Monday, June 28, 2010

What have I gotten myself into this time???

On top of raising an 18 month old, quickly approaching 5 months of pregnancy, and volunteering for the YMCA's annual golf tournament I have added yet another CRAZY activity to the line up. BACKGROUND INFO::: I am in the process of getting York's "big boy" room together and re-doing baby Perry's nursery. I have decided that I wanted to do a rustic-chic room for York. Inspired by an impressionistic fish painting I found online. I have found an amazing bed at Seibels in Homewood that I ordered Friday (cant wait to put up pix) and have been on the hunt for a dresser. I decided to begin looking at some antique markets/malls in the area. ((I adore old pieces but am NOT technically in love with antiques -if that makes since)) I have been looking for a piece that is different and unique. After finding a settee for my living room, random iron pieces for York's room, and an AMAZING round dinning room table (All of which I did not need!)... I enlisted Wesley's help on Saturday morning to get all of my previously loved pieces home. Wes had never stepped foot into an antique mall until this past Saturday. His attitude toward "these kind of places" like many was they were filled with STINKY junk. He is partly right! He was a tad bit snobby about my new finds... well as soon as we walked in Wes began browsing each booth. I continued on to my items that were waiting to be picked up and turned around and he was gone. To my delight he was admiring all of the "stinky junk" with much enthusiasm. He fell in love with old fly fishing paraphernalia, random boat pieces, and other Man-friendly booths. (side note: We have an attic area upstairs filled with lamps, paintings, old furniture, etc of things that we had at the old house or hand-me-down things we do not use/need. Wes has been begging me to do a yard sale/ give away for months!) Can you see where this is going? As I began loading the truck with the smaller items I rescued.. Wes finds the lady in charge and ask her how much a "booth" costs monthly. Those of you who know Wes understand that he is incredibly impulsive. I subtly poke Wes on the side and quietly say, "What are you doing?" He shushes me and continues discussing the specifics of becoming the newest Greystone Antique Market Vendor.
Yes... you heard correctly. Wes has signed me up for 3 months of antique bliss. HA! My exact words were "Wesley, you do realize I am almost 5 months pregnant -I take care of an 18 month old daily -have other weekly obligations - am considered a HIGH risk pregnancy -and you expect me to run an antique booth!" You have got to be kidding me!! He simply pointed out that it wouldn't be THAT much work and once all of the stuff was displayed and priced I wouldn't have to do a thing. So yesterday we spent 8 hours moving our "previously loved" junk to our bright green 12 x 12 little piece of heaven... HAHA! I definitely couldn't have done it without him. I will say that I am pleased on how everything turned out and now I have to go in once a week to replace things that have sold (fingers crossed we do sale something!) and make sure everything still has a price. This antique outfit is family owned and operated and the ladies are so sweet! We made our first sale yesterday while we were setting up!
So this is our newest adventure and after 3 months if we haven't sold anything we are going to have Hannah Home come get it all... nothing ventured nothing gained! And it saves me from having a Yard Sale where the "hagglers" come out in droves and we basically give away everything. We also wanted to use this space to sale the granite cheese cutters that Wesley makes and the antique ceiling tiles from the drug store. Both items seem to be the craze right now. I will keep you all posted ... as our journey into the Crazy World of antiquing begins.
This is the back of our lovely booth!
(look familiar.. yes it is basically everything out of our old house)
My wall of mirrors -yes I have a small obsession with mirrors and buy them CONSTANTLY!
By the way.. we only have 2 items in our booth (Booth 46 to be specifically) that are actual antiques -a sewing machine and cast iron samples. Don't worry, I made sure our things were acceptable during negotiations on Saturday! HA~
So ... at the ripe old age of 26 -I'm entering the world of antiques!! Should be an interesting experience and am sure that 10 years down the road I will look over at Wes and say, "What were we thinking?" or maybe sooner! Have a fantastic week everyone!
Come visit us at the Greystone Antique Market across from Jim-n-Nicks on Hwy 280... that line will really throw Wes over the edge! HAHA!!
and remember one mans junk is another mans treasure!

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The Howell's said...

That is great! Not what I was expecting to read! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Have fun!!