Monday, June 28, 2010

What have I gotten myself into this time???

On top of raising an 18 month old, quickly approaching 5 months of pregnancy, and volunteering for the YMCA's annual golf tournament I have added yet another CRAZY activity to the line up. BACKGROUND INFO::: I am in the process of getting York's "big boy" room together and re-doing baby Perry's nursery. I have decided that I wanted to do a rustic-chic room for York. Inspired by an impressionistic fish painting I found online. I have found an amazing bed at Seibels in Homewood that I ordered Friday (cant wait to put up pix) and have been on the hunt for a dresser. I decided to begin looking at some antique markets/malls in the area. ((I adore old pieces but am NOT technically in love with antiques -if that makes since)) I have been looking for a piece that is different and unique. After finding a settee for my living room, random iron pieces for York's room, and an AMAZING round dinning room table (All of which I did not need!)... I enlisted Wesley's help on Saturday morning to get all of my previously loved pieces home. Wes had never stepped foot into an antique mall until this past Saturday. His attitude toward "these kind of places" like many was they were filled with STINKY junk. He is partly right! He was a tad bit snobby about my new finds... well as soon as we walked in Wes began browsing each booth. I continued on to my items that were waiting to be picked up and turned around and he was gone. To my delight he was admiring all of the "stinky junk" with much enthusiasm. He fell in love with old fly fishing paraphernalia, random boat pieces, and other Man-friendly booths. (side note: We have an attic area upstairs filled with lamps, paintings, old furniture, etc of things that we had at the old house or hand-me-down things we do not use/need. Wes has been begging me to do a yard sale/ give away for months!) Can you see where this is going? As I began loading the truck with the smaller items I rescued.. Wes finds the lady in charge and ask her how much a "booth" costs monthly. Those of you who know Wes understand that he is incredibly impulsive. I subtly poke Wes on the side and quietly say, "What are you doing?" He shushes me and continues discussing the specifics of becoming the newest Greystone Antique Market Vendor.
Yes... you heard correctly. Wes has signed me up for 3 months of antique bliss. HA! My exact words were "Wesley, you do realize I am almost 5 months pregnant -I take care of an 18 month old daily -have other weekly obligations - am considered a HIGH risk pregnancy -and you expect me to run an antique booth!" You have got to be kidding me!! He simply pointed out that it wouldn't be THAT much work and once all of the stuff was displayed and priced I wouldn't have to do a thing. So yesterday we spent 8 hours moving our "previously loved" junk to our bright green 12 x 12 little piece of heaven... HAHA! I definitely couldn't have done it without him. I will say that I am pleased on how everything turned out and now I have to go in once a week to replace things that have sold (fingers crossed we do sale something!) and make sure everything still has a price. This antique outfit is family owned and operated and the ladies are so sweet! We made our first sale yesterday while we were setting up!
So this is our newest adventure and after 3 months if we haven't sold anything we are going to have Hannah Home come get it all... nothing ventured nothing gained! And it saves me from having a Yard Sale where the "hagglers" come out in droves and we basically give away everything. We also wanted to use this space to sale the granite cheese cutters that Wesley makes and the antique ceiling tiles from the drug store. Both items seem to be the craze right now. I will keep you all posted ... as our journey into the Crazy World of antiquing begins.
This is the back of our lovely booth!
(look familiar.. yes it is basically everything out of our old house)
My wall of mirrors -yes I have a small obsession with mirrors and buy them CONSTANTLY!
By the way.. we only have 2 items in our booth (Booth 46 to be specifically) that are actual antiques -a sewing machine and cast iron samples. Don't worry, I made sure our things were acceptable during negotiations on Saturday! HA~
So ... at the ripe old age of 26 -I'm entering the world of antiques!! Should be an interesting experience and am sure that 10 years down the road I will look over at Wes and say, "What were we thinking?" or maybe sooner! Have a fantastic week everyone!
Come visit us at the Greystone Antique Market across from Jim-n-Nicks on Hwy 280... that line will really throw Wes over the edge! HAHA!!
and remember one mans junk is another mans treasure!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Snips and Snails...

