Thursday, November 29, 2012

I dont speak CAT!

"York, can you put his paci in please?" -mom
"I'm not his babysitter!"-York

"If you just quit pooping your pants we could play together!" -York 2 Perry

"I need to strap myself to this chair with that chain momma.. so I won't fall out when I rocket to the sun!!" - York (duh!)

"I really don't like this song.. may I change it?" -mom
"Just dont listen mom.. put your hair over your ears and don't listen!" -York

----5 minutes later----

"Country is quite popular, mom!" -York (trying to convince me to keep it on a country radio station)

A motorcycle zooms by... "I like that very dangerous motorcycle!" -York

"Where should we go to breakfast?" -mom
"Firehouse" -York
"They do not serve breakfast foods." -mom
"what are breakfast foods?" -York
"Eggs, pancakes, sausage, biscuits" -mom
"Oh, your talking about Cracker Barrel ... let me look it up on my dot com" -York
((He looks down into his hand and "types" in said destination))
"Yep only 12 24 miles... thats 4 turns! -York
"thanks son!"

"Can you believe Mae-Mae is at the beach AGAIN!?" -mom
"Yea I know... It's so LAME when she's not around..." -York

A cat was meowing at his grandfathers house...  York walks into the bathroom and brings out a brush.  "Is this what you want?" the cat meows  -He goes back into the bathroom and brings out some tweezers.  "Is this what you want?" the cat meows 
irriated he says...

York and I went on a date the other morning and I asked him to take the card up to the register to "pay".  I proudly watch my little man walk to the cashier and hand over our bill and my card.  He then runs back to the table.  I tell him that he has to get my card so I can sign the bill.  He walks back to the register and retrieves our card.  He casually walks back to our table and says "Lets go pretty Lady!"

"You need to rest your bones" -mom
"I don't have bones mommy... I'm squishy!" -York

"I can feel the magic school bus in my leg!  I will try to cough him out... or maybe it would be better to poop him out."

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