Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby York's Nursery...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 23... Wesley York Harless

Hey everyone!

We went to the Doctor Monday for our 6th month visit! We have a new sonogram picture of baby York... he is just so darn CUTE! Yes we have decided on a name... Wesley York Harless! We will call him York! We are measuring right on track at 23 weeks and I'm 15 pounds heavier! Dr. Hancock is pleased with the babies progress and says he is "handsome and has my lips"! We go back in 4 weeks and do all of the iron and sugar testing. She said this would be our last 4 week visit and we would begin coming every 2 weeks! We are going to have our 4 D ultrasound pictures made on October 9th! I am really excited to do those... the nurse said that we would be able to see his sweet face perfectly and if he inherited Wesley's killer dimples! (cross your fingers)

This week has been really hectic because our 9th Annual Golf Tournament was yesterday! We had a beautiful day with a great turn out! I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off... It is over now and I can take a deep breath and hopefully get back to my normal 40 + hours a week instead of 60!

I have also decided to turn in my resignation. November 21st will be my last day! This will give me plenty of time to shop for Christmas, plan baby showers, and visit family before the little one comes. It has been a very difficult decision. After much prayer, tears, and others advise... I am going to stay home and be MOM. I couldn't bear having a daycare worker tell me York's first word or seeing him smile for the first time! I want to experience each new day with my baby and take too many pictures and give too many kisses! I also want the freedom to go home and visit my mom, dad, and family so they are able to share new milestones in York's life. I want baby York to know and recognize all of his family and not just see them on holidays. I feel it takes a family to raise a child and I want mine involved as much as possible... especially since I have a great one!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 21... the Nursery!!

Wesley and I bought Baby H's crib, changing table/ dresser, and bedding this Sunday! After many sleepless nights wondering what color, theme, design, etc. we finally found something that we both love! I have taken poor Wes all over the tri-county area looking for the perfect bed and bedding for our little man. In our search for the "perfect room" we stumbled across this great place called Babies-R-Us... For those of you who have never been there, it is the BABY MECCA! To say Wesley was overwhelmed is a complete understatement! Baby beds, cribs, baby bedding, moses baskets, play pens, strollers, car seats, changing tables, bottles, bibs, towels, pacifiers, clothing, monitors, boppy's, diaper genies, wipes, diapers, teething rings, baby books, baby art, bouncy seats, high chairs, rockers, ETC!!! Anything a baby would EVER need was stacked to the ceiling and everywhere you turned. Wes looked at me and said "You should have broken me in before you brought me here!". I guess we should have started at Target or a small boutique. Nonetheless, we were able to find the most beautiful crib and bedding at Storkland in Montgomery. The pictures do not do it justice!
We have begun moving the furniture out of the office in preparation for Baby H's room! We will paint this weekend... and hopefully have pictures up next week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby Bump...

So we are in week 20 and the belly has EXPLODED! I woke up one morning and there it was... Baby H making his debut. It is interesting how others comment and express their ideas on your pregnancy weight..."Congratulations on the baby, I thought you were just getting FAT"..."I knew you were having a boy because your behind has gotten HUGE"..."I was wondering if you were pregnant because you always used to dress so CUTE"..."You have been looking a little GREEN lately, Congratulations!". These are some of my favorites!! People are so SWEET!

This week I have also encountered the occasional tummy rub. Everyone walks up and immediately begins rubbing my belly. It is the WEIRDEST thing! I am getting used to it and enjoy the extra love for Baby H! Wesley is okay with others touching my belly as long as they are not of the male persuasion. This is an amazing time and I am trying to take it all in! I don't want to miss a thing!