Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 8 Months!

2 weeks 7 1/2 months

This sweet baby has brought so much joy and CRAZINESS to our family! He is 8 months old today and is growing like a weed! He has 4 teeth... 2 top/2 bottom. He is eating baby food and begin to enjoy yogurt melts and puffs! He army crawls all over the house and tries to do everything York does. He absolutely loves his brother and it melts my heart. York gets irritated with him regularly and says "No P! dat mine" , "I told you NOOOOOOOO!", or my personal favorite "I put you in time out p dawg!!" But underneath that hard exterior is a great big brother who gives lots of kisses and drags him to "safety" alot of times. Perry laughes at his brother most of the time and just stares at him and claps! I love their relationship already! These boys are GREAT!

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