and puppy dog tails,
That's what little BOYS are made of!It's official... we will be adding another BOY to the mix come November!
Introducing Perry Daniel Harless
(Perry -maiden name, Daniel -mothers middle & great grandfathers name)
The evidence...
Wes and I were able to find out 2 weeks early the gender of our little miracle. My mothers friend offered to do a quick gender ultrasound because I have been OBSESSING over finding out for the last couple of weeks!! Thanks so much Julie! As soon as the ultrasound began I had all types of emotions. I had been looking forward to this moment for weeks! This pregnancy so far has been a mirror image of the last so naturally I felt it was another boy. Although my mother (who is notorious for guessing the correct gender) insisted that it was a GIRL... not to mention the 70% gender vote was for GIRL! As she rolled over my belly looking for the answer to the gender mystery... I saw it! I knew exactly what passed across the screen... I so proudly exclaimed, "That was a Penis! We are having another boy... right?" She looked a little longer and said, "I am 99.9% that you are in fact having another boy!" I have been thrilled ever since that moment at noon last Friday. Let's face it... I'm a boy mom! York and I love to dig in the dirt, play with trucks and tractors, throw balls, get dirty, and take NAPS! I am so excited that York will have a brother to play with and show the "ropes". I was having a hard time picturing myself buying the pink tu-tu's and bows. I will spoil our friends little girls with that kinda stuff and thank the Lord that I wont have to deal with the day to day girly drama! We are a MAN-ZONE here at the Harless House and I cannot picture it any other way! We will begin work on York's big boy room immediately and the overhaul of Perry's nursery!
Our trip to Chateau Elan...
We had a great time... a RELAXING weekend with conversations that began with "Can you believe we are going to have 2 boys?" or "We can say -the kids- now!" or "What are we going to do with 2 little rascals?" and "Can you believe it is another boy!!"... It finally somewhat sunk in and we began to enjoy each other ALONE! No interruptions -we sat at the pool and I was able to read an ENTIRE book in one sitting... Wes was able to work on his tan and played some golf. We enjoyed an amazing couples massage, 24 hour room service, delicious meals (that I didn't make!), and much needed adult conversation. Overall it was a long overdue mini-vacation. Thanks Mom and Rafe for watching our little man while we were gone. I am sure he was spoiled beyond imagination. I really missed that little booger and was glad to be reunited on Sunday afternoon.
The place was really beautiful!

Glad to be back to the real world... and enjoying ever slobbery kiss and hug from York. I sure missed those! Now... on to getting things ready for Perry! Enjoy your week everyone and try to stay COOL! Much love to everyone...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17th... what a DAY!

On this day, 4 years ago I married my best friend!
Thank you, Wesley, for putting up with me for 1,460 + consecutive days!! Each day I am amazed at your abilities as a father, provider, and friend. You are an incredible man with so many talents. I love that family is your top priority and I appreciate your kind heart and gentle soul. God has challenged our hearts and faith each step of the way and without your strong character and trusting heart we wouldn't have made it through. When times get tough you are my rock. Thank you for providing me with endless love, incredible happiness, and daily laughs! I am certainly the lucky one!
Happy 18 Months Old little man...
Wesley York Harless -you are the most incredible gift I could have ever imagined. Your sweet smile and kind touch are a reminder of how magnificent our God truly is! Just listening to your tiny voice as you explore new things makes my heart melt. To see your excitement when you discover how something works.. is unexplainable. My heart explodes with joy each time you reach up for me with those sweet hands. To know you may not need me as much in these coming months makes my heart break. With your new found Independence brings a small sadness to my soul... I want you to always NEED me! (like I do you!)
<insert appology for the hormonal pregnant chick rampage above>
weight: 27 lbs
height: 32.5 in tall
Both stats in the 50-75th percentile! Husband and son you two make my world an amazing place... you two are my heart and soul! I love you both with all that I am. Thank you Lord for the life I have been given... for the title of wife, mother, and caretaker. God bless the everyday hustle and bustle, the daily pleasure and frustration, bless every laundry load, sippy cup spill, skinned knee, phone call that interrupts dinner, bless late night talks with the husband, bless each and every moment, Lord!
"O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever."
-Psalm 1 36:1
Exciting H2 News... we find out the gender at 11:45 in the AM!! I will blog about it as SOON as we come back from our weekend trip to Chateau Elan... we are celebrating Wesley's bday, our anniversary, and Father's Day! Should be a fun trip. Until next time... BLUE OR PINK ?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CrAzY weekend...

Here comes the bride!!
My cousin, Meighan, is getting married in July! My mom, sister, and I threw her a wedding shower on Saturday and it we had a great time! Here is the bride to be opening some gifts.. The hostesses with the beautiful bride!
We had quite the weekend... Friday night we went to see the Zac Brown band at Verizon Wireless. Wesley LOVES them and his mom gave us tickets for his bday. We met some friends at 2 Pesos and had a delicious meal then walked over to the concert. They put on a fabulous show and we enjoy our little date night! Saturday we drove to Montgomery for the shower (pics above) and Wesley had a guys day playing golf and eating wings! They played in 100 degree heat... I do NOT know how they survived. He had a blast with my step-dad and other friends. We headed back to Bham on Sunday after a nice brunch with my dad. Below are pictures from Wesley's family birthday dinner. HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY sweet husband! You are an excellent father, amazing friend, and to-good-to-be-true hubby! You make everyones lives happier and your smile is contagious! I thank God daily for giving me the opportunity to share my life with such an incredible person. You are truly loved... by all!
York partook in some pre-bday water festivities!
The sad artistic ability...
(It was still D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S) Wes had some helping blowing out the candles...
My sweet boys!Beautiful decorations by Jane
Grandaddy LOVE!We have a new house being built 2 doors down... this has turned into an amazing babysitter!
York stares outside at the site repeating ... "trac-tor!" "trac-tor!"
Hours of entertainment!

