Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 21... the Nursery!!

Wesley and I bought Baby H's crib, changing table/ dresser, and bedding this Sunday! After many sleepless nights wondering what color, theme, design, etc. we finally found something that we both love! I have taken poor Wes all over the tri-county area looking for the perfect bed and bedding for our little man. In our search for the "perfect room" we stumbled across this great place called Babies-R-Us... For those of you who have never been there, it is the BABY MECCA! To say Wesley was overwhelmed is a complete understatement! Baby beds, cribs, baby bedding, moses baskets, play pens, strollers, car seats, changing tables, bottles, bibs, towels, pacifiers, clothing, monitors, boppy's, diaper genies, wipes, diapers, teething rings, baby books, baby art, bouncy seats, high chairs, rockers, ETC!!! Anything a baby would EVER need was stacked to the ceiling and everywhere you turned. Wes looked at me and said "You should have broken me in before you brought me here!". I guess we should have started at Target or a small boutique. Nonetheless, we were able to find the most beautiful crib and bedding at Storkland in Montgomery. The pictures do not do it justice!
We have begun moving the furniture out of the office in preparation for Baby H's room! We will paint this weekend... and hopefully have pictures up next week!


Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

I love the bedding! My friend Kea bought all her baby furniture at Storkland. She's told me that its by far the best place to shop for babies. She keeps telling me that she needs to take me there to get some stuff for Olivia. She actually got her bedding from a place in Mobile called J. Davis cute. you can go online at or and see her stuff. You need to post some pics of your belly!

Lauren and Allen Oakes said...

It was so great to see you and Wes's mom this weekend! You both were just as sweet as ever! It was just so disappointing to hear what you said about you know who this weekend. I feel so sad for his mom that they used to have such a strong relationship and now it sounds like they don't anymore. I meant what I said that I am so glad that I still have a relationship with all of you and I hope it continues that way! Hope to see you agian soon! Love, La