Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jabber Jaws weekly update....

Wes likes to say "They are coming in HOT!" when he sees a boat coming to the docks fast. Mr. York has come up with his own spin on this saying. We were watching the boats come in and York says: "momma they coming in hotter!"

We were laying in the bed and York was telling me about his "head ford" - it took me about 10 minutes to realize he was referring to his forehead.

York ran ahead of Wes and I and said "York slow down..." he replies "I not leave you mom... I keep you safe!"

I turned cartoons on and York yelled "I not wike dis... Not a good one!"

As York was eating his dinner he spilled a large bit on his shorts and looks up and says "dat happens"

On one of Yorks "shows" the dog was being ugly and York said "mom he makes my heart hurt... I sad". We discussed why that dog was being mean and he made me kiss his heart... sweet moment.

and the best:

We were walking around the block and he asked "Where is God?" as he looks up at the sky and before I could answer he says "He walking right here beside us momma... thank you God everyday"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 8 Months!

2 weeks 7 1/2 months

This sweet baby has brought so much joy and CRAZINESS to our family! He is 8 months old today and is growing like a weed! He has 4 teeth... 2 top/2 bottom. He is eating baby food and begin to enjoy yogurt melts and puffs! He army crawls all over the house and tries to do everything York does. He absolutely loves his brother and it melts my heart. York gets irritated with him regularly and says "No P! dat mine" , "I told you NOOOOOOOO!", or my personal favorite "I put you in time out p dawg!!" But underneath that hard exterior is a great big brother who gives lots of kisses and drags him to "safety" alot of times. Perry laughes at his brother most of the time and just stares at him and claps! I love their relationship already! These boys are GREAT!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frogs in the road...

"Mom will you call me SWEETIE!"

That was the conversation York and I just had! Of course I'll call you sweetie... where does he get this stuff?

York can you come pick up you cars out of the kitchen... "no mommy, I too old!"

quite waphing mommy! (laughing)

Recently Wes told me I was "killin him"! Not literally but figuratively... so later that night York told Wes ... "Daddy, you killin me!"

I was getting onto York for pulling a toy out that we just put back... He looked at me so calmly and said "mommy... puweesse be sweet!"

As we laid down in the bed to take a nap... York said "come on Mom get on my boat and go to Chimney Rock!"

I told York to come change his diaper because I smelled POOP! He replied "no momma its not hurting my body!"

York is quite the songwriter... He sang a song on the way home from target that went a little like this: "I cry on the way home, I CRY, see you after while, I so sad, I go cry in the road, frogs in the road, I JUST CRY, airplane!" ((I'm working on getting the audio of his little dity uploaded... wait! you thought I didn't catch that GREAT moment on my phone... I sure did!)

While changing York's diaper he asks (EVERY TIME) "is it big... is it green?"



We were getting on the elevator and I said push B for basement! and began saying "B is for Boy, B is for baseball, B is for bat..." York quickly said "B is for BUTT!!!"


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach Boys!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'll miss that ole GRUMP!

