Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is Santa watching Jesus or is Jesus watching Santa?

We took the boys to see Santa today!  They both did wonderfully and when asked what he wanted for Christmas York replied, "I don't know".  (After practicing 100 times in the car on the way there)  So Santa told him that he could walk over to the table and write a list and bring it back to him later.  York contemplated this for a few seconds and said, "No, that's fine... I would like a tractor, boat, truck, and cables."  I guess the idea of having to write a note and come back was too much trouble! ha!  We headed over to the trains, cars, and other games the Bass Pro Shops had to offer.  After approximately 2 1/2 hours, full bellies, excited babies, and a visit with jolly ole St. Nick our work was done!  York has gotten really excited about the thought of Santa driving his reindeer onto our roof and coming down the chimney.  Although he worries about Santa getting burned by the "fire"... we continue to assure him that Santa will be just fine.  We read the Christmas Story about once a day and dance around to different holiday songs.  I love this time of year and hope my boys will inherit the same love of the holidays.  York recently made a manger at school and has been quite interested in the Baby Jesus.  Telling Perry to "Be quiet!! don't wake MY Baby Jesus" and things of this nature.  We are trying to explain the Birth of our Savior and Santa... but he is so confused!!  His big question is... if Santa is watching us to see if we are being good... Is Jesus watching him?  Or is Santa watching Jesus?  OH BOY!  So we will continue to explain the excitement for the holidays with having a Birthday for sweet Baby Jesus and celebrating our love for family with gifts.  Merry Christmas to everyone... baby post coming soon!

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