Monday, April 26, 2010

What's in a Name?...

Wesley York
The name Wesley York induces a sense of freedom and adventure, risks and rewards, gambling and daring acts of courage. The name has passion and excitement. One senses that Wesley York can do anything, is extremely capable, and a true survivor. He can adapt to new circumstances quickly, and has excellent reflexes; often, important decisions are made in seconds, seemingly impulsively even. But due to sharp intuition and even sharper intelligence, those decisions are almost always right on the money. youthful, dynamic and energetic, this name draws people who want things to be "different" and don't like the tried and proven. Social, outgoing, something skirting the acceptable -or even pushing the envelope.
Most Positive characteristics: Productive, dynamic, adaptable. Good at promoting self.
Most Negative Characteristics: can be unorganized, scattered. May lack direction at times due to big dreams and imagination.
The above meaning is from a name advisor at Choosing a name for your little one is a very difficult process. Everyone has different ways of finding the perfect name. I have always been a traditional kinda gal. I like being able to follow your lineage through names. But I also like names that are different, names that catch your attention, names that are good conversation pieces. I was blessed with a BOY name... yes that's right. When I introduce myself the first reaction 99% of the time is... "I have never met a girl Evan!" Well thank you... Now you have! It hurt my feelings when I was little... Mom, how could you give me a BOY NAME?? Soon I realized that I loved my name because you didn't hear it often. It made me unique and special! I like that there aren't many girl "Evan's" and I thank my mom for thinking outside of the box! It is a tradition in our family for the girls to have 1 boy name... my aunt Mary Charles, my sister Ashton Elizabeth, my mother Mary Daniel, me Laura Evan, and my cousin Jane Wesley. So there you have it... the brave women in my family that face each day with a BOY NAME! Ha! When naming York I knew I wanted a name that was strong and had family ties. So we chose Wesley (after his daddy) and York because that is Wesley's grandparents last name. It was the perfect fit... it incorporated the traditional with super unique. ((of course if you rewind back to August 2009... on the way to find out the sex of Baby H! I had only 1 name chosen and it was a GIRL name!!)) For those of you who knew me when I was pregnant with York... I KNEW it was a GIRL! W R O N G! So this time I am going in with both a boy and girl name! Wes is fairly easy going about names... he rarely says he HATES or dislikes any name I throw out... and let me tell you ... I tossed him a couple of doosies! He is so sweet and says, "Sure, if you like that!" BREAK DOWN #1 <<insert pregnancy hormones>> I went off the handle... and basically told Wes that the reason he told me "sure" every time was because he didn't care and I was going to have to name this baby all on my own without any help!!!! <<cue tears>> Yep... full on waterworks!! I continued to tell him that if he didn't start helping by giving some suggestions on names that I would NOT name this child and he could grow up with only a last name! Yes... dramatic I know! ((By the way... I think if you look up the meaning for Evan you will see: DRAMA QUEEN)) After the hormonal moment was over, we were able to discuss the name saga like human beings. Wes just laughs because he has been through this once before... he is a saint! All of this to say... we still haven't come up with 1 boy or 1 girl name! There are some favorites but nothing in stone. We will continue to debate the name game. Have a great week everyone!

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Katie said...

Cute post! Good luck on picking out names. You have a little more time. When I went in for my ultrasound, we KNEW it was a boy. Had a name picked out and ready...WRONG! Emily Kate didn't get her name until a couple of weeks after we found out. We had two names and I totally couldn't decide. This is terrible to admit, but I put both names in a bowl and drew 5 times and EK won 4 of them. That was the easiest way to decide!!!! I can't want to hear what you pick!