Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 4 years, my first baby

I've told the story of Mr. Yorks birth many times before with great detail explaining the miracle he truly is.  And while his birth and weeks after were a powerful showing of God's healing and love, his life has also been a testimony to his goodness. I wish I was more like my first baby.  York wakes each morning with a beautiful outlook for the day. He doesn't give up when things get tough and always reminds others that they can do it with God's help. He has a generous nature and will share MOST all of the time.  He listens to what he is told and always thinks about his response (something I have a difficult time doing as an adult). My best friend once said he was an old soul and I would have to agree.  He sees things differently than most his age... He is a critical thinker and his responses often blow my mind. He has so much love to give and is constantly saying "momma I love you" or "momma do you know how much I love you". He has a tender heart that sometimes leaves him vulnerable.  His heart aches for others if they are in tears or upset. He tries to make things better at any cost. He doesn't understand why we can't adopt all children who don't have families. He has a phenomenal memory and doesn't forget a thing!  He is smart.  He is kind.  He is funny.  He is incredibly patient... tested daily by his brothers who want to be just like him.  What a wonderful role model.  His spirit is pure and comments always hysterical. I'm a lucky mommy and can't imagine life with out my first baby. He brings me so much joy that my heart explodes each time I see that smiling face complete with tiny dimple.  York you have taught me the value of family and importance of one more minute in your embrace. I cherish these things and Thank the heavens from the bottom of my heart for the gift you are. 

Recent York-ism
We need to hurry home because if Mae Mae gets there and we aren't she will be very appointed!

Shotty (our elf) was hanging on the Chanda-lure!

I want to get rid of shotty .. Its too hard being good!

Boys brains are hard and girls are soft and squishy. 

I've got a lot of membery in my brains. 

Have you been good York? - mom
Yes.. Though I hope shotty doesn't tell Santa a story. - York

What do you have a taste for ? -mom
Spit - York

I love you as big as a tower crane. 

I love you as big as 3 moons. 

I'm as thirsty as a June bug. 

I told my teacher I was thirsty but she was too busy. I thought about who I'd ask her again but I couldn't come up with a plan. She was just too busy. 

How do you say frog in Spanish? - mom
Dos - York

I can feel my heart getting bigger!

That was when you were still in heaven mom.  Before you were born you were in heaven. 

I like our house and don't want to move because it has bunch of memories. 

I'm marring Emma grace in a couple weeks. 

Step aside baby. 

Mom, I have to use your bathroom. Mine is worn out!

I can breathe under water... Like a fish. Water skills!!!

Mom I'm growing a nose beard. 

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