Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recycled Treasure

Luckily my mother in law keeps EVERYTHING! She found this wonderful slide that Wesley played on when he was little and thought Mr. York would enjoy it too. When I brought it in the house York wouldn't let me get past him to take it outside. So the beautiful piece adds so much style to my living room... On the bright side it is Auburn colors. (could be worse!) Enjoy the pics!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What's in a Name?...

Wesley York
The name Wesley York induces a sense of freedom and adventure, risks and rewards, gambling and daring acts of courage. The name has passion and excitement. One senses that Wesley York can do anything, is extremely capable, and a true survivor. He can adapt to new circumstances quickly, and has excellent reflexes; often, important decisions are made in seconds, seemingly impulsively even. But due to sharp intuition and even sharper intelligence, those decisions are almost always right on the money. youthful, dynamic and energetic, this name draws people who want things to be "different" and don't like the tried and proven. Social, outgoing, something skirting the acceptable -or even pushing the envelope.
Most Positive characteristics: Productive, dynamic, adaptable. Good at promoting self.
Most Negative Characteristics: can be unorganized, scattered. May lack direction at times due to big dreams and imagination.
The above meaning is from a name advisor at Choosing a name for your little one is a very difficult process. Everyone has different ways of finding the perfect name. I have always been a traditional kinda gal. I like being able to follow your lineage through names. But I also like names that are different, names that catch your attention, names that are good conversation pieces. I was blessed with a BOY name... yes that's right. When I introduce myself the first reaction 99% of the time is... "I have never met a girl Evan!" Well thank you... Now you have! It hurt my feelings when I was little... Mom, how could you give me a BOY NAME?? Soon I realized that I loved my name because you didn't hear it often. It made me unique and special! I like that there aren't many girl "Evan's" and I thank my mom for thinking outside of the box! It is a tradition in our family for the girls to have 1 boy name... my aunt Mary Charles, my sister Ashton Elizabeth, my mother Mary Daniel, me Laura Evan, and my cousin Jane Wesley. So there you have it... the brave women in my family that face each day with a BOY NAME! Ha! When naming York I knew I wanted a name that was strong and had family ties. So we chose Wesley (after his daddy) and York because that is Wesley's grandparents last name. It was the perfect fit... it incorporated the traditional with super unique. ((of course if you rewind back to August 2009... on the way to find out the sex of Baby H! I had only 1 name chosen and it was a GIRL name!!)) For those of you who knew me when I was pregnant with York... I KNEW it was a GIRL! W R O N G! So this time I am going in with both a boy and girl name! Wes is fairly easy going about names... he rarely says he HATES or dislikes any name I throw out... and let me tell you ... I tossed him a couple of doosies! He is so sweet and says, "Sure, if you like that!" BREAK DOWN #1 <<insert pregnancy hormones>> I went off the handle... and basically told Wes that the reason he told me "sure" every time was because he didn't care and I was going to have to name this baby all on my own without any help!!!! <<cue tears>> Yep... full on waterworks!! I continued to tell him that if he didn't start helping by giving some suggestions on names that I would NOT name this child and he could grow up with only a last name! Yes... dramatic I know! ((By the way... I think if you look up the meaning for Evan you will see: DRAMA QUEEN)) After the hormonal moment was over, we were able to discuss the name saga like human beings. Wes just laughs because he has been through this once before... he is a saint! All of this to say... we still haven't come up with 1 boy or 1 girl name! There are some favorites but nothing in stone. We will continue to debate the name game. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kinda Creepy...

I am aware that the new pregnancy counter I added to the blog is a little creepy... I just wanted something different. Update... I'm approaching week 9 and I'm S-I-C-K!!! I have always heard that every pregnancy is different but I am here to tell you... MINE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME... except for that amazing little rug rat that is grabbing my legs while my head hangs in the toilet repeating... Ma Ma Ma Ma! (Each Ma gets a little bit louder.) Poor little guy... I'm not able to get down and play as much as we usually do. Good thing he has his grandmothers, dad, and granddads to help out. Praying that I will soon be on the road to NO nausea soon. Other than not being able to play 24/7 with York the biggest thing I'm missing is exercise! I haven't run/walked in almost 2 weeks and if you know me that is a BIG deal... It is the only time of the day that is completely MINE. I am able to let go of all of my worries, thoughts, and stress! I am really missing that daily therapy! My house is a complete wreck, my toilet floor has become my new bed, and my poor husband and baby are being totally neglected. Baby #2 has already rocked the Harless world. I have to keep in mind that in 7 short months an amazing gift from God will be here and this will all be a fading memory. Each vomitty moment, puke stained t-shirt, and bathroom floor date nights will all be worth it when we see this little miracle for the first time! Until next time...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

York would like to announce...

that he will soon be a big brother!!

We are expecting another little blessing on December 1, 2010! We had an ultrasound this morning and the baby looks good and has a strong heartbeat. Because we delivered York at 34 weeks (6 weeks early) we are considered high risk and will begin weekly progesterone shots around 16 weeks to prevent preterm labor. Dr. H says these shots are amazingly effective and she uses them on most all patients that have had preemie babies. We go back on May 13 for our next visit and somehow I am feeling a little de ju vu! Didn't we just do this?... at least we know the protocol for visits! I will admitt I was a little embarrassed when the ultrasound tech remembered us... I am thrilled that we are adding another Harless to the mix and York will have the opportunity to know sibling love! I will update as we begin another amazing journey! Thanks for all of the prayers so far...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter is ....

Jesus Christ's victory over DEATH!
"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me, though he may die, he shall live."
-John 11: 25
York is a very blessed (S-P-O-I-L-E-D) baby boy!
Above: 4 Easter Baskets that York received from family
Grandaddy, Mimi, York, and Dad
Basket #1 from Mae-Mae and Rae-Rae filled with marshmallow bunnies... His FAV!
Basket #2 from Poppy (my dad) with 3 trucks and these amazing peanut butter eggs!! (mom enjoyed those a little too much!)
Basket # 3 from Ya-Ya! Filled with wonderful Beach gear and bubbles!
Basket #4 from Mom and Dad... that looked a little sad after all of the others!!
He is Risen ... INDEED!!
Attempting Family photo
Cousin Love
Sleepy bunny!
Sweet Caroline
TOO much candy...
Uncle Chance and Wesley
Momma Jo, York, and Rafe
G.T., Goggie, and York
Uncle C and York man
Sugar High #1
Sugar High #2
Drivin' Poppy's tractor!!!

This KID loves OUTSIDE!! He enjoyed last Saturday riding the tractor, throwing rocks, climbing trailers, and many other "man" things with Poppy! We had a fabulous Easter and enjoyed spending time with the ones we love. What an amazing gift ... eternal life granted to all who believe in him. Easter (as with most religious holiday's) are overshadowed with the candy and gifts of the season. It is hard sometimes to explain to little ones in words they understand the true reason to celebrate. I will make it my mission to do my very best to teach York the real reason for our Holiday fun. I want him to enjoy all the extras but most importantly know in his heart why we have them. Even this year, we walked outside to our cross in the yard and we would say "Cross". As I switched the sash from purple to black and finally to white I would explain the reasons... I know he doesn't understand but one day he will and maybe next year he can change the sashes with me and know exactly what they represent! It is a wonderful time of year and other than the pollen (Ah-chew!) flowers are blooming, grass is growing, and the sky is a perfect shade of blue. God's creation is unbelievably beautiful. Let me remind you to just look outside and say "Thanks!"... our Lord is pretty Great!