Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning?

Go to our charity blog: and check out what we've been up to! If you would like to donate any baby item (diapers, wipes, paci, bottles, car seat, stroller, ect), gently used clothing, shoes, or jackets (any size) Please let me know! I know many of you are getting ready to "clean out the closet" for spring things. If you want to make some \ones day/week/year ... think of us and we will make it happen! Each day we see the impact in our community and it makes all of the hard work WELL WORTH IT! Have a beautiful weekend!


Allison and Karl said...

Hey Evan! I actually have some stuff I need to bring you (several packs of diapers and clothes that Cooper never wore). Let's set up a lunch date soon so I can get this stuff to you!

The Harless Family said...

Thx ALLISON! I will text you sometime tomorrow and we can make a date! Hope that beautiful baby is doing great! much love,EV