Wednesday, December 21, 2011

YORK is 3!!

York turned 3 this past Saturday... we spent his birthday at the Opryland hotel in Nashville!!  We met Shrek, Puss in Boots, the cast of Madagascar, and Po from Kung Fu Panda!!  Wesley's mother (yaya) took us for the weekend for a Bday bash/ early Christmas Present!  We had an absolute blast and especially enjoyed our breakfast with Shrek...complete with Shrek waffels and oath to enjoy!!  A dance from all of the character and picture time as well!   We decorated ginger bread men, rode the train, peddeled the tiny cars, and enjoyed a ride on an amazing ICE slide.  The Christmas decor was just breathtaking and a nice way to get in the Christmas spirit. 
((I have a BILLION pictures that I will post soon!))
Happy Happy 3rd Birthday to my oldest -the little blonde that holds my heart in the palm of his hand, my perfectly adorable, miracle baby.  Each day I am amazed at all that you have learned, the many things your have taught me, and your continued love for your brother. You make my mornings sweeter with your sugar, my afternoons calmer with your naps, and my nights complete knowing you are tucked safely away in your bed.  You are the funniest child I have ever met... your laughter contagious.  You have the kindest heart and incredible expression.  You are the most amazing little man ...I couldn't have dreamed you to be any more perfect.  You have a little "diva" deep down (but dont we all??) and you are learning about sin as we have introduced an "attention stealer" known as Mr. P.  You have done well with the transition to BIG Brother and are taking on your "bossy' roles without hesitation.  The moments when you reach to hold Perrys hand, help wipe his mouth, or tell him you Love him illuminate my soul.  The moments when you smack him, "accidentally" knock him down, or take a toy remind me that we all fall short of his glory.  You are an absolute gift ...reassurance that our GOD is unbelievably good.  My prayer for you is that you continue to be obedient, loving, happy, and innocent.  I pray for your relationship with Perry and that it will continue to flourish and be the most important bond you will ever know.  I pray that your heart will always be capable of love and forgiveness, for compassion and humility, that you will try to see the good in others, and have a steadfast love for our Savior.  Lastly... I pray that you will feel the amount of love that is surrounding you and know that you are IMPORTANT and mean the absolute world to many.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We are keeping Perry!

Wes and I have managed to "shock the Confederate" (one of my favorite lines out of my ALL TIME FAV movie Gone with the Wind) yet again!!!  We are more than excited to be welcoming BABY number 3 in JULY!  Some of the kind comments we have received include:  "What are you thinking", "You do realize you have a NOT quite 3 year old and 1 year old!", "You have lost your MIND", "you are GLUTTON for punishment, "You do you know what causes that ...right?", and my personal favorite "I though we decided we would wait another year" -from someone other than my HUBBY!
  Our reactions haven't been rainbows and butterflies but nonetheless we are over the moon.  I wasn't able to fully embrace my pregnancy with Perry because of the difficult delivery and NICU time we experienced with York.  Although I was humbled by our God's grace and goodness once again... I couldn't shake the uneasy feelings in the back of my mind.  I went to every doctors visit with anxiety and worry that we would be in labor at any moment.  I clung to prayers and asked my Savior to not walk with me into each visit but to carry me!  If you have never delivered a child prematurely or not been able to take him home from the hospital with you ... you will not understand these feelings.  Feelings of failure, of utter defeat, and unexplainable heartache.  I didnt' want to fail again... I didn't want to put my baby into the NICU fighting for his precious life....  I couldn't relax, I couldn't breathe and enjoy every blessed day that was given to us until I watched week 34 pass then 35 and 36... I finally was able to let a huge sigh of relief and embrace the last weeks of God preparing our sweet P for this life.  And also appreciate his humor since Mr. P arrived after my due date had come and gone... This time I feel more at peace knowing that I am not in charge and have been reminded so many times.  I write this post with overflowing heart, huge smile, and complete confidence that this child will be born at God's perfect time -not mine.
We will choose to do the weekly synthetic progesterone shots that we did with Perry.  Starting at 15 weeks and continuing until 37.  For those of you who didn't follow our blog back then (I say that as if it was SO long ago... HA!) I take the shots to help prevent preterm labor... which worked amazingly well with sweet P!  We are headed back to the doc on the 28th and I'll have more information then.
As far as the brothers... York is totally into the pregnancy and asks for me to open REAL WIDE. . . so he can "talk" to the baby!!  He thinks she can hear him!  I say SHE because York is convinced it is a "girl baby".  Several weeks ago I began asking him, "York are we having a girl baby or boy baby?" and EVERY time without hesitation he replys "girl baby!".  I am NOT sold on his so scientific method but for now it is fun to ask!  He also asked if we were going to give Perry away since we are having a "new" baby.  I explained NO we would keep him.... Now when telling others that we are having another baby he adds BUT WE ARE KEEPING PERRY!  Glad he is clearing that up!! CRAZY KID!  He also has suggestions for names.... Quesadilla for girl and Tow Truck for boy.  Those are debatable.  Perry is totally unconcerned with the growing little one in my belly and contines to "eat up" his time as my precious little baby!  He is such a sweet heart and loves to cuddle (something York did NOT do) and I soak up my little lap baby!  I can't give him enough kisses or squeezes ... he truly makes my heart smile.  I'm a bit taken by my boys and proud to write it.  Check back from more baby talk...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is Santa watching Jesus or is Jesus watching Santa?

