Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He said WHAT?

Jabber Jaw NEWS:

As we are watching the fireworks ... there was some lull time and York says: "I call you fireweerks! Where are you?"

Wes says: "There coming buddy... just a minute"

York: "They busy daddy... their making my hotdog"

"Go Fireweerks... high in de kii!"

"Wow... dats a gud one"

Wes was telling me about this chair he built and York interjects: "You NO build it DADDY!"

I walked out of the room ready for dinner and Yorkster says: "mom you wook cute!"

We get down to the pool and he meets 3 very pretty girls (ages: 23-27)

We come back to the pool later in the day and he says: "Where my girlfriends"

"I pooted mom... Yea I did!"

York asked Wes in the car last night... "Where you beers daddy?"

"Where'd them go?"

(He was refering to his BEARD! hehe)

Wes said "I shaved it"

York says after a silent moment: "like mommy do her pits!"

"Mom, my truck in Gomery and it has tools in it!"

I say: "it does! wow .. what else is in your truck?"

York: "A cow"

me: "Really... anything else?"

York: "Yes mom... a shark too!"

me: "What color is your truck?"

York: "Red and Green mom!"

"Mom look at the ponteen boats!"

"they are awesome!"

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