Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perry D!

Perry is growing like a WEED! He is around 18 pounds at 7 months and is eating me out of house and home! He has 2 bottom teeth and 1 top tooth is about to break through ... he wants to eat anything York has. York has obliged him on many occasions. Recently York gave him a mandarin orange, capri sun, home aid ice cream and a cheese ball. (not all at one time of course) He likes to hand him things in the car when I'm not looking... I have been able to intervene in the nick of time on each except the capri sun. I heard a weird sucking noise on the way home from the lake and realized that was Perry sucking the bottom out of York's old capri sun - I asked York how he got it and York replied (very matter of factly) "I did it mom... he needs it!". Very good son - I guess Perry will be eating Prime Rib before his first birthday. I would have DIED if someone has given York these items so early but I just laugh this time around. York likes to "sing" to him when he gets fussy and plays the perfect brotherly role. Other times he asks if we can leave him places and says he makes him tired!! Him tired?? Perry is happy unless hungry and then makes it very clear he will not be missing meals any time soon.

He has a hilarious hair do and I LOVE it... although most family/ friends tell me to cut it and it looks ridiculous. It reminds me of a "fo-hawk" (from mohawk) or "the trump" a weird comb over. Nonetheless it is unique to P and I'm loving that crazy patch of wild hair as much as that incredibly cute dimple or those dreamy set of blue eyes. He is such a wonderful addition/completion to our family and I count my lucky stars nightly...


-one proud MOMMA

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