Notice the missing pillows on our outside sofa... York takes them off so he can climb up with NO help! HAHA He is ALL boy.. no doubt! FYI... I have begun reading The Complete IDIOT'S Guide to Raising Boys! So far it is very interesting... I have been seeking out books on "the potty" and disciplinary issues. York doesn't give me too much trouble in the disciplinary category just yet... but with a new baby on the way around the same time "terrible 2's" should be making their debut... I wanted to be prepared!

H2 Update:

Baby #2 is a movin' and a shakin'... I feel this sweet child constantly! It is an unexplainable feeling and reminds me that in 5 short months we will meet the newest Harless. I have some exciting news about H2 that I will save for the next post... until next time friends...

Friday, June 11, 2010

you've got a friend...

Last Friday our friends the Herndon's came to Birmingham for business and we were lucky enough to get a little visit with their newest addition.. Graham! He is an adorable little guy! York enjoyed playing with him and was obsessed with putting his paci back in his mouth.. if he wanted it or NOT! Ha! It has been nice introducing York to other little ones... Graham is almost 6 months old and is a very fun age. He is used to being around our friend Turner who is 12 days older than him and his little brother who is 6 weeks old. York loves to point and say "Babeee"! He is a little rough but we are working on being "gentle". We try this with Shug but he doesn't seem to think that the hair pulling, suffocating hugs, or leg/ arm manipulations are that rough! He does better with humans... so that's GOOD! Trying to prepare him little by little for the changes ahead. Below are pictures from their enjoyable visit. "Mom... he NEEDS this paci!!" -York
"My fingers will do, Thanks" -Graham "Maybe I should try it out first... you know... see if its safe!" -York
"Hey pretty lady!" -Graham
"Graham... open wide." -York
"Hey, move those fingers.." -York
"They are so tasty... you should try" -Graham
"Ahh... success!"
Jason and Nikki Herndon
PART 2....

The other night York "stole" the balloon off of the for sale sign next door.... this lead to HOURS of fun. He had a ball chasing after the green babysitter! Wes and I were able to get some things in the yard done while York occupied himself with his new best friend.

Big Hugs for now... see you guys next week!

Friday, June 4, 2010

week in reVIEW...

H2 Update:
Below is H2 at 14 weeks 1 day. They were unable to detect gender at this time because H2 would not cooperate. This baby is much more active than York at this stage... During the ultrasound this babies legs were kicking and arms were waving! I guess this is our first indication that H2 will be a little more ACTIVE than Mr. York! As laid back as York is (most of the time) he has his MANIAC moments... so I will be in for a real treat if the next one is WIDE OPEN 24/7!! The appointment went well and things look good... I was having some contractions that prompted the ultrasound. After taking a look she is confident that everything is okay and I am probably over doing it with York. Babies heartrate was a strong 158!!! Next week is my last "free" week until I begin weekly visits to my OB-GYN. I begin my weekly shots on June 16th and continue them until I am 36 weeks pregnant. Although I have a standing Wednesday appointment for shots I still have to make appointments for gender screening, glucose testing, etc. So June 30 is the BIG DAY... we will then find out if we will begin buying BLUE or PINK! Thanks for all of the votes...!! I enjoy checking it from time to time to see what you guys think!We visited Wesley's grandparents (M.J and Paw) last weekend and had a fantastic time! York had M.J's phone and was probably calling China!
We also spend Memorial Day dinner with some cousins having Fish Taco's... York loves his cousin Lo-Lo! Rachelle (35 weeks pregnant)
Logan (25 weeks pregnant)
Me (14 weeks pregnant)
This Christmas York will have LOTS of new cousins to play with!!
Paw and York

Daddy and Baby taking a break!... too many M&M's
Play time with Turner!
T on the phone (like his momma) York with shades on... cool dudes!

This has been our last week in a nutshell! If we could get rid of this rain that would be nice... York is dying to go "side" (outside). That boy loves the outdoors and it is just about killing his momma! On top of being hormonal (and constantly HOT) he wants to stay outside for hours! I come in drenched and he cries to go back out! (so I guess I owe the rain a big thank you!) Have a great week fellow bloggers ... until next time!