fixed surgically. YAY! They put me in a "boot" and crutches for the next couple of days until I am able to bear weight on it... then I wear the boot without crutches... then progress to a brace they gave me. This healing time should take 6-8 weeks with physical therapy. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!! My kids need me, my boot campers need me, my hubby needs me, and most importantly my lunch date friends need me hehe! My sweet mother in law helped me all day Tuesday and my mother has been here since then. They are a huge help and I wouldn't have been able to make it without them! Mom is leaving today and we will be on our own... I am able to get around a little better with the crutches now. So we should be ok! It has been a long week and I'm selfishly wanting to get back to running! Pics of me and the "sporty" boot coming soon! This weeks lesson:: God puts people in your lives at certain times for a REASON! Thx Jessica and Brittany!