We took the boys to see Santa today!  They both did wonderfully and when asked what he wanted for Christmas York replied, "I don't know".  (After practicing 100 times in the car on the way there)  So Santa told him that he could walk over to the table and write a list and bring it back to him later.  York contemplated this for a few seconds and said, "No, that's fine... I would like a tractor, boat, truck, and cables."  I guess the idea of having to write a note and come back was too much trouble! ha!  We headed over to the trains, cars, and other games the Bass Pro Shops had to offer.  After approximately 2 1/2 hours, full bellies, excited babies, and a visit with jolly ole St. Nick our work was done!  York has gotten really excited about the thought of Santa driving his reindeer onto our roof and coming down the chimney.  Although he worries about Santa getting burned by the "fire"... we continue to assure him that Santa will be just fine.  We read the Christmas Story about once a day and dance around to different holiday songs.  I love this time of year and hope my boys will inherit the same love of the holidays.  York recently made a manger at school and has been quite interested in the Baby Jesus.  Telling Perry to "Be quiet!! don't wake MY Baby Jesus" and things of this nature.  We are trying to explain the Birth of our Savior and Santa... but he is so confused!!  His big question is... if Santa is watching us to see if we are being good... Is Jesus watching him?  Or is Santa watching Jesus?  OH BOY!  So we will continue to explain the excitement for the holidays with having a Birthday for sweet Baby Jesus and celebrating our love for family with gifts.  Merry Christmas to everyone... baby post coming soon!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the more the merrier!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jabber Jaws - What's that horrible stink?

While watching a cartoon York began talking about a character that was in danger... "Mom, I gotta save him.  How do I get on TV?!"

I told Wes to make sure he brushed York's teeth, changed his diaper, and put long PJ's on him because it was cold outside (Wes does the boys nightly bedtime routines) ... Wes brought York over to kiss me goodnight as I finished up my helpful reminders (ha). York kisses me and says "Good night MISS BOSSY!"  I couldn't help but laugh!

I have a TERRIBLE problem with calling York "heifer" sometimes ... jokingly OF COURSE!  I didn't realize he even "heard" this until recently when he yelled to me "Thanks EVAN HEIFER HARLESS"

York has been very interested in distinguishing daytime from night.  We explain when the sun is up we are too and when it gets dark we go to bed.  While trying to get him to nap last week... York says "Mom, it's up time not night time... the sun is out!"

We decorated our massive Christmas tree last week ... York loved helping by placing his Spongebob ornament on the tree and taking it off again.  He didn't really say a whole lot about the tree until a couple of days ago... He walked in the house and walked over to our tree, "Its Christmas time! and the Tree looks beautiful.. you did a great job!"

We were getting out of the bathtub when York notices "Your not a girl your a mommy! and P doesn't have a mommy"

"Mom, you don't have a Spongebob nose -You have a delicate girl nose"  UMMM... how does he know the word delicate?

He took his shirt off last night and said, "I naked like DADDY and I LIKE IT!"

We ate breakfast with "skip" last Saturday and York's biscuit never came.  After a moment of waiting to see if they "forgot" it ... Skip went to the front to ask what happened.  York turns to me and says, "Skip gonna handle this!"

York and I were watching TV in my bed this weekend and he leans on me and states, "What is this horrible stink coming from my mouth?  I need to brush my teeth!"

York made a manger at school today complete with Baby Jesus.  While on the way home from school Perry began yelling and York sternly says, "P don't wake my baby Jesus up.. enough!"

While caring Baby Jesus into the house he was "accidentally flung" out of his manger... York sympathetically asks, "Did Baby Jesus get a boo boo?"