Friday, June 4, 2010

week in reVIEW...

H2 Update:
Below is H2 at 14 weeks 1 day. They were unable to detect gender at this time because H2 would not cooperate. This baby is much more active than York at this stage... During the ultrasound this babies legs were kicking and arms were waving! I guess this is our first indication that H2 will be a little more ACTIVE than Mr. York! As laid back as York is (most of the time) he has his MANIAC moments... so I will be in for a real treat if the next one is WIDE OPEN 24/7!! The appointment went well and things look good... I was having some contractions that prompted the ultrasound. After taking a look she is confident that everything is okay and I am probably over doing it with York. Babies heartrate was a strong 158!!! Next week is my last "free" week until I begin weekly visits to my OB-GYN. I begin my weekly shots on June 16th and continue them until I am 36 weeks pregnant. Although I have a standing Wednesday appointment for shots I still have to make appointments for gender screening, glucose testing, etc. So June 30 is the BIG DAY... we will then find out if we will begin buying BLUE or PINK! Thanks for all of the votes...!! I enjoy checking it from time to time to see what you guys think!We visited Wesley's grandparents (M.J and Paw) last weekend and had a fantastic time! York had M.J's phone and was probably calling China!
We also spend Memorial Day dinner with some cousins having Fish Taco's... York loves his cousin Lo-Lo! Rachelle (35 weeks pregnant)
Logan (25 weeks pregnant)
Me (14 weeks pregnant)
This Christmas York will have LOTS of new cousins to play with!!
Paw and York

Daddy and Baby taking a break!... too many M&M's
Play time with Turner!
T on the phone (like his momma) York with shades on... cool dudes!

This has been our last week in a nutshell! If we could get rid of this rain that would be nice... York is dying to go "side" (outside). That boy loves the outdoors and it is just about killing his momma! On top of being hormonal (and constantly HOT) he wants to stay outside for hours! I come in drenched and he cries to go back out! (so I guess I owe the rain a big thank you!) Have a great week fellow bloggers ... until next time!


The Henderson Family said...

Where is the mohawk pic? :)

Wes, Evan, and Baby York Harless said...

HA HA ,.. I felt it was a little TOO alien for the blog!

Blair said...

Hello! I found your blog via Morgan B. Your son is just precious!

I have two girls, both preemies (34 weekers), and now pregnant with #3. For my 2nd daughter, I took the shots I think you are referring to (P17). I have a feeling I will be taking them again this go round. They did help ease my contractions, but hurt! Worth it though to keep those little ones cooking.

Good luck with your pregnancy! Can't wait to follow along!