Friday, November 9, 2012

Because I'm R E A L

This morning...
  • Showered in record time (trying to finish before munchkins woke)
  • repeatedly putting paci back in Ramsay's mouth to hold him off for breakfast (while shaving, washing hair, drying hair, dressing, and a very brief makeup attempt)
  •  Perry begins showing signs of movement during hair drying process
  • Perry begins crying = explanation of BRIEF makeup attempt
  • York still snoozing... 
  • Ramsay begging for a bottle (i.e Screaming his head off)
  • Perry refuses to eat all things put in front of him (milk, oatmeal, cereal, nutri grain bar, banana) -things beginning to go down hill FAST- 
  • Babies screaming has hushed a bit ... because he is at that past MAD point and isn't making any noise at all...  kinda like NOT breathing **you get the point**
  • make bottle -check (prop it up so baby can "feed" himself)     DONT judge!!
  • notice Perry's breakfast items on floor -who has time to clean that up?-  begin bargaining with Perry on other food items (not nearly as nutritional as first choices -apple jacks? cheerios? cheese toast? cheez its?  ALL NO's!
  • we settled with pretzels and a capri sun... (Perry 1, mom 0)
  • York echos from the upstairs "Good Morning family" (smile on my face!)
  • Perry still crying
  • giving myself a tiny pep talk (Perry is just at that stage... York did that too, etc -Ev you can do this!  deep breaths... oh Yea baby needs to burp!! ahhhh!)
  • pull bottle out of babies mouth to see that he has finished all 6 ounces without burping ONCE! (Life 2, mom 0)
  • He gives a HUGE burp and vomits (voms -as the boys call it) while making York's breakfast... missing York's cereal bowl by millimeters.
  • Perry is now standing in his high chair -crying.
  • Did I mention he hasn't stopped crying/whining since he woke?
  • Put York's food at table and baby down in bouncy seat to rescue Perry from potential face plant.
  • I attempt making lunch for P and Y for school while Perry insists on me holding him while he continues to cry.
  • lunches made/ school bags put together -check!
  • begin putting on boys clothes for school (brush teeth, find shoes/ socks, brush hair, find jackets) all while Perry cries... my nerves are a little thin at this point
  • Change babies diaper and York says his hair looks stupid... we head to bathroom to remedy said situation
  • ((cant imagine life with a GIRL after that interaction)
  • Pack baby in car seat (pack baby bag with bottle because we will be out until his next feeding)
  •  JUST REMEMBERED.. I have a "tour" at school and meeting with adviser for York's K-4 program beginning in fall... crap! I'm running out of time.
  • Perry still crying
  • We gather all 3 bags/ baby and head to car... Perry is knocked down on the way out because York decides he is "line leader" -Perry crys, York sits in time out in the garage while I load the other 2.  (Life 3, mom 0)
  • Everyone is buckled I back out of garage and realize I left my phone
  • Pull back in house to retrieve life line
  • Perry is calm for the moment because "Dirt Monsters" is in DVD! **thank you technology
  • finally on the road to school 35 minutes late...
  • Pull into school after unloading my bunch and see York's teacher... she says "is York participating in the McDonalds lunch today?"  Obviously I forgot because I packed him a lunch ... must have "slipped" the ole brain.  My response "Of course!  how much is that?" "only 4 dollars"-teacher... 
  • I run Perry to his class where he has begun crying again and the only thing that will make him stop is taking his new "golf cart" toy in... F I N E with me!  Enjoy teachers... this momma needs a BREAK!
  • realizing I have NO CASH and that I'm about to be late for my meeting with the adviser... punctual and together -both NEGATIVES -
  • I run to car with baby to get purse then to school office and ask if I write them a 4 dollar check will they give me cash for York's McDonald's day.  They say "SURE!"
  • Run money to York's class room because I'll be darned if my baby will miss out on McDonald's day... what is that anyway?  I'll ask later!
  • Run to the other side of the school for my meeting... she is waiting patiently and looks at the baby in the stroller and then at my frazzled face, kindly places a hand on my shoulder and says "I sympathize with you.. I also had 3 under 3!"
  • Thank you Lord for patience and understanding
  • Perry crys... Oh wait -he is at school! (I thought I heard him -is that kinda like phantom pains?)
  • We make it through the tour with only 1 baby melt down and we are off to do 2 errands before returning to grab munchkins at 1.
  • enjoy a quick lunch and head back to school
  • lug baby inside to pick up brothers 
  • BEST PART OF THE DAY - I get to their room and they run to the door with big smiles and excitement. . . melts my heart every time.
  • get home... feed baby and they ALL crash
((I'm blogging while all of my healthy, beautiful, and amazing little men are napping)
These tiny people that God has entrusted to Wes and I ARE the center of our universe and although they make me crazy at times they also fill my heart with more love than I could have ever explain.  Above I give you a "day in the life" of mom-dom... -to let other moms know we are in the same season of life, expectant moms -foreshadowing into their soon-to-be world, and grandparents/ great grandparents -a time of reflection when this was "their" life.  I know I wont be changing diapers, wiping noses, powdering butts, packing lunches, making bottles, cutting up food, blowing off 'said' food, or buckling in these little men forever.  However... I want to get "it" right!  Knowing they aren't little forever brings relief but also sadness to my heart.  To know that my babies will too quickly become independent and embarrassed of my kiss is heartbreaking!  So in the mean time, I promise to do all of these things as only a "mommy" can with grace, patients, and thankfulness.  I reflect on my morning with big smiles as I know each of you have similar days.  We are "in the same boat" and sometimes I feel mine is capsizing.  That's when I turn to our Lord in prayer.  We will make it because our God is good, because he has prepared me to be the best mom I can, because he listens to my prayers and knows them before I ask, and because I take my "job" serious.  I can't imagine my life any other way.  I love the good days, cherish the incredible ones, and learn from the hard ones.  "Lord, thank you for this life you have given me... thank you for forgiveness because I need it daily.  Thank you for your unending desire for our hearts, thoughts, and love.  Equip me with the understanding and ability to do right by your word... and help me to become the best example for my 3 sons."  
Life -brought to you by one REAL mom


Allison and Karl said...

Thank you for this! Your honesty is beautiful, and it is so nice to know that while I am fighting our daily breakfast battle, someone else is doing it too!

Blair said...

Love this post! Sounds like a day in my house. Beautifully written.

danapate said...

Perfectly said....LOL! I have to share though, the easier days are coming. I thought I would never regain normalcy... when I had five under 7 years old. Every day seemed like a total chaos and then when they would all crash for naps, I would be so filled with love and joy and see God's hand at work. You are doing a wonderful job sweet friend. Gal. 6:9!