Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playing CATCH up

Ramsay had his first DIP cone this summer.

We ate ALOT of Chuys cheese dip....

Gator rides were on the daily agenda

my little nemo's
We took York and Perry to their first concert... Alan Jackson!

We took every single toy outside!
made friends at the park

Enjoyed some cousin Hollee time

Illegally drove up the street

Watched fireworks with friends

did some slidin'

captured some brotherly love

and a little more...

Played with Edie Lane

Made it to the beach...

attempted family photo's

Made our first "beach" friends... Gunter and Sam
Had a couple of check ups!

Celebrated daddy with army party

got a pedicure


Had some dates... love our Collins

one more movie date...

Goofy boys

Practiced our touchdown dance
rode some tractors with Pop pop

Ramsay got some gator action (while parked)


Perry learned to sign I LOVE YOU

Got new tires on the truck

pool fun

Caught red handed getting "cookies"... just like DADDY

and had some down time :0)

I have been a terrible blogger this summer -partly because my laptop wasn't working- and I felt that without pictures my blogs would become LAME.  So here we are ... days away from Thanksgiving and I'm playing catch up!  Although I feel guilty for letting the blog become neglected... I look through these photos and recall the memories, smells, and love I felt in those moments.  I'm so grateful for being able to stay home with my wild men and make these special memories.  So what if- a blog doesn't get written, a load of clothes had to be turned on again (for the 5th time), or my dining room table looks like a yard sale for little children's clothing.  So what if- the beds never get made, the toys are left all of the living room, or that my car looks like a homeless person is living in it.  So what if- I didn't get a shower, the boys Sunday clothes got stained, or we skipped nap time for a afternoon movie.  So what if- he wears Camo boots with everything, he insists on brushing his own hair, or he has to "cut" his food by himself.  These days are fleeting and the older I get the more important each moment becomes.  I am so thankful for this life... for the opportunity to raise my boys and share each experience together.  The fighting, whining, and crying that a day brings is definitely out shadowed by the laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses.  What a bonus each day holds for my little army... whether its a new word, a day without potty accidents, or the simple excitement for getting "brother" from school... we embark on a different journey daily.  I'm thankful for our sweet Sydney who helps me a couple days a week.. without her my mind would be mush and perspective distorted.  I'm thankful for those hours to run errands with a minute to myself...  those hours that allow me to genuinely miss them!  That small break enables me to appreciate LIFE... 

Enjoy the pictures of this summer/fall... and I promise to be a more dedicated blogger!  We should be moving in the next 2 weeks and I have a BIG blog coming with pictures from the beginning to end of the build.  Enjoy this life and try to let some of the small "battles" go... and embrace the love and opportunity that sits all around you.

WAR EAGLE ... my friends!

November News

War EAGLE with the best neighbors ever!  What a nice day to relax and cheer on our TIGERS
Happy Birthday to our sweet Sydney!
Dinner with Jackson

Perry can "persuade" Rams to do just about anything.. especially hiding from MOM in the cabinet!

Nice break with Skip at the Galleria!

Finally decided to chop the mullet
Good bye baby mullet!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Why is it so easy to take this life for granted?  Why does it take a tragedy, accident, or illness for us to appreciate the many blessings surrounding us.  Why is it so hard, as sinners, to get caught up in our selfish living that we can't dedicate our first thoughts, breath, or prayer to him?  Why do we "push" him aside when things are going well... giving ourselves all the credit for these blessings?  Are we too vain to think we "deserve" this life we are given?  When in reality WHAT do we really deserve?  Is entitlement the bigger issue?  I'm humbled with a change of perspective.  Ashamed -really. 

 Ashamed that I get overwhelmed with my children at times... that my patience have been depleted and I snap at a family member or spouse... that my fatigue effects the joy that night time rituals bring... that in the hustle and bustle of raising young children I don't take in the beauty that surrounds me.... that instead of raising my voice I should turn to prayer before handing out a punishment... that these days are fleeting and I'm barely hanging on without the adequate amount time given to our Lord... 

More so ashamed- that in the wake of a tragic loss of life that I'm reminded how incredibly blessed we are.  Why does it take something so monumental to "shake us up"?  The 30 little piggies that live in my house bring unexplainable joy to my days... am I taking them, this life, our life for granted?  Am I emphasizing the "right" things throughout our day, is our focus on our amazing God and His hand in our lives, and am I able to lay my head on the pillow at night without regret.  Building character in these little men is a dangerous and difficult job... am I doing my best?  Will they appreciate this life that we are given?  In learning to be more grateful for the "small" stuff, I hope it propels me on a journey that the boys will learn from.  That we will all be able to see God's work in goodness and in darkness.  

Scripture says, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)  How liberating is that?  God will never allow anything to happen that isn't according to his will and directed to our good.  TRUST.  This may be the most difficult part of being a Christian for me. TRUST.  Accepting our role in his plan and understanding we are not the "main character" is challenging.  

Today I am thankful for the change of perspective this day brings and for the fullness it will give me all the days of my life.  Saddened for the loss of one of Perry's school mates.. as their life will never be the same.  Please pray for their strength, comfort, and days ahead as they will be unbearable.  We will lay this precious child in the ground tomorrow and I can not articulate the grief I feel.  As we celebrate this little "curly headed" angel -I'm reminded that we are all here for a purpose.  I encourage you to find and embrace your purpose today.  Share the works of our Lord in your life and don't be ashamed.  For I am ashamed not to.   

Lord, you have given us 1 chance at an amazing life.  A life that we are able to shape, mold, and create to Glorify YOU.  Help us remember that you are the reason we wake each day.  Lead us down a path that only perpetuates good.  Allow us to be examples to others who haven't received your eternal promise.  Use us, Lord, as vessels to share you word and love others as you love us.  Provide us with the gumption necessary to stand up for you and not be shaken.  We celebrate you Lord.  We celebrate you today and every day after that.  Only you know our true heart... thankfully so.  Sometime words just aren't enough.

Today words aren't enough.