Friday, June 11, 2010

you've got a friend...

Last Friday our friends the Herndon's came to Birmingham for business and we were lucky enough to get a little visit with their newest addition.. Graham! He is an adorable little guy! York enjoyed playing with him and was obsessed with putting his paci back in his mouth.. if he wanted it or NOT! Ha! It has been nice introducing York to other little ones... Graham is almost 6 months old and is a very fun age. He is used to being around our friend Turner who is 12 days older than him and his little brother who is 6 weeks old. York loves to point and say "Babeee"! He is a little rough but we are working on being "gentle". We try this with Shug but he doesn't seem to think that the hair pulling, suffocating hugs, or leg/ arm manipulations are that rough! He does better with humans... so that's GOOD! Trying to prepare him little by little for the changes ahead. Below are pictures from their enjoyable visit. "Mom... he NEEDS this paci!!" -York
"My fingers will do, Thanks" -Graham "Maybe I should try it out first... you know... see if its safe!" -York
"Hey pretty lady!" -Graham
"Graham... open wide." -York
"Hey, move those fingers.." -York
"They are so tasty... you should try" -Graham
"Ahh... success!"
Jason and Nikki Herndon
PART 2....

The other night York "stole" the balloon off of the for sale sign next door.... this lead to HOURS of fun. He had a ball chasing after the green babysitter! Wes and I were able to get some things in the yard done while York occupied himself with his new best friend.

Big Hugs for now... see you guys next week!

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