With broken heart I must share news about Mr. Shug with you all... As most of you know Shuggy has been my baby for over 6 years. He is a "grouchy" old soul but has always been by my side since I rescued him after Hurricane Katrina. He joined me as I finished college (proudly wearing his orange and blue), accepted an engagement and moved to Birmingham to share his home and bed, even stuck in there when Mr. York came and demoted him from #1, then again when Perry D joined our clan. He has been a loyal pup but sadly took a back seat when the babies arrived. Instead of helping make this an EASY transition he continued in his "crotchety" old ways and would not play with the boys or appease their curiosity in any way. I thought it would get better and the boys would "grow" on him. I was WRONG... He is absolutely terrified of York (for good reason: ear pulls, eye gauging, tail yanking, suffocating hugs) and will not let him get 10 feet from him. So he would hide under our bed to avoid the Harless Boys. It wasn't a good life. And I overlooked it daily because I was being selfish... I couldn't entertain the idea of giving my first BABY away. Finally I made the decision any good mom would... I decided to give my sweet Shug the life he deserves. To live a life without York's torture and Perry's drool, a life of leisure and happiness. So I mentioned to my cousin (who also has a Cavalier) that I might be interested in finding Shuggers a better life/home. She immediately said that her in laws were in the market for a grown dog that they didn't have to potty train. They had a dog pass recently and were lost without a K-9 in their life. PERFECT!!! I wanted to find him a home were I could "check in" and maybe visit every once and a while. Well they came to get him on Father's Day and I have been a mess ever since. I know it is for the best but it is KILLING me... especially when York says "Mom where Shug? I cant find hims!" (He has said this twice in 2 weeks) So York and Wes have done lots better than I. I told York he is at Dog camp where he can meet other dogs and play! York is totally fine with this explanation. I have heard from Shug's new family and he is in PARADISE... he is adjusting well and sleeps in their bed at night, lounges on their couch during the day, and takes kayak rides in the morning. He's probably thinking.. "Finally... the GOOD LIFE!" and I sure hope deserve it buddy! I will miss that old grump! But will always remember the wonderful times you gave me.... Love you ALWAYS Shugster!

He said WHAT?

Jabber Jaw NEWS:

As we are watching the fireworks ... there was some lull time and York says: "I call you fireweerks! Where are you?"

Wes says: "There coming buddy... just a minute"

York: "They busy daddy... their making my hotdog"

"Go Fireweerks... high in de kii!"

"Wow... dats a gud one"

Wes was telling me about this chair he built and York interjects: "You NO build it DADDY!"

I walked out of the room ready for dinner and Yorkster says: "mom you wook cute!"

We get down to the pool and he meets 3 very pretty girls (ages: 23-27)

We come back to the pool later in the day and he says: "Where my girlfriends"

"I pooted mom... Yea I did!"

York asked Wes in the car last night... "Where you beers daddy?"

"Where'd them go?"

(He was refering to his BEARD! hehe)

Wes said "I shaved it"

York says after a silent moment: "like mommy do her pits!"

"Mom, my truck in Gomery and it has tools in it!"

I say: "it does! wow .. what else is in your truck?"

York: "A cow"

me: "Really... anything else?"

York: "Yes mom... a shark too!"

me: "What color is your truck?"

York: "Red and Green mom!"

"Mom look at the ponteen boats!"

"they are awesome!"

Perry D!

Perry is growing like a WEED! He is around 18 pounds at 7 months and is eating me out of house and home! He has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth is about to break through ... he wants to eat anything York has. York has obliged him on many occasions. Recently York gave him a mandarin orange, capri sun, home aid ice cream and a cheese ball. (not all at one time of course) He likes to hand him things in the car when I'm not looking... I have been able to intervene in the nick of time on each except the capri sun. I heard a weird sucking noise on the way home from the lake and realized that was Perry sucking the bottom out of York's old capri sun - I asked York how he got it and York replied (very matter of factly) "I did it mom... he needs it!". Very good son - I guess Perry will be eating Prime Rib before his first birthday. I would have DIED if someone has given York these items so early but I just laugh this time around. York likes to "sing" to him when he gets fussy and plays the perfect brotherly role. Other times he asks if we can leave him places and says he makes him tired!! Him tired?? Perry is happy unless hungry and then makes it very clear he will not be missing meals any time soon.

He has a hilarious hair do and I LOVE it... although most family/ friends tell me to cut it and it looks ridiculous. It reminds me of a "fo-hawk" (from mohawk) or "the trump" a weird comb over. Nonetheless it is unique to P and I'm loving that crazy patch of wild hair as much as that incredibly cute dimple or those dreamy set of blue eyes. He is such a wonderful addition/completion to our family and I count my lucky stars nightly...


-one proud MOMMA