Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Harless Christmas 2012

We enjoyed the Liberty Park Parade!

Santa came to our HOUSE!

York brought him COOKIES!

Pop Pop brought a gator!

Our Elf "shottie" shenanigans!

Fishin' for our gold fish...

Joy ride in the tractor

A little snack
Perry jumped into Santa's lap!! ((dont know how this was out of order?))     

This was our very first Christmas staying home in Birmingham.  We usually travel all over the place in hopes of seeing all of our sweet family members face.  This year we decided to begin our own traditions of waking at home and enjoying the holiday with our children.  So we did just that. . .  Christmas Eve was amazing as we attended our Church's Christmas service.  We let York come to "big church" and I think I enjoyed watching his sweet face more than anything.  This was his first time to come and he took it all in.  He bowed his precious head each time to pray and stared intensely at the decorations, choir, and hummed to the beautiful music.  He didn't make a peep and gazed to the front of the church with the most amazing expression I have ever seen.  A look of pure happiness, excitement, and wonder.  It was a magical night... complete with Perry coming in right before it ended announcing he had a "Poo Poo" and needed to be "Wiped".  Very loudly!  A perfect ending to the chaos that is our life.  We did arrive 5 minutes late after a shoe debacle that resulted in one with neon orange crocs and the other in camo crocs.. the perfect accessory to smocked baby blue corduroy nutcracker outfits.  You win some... you loose some!  
We talked in length about the birth of Baby Jesus and York learned what the 3 wise men brought him.  He is mostly concerned with what gold mine they got said Gold.  Oh well... he got the point.  Perry points to our nativity advent calendar and talks about how "cold" Jesus was in that manger.  They are very interested and don't quite understand where Santa fits into the picture.  ((Remember last year York asked me if "Santa watched God or if God watched Santa"))  You see they are real thinkers... these 2!! hehe!  So after they were satisfied with the fact that we give and receive presents in honor of Jesus birthday all was well in the world.  Until next year...

York and Turner celebrated their birthday together for the second year in a row!  We had a big boy Camp Out!  It proved to be one of the easiest and most fun yet!  Heath and Kelly have a fantastic outdoor living space that we utilized for our Camp site.  A jumpy, riding toys, and animal hunt added extra fun.  Guest dressed in their camo-best to brave the woods of the Cotswolds.  Here are some shots from the PERFECT night.  Happy 4 years to 2 great KIDDOS!