Thursday, July 14, 2011

Frogs in the road...

"Mom will you call me SWEETIE!"

That was the conversation York and I just had! Of course I'll call you sweetie... where does he get this stuff?

York can you come pick up you cars out of the kitchen... "no mommy, I too old!"

quite waphing mommy! (laughing)

Recently Wes told me I was "killin him"! Not literally but figuratively... so later that night York told Wes ... "Daddy, you killin me!"

I was getting onto York for pulling a toy out that we just put back... He looked at me so calmly and said "mommy... puweesse be sweet!"

As we laid down in the bed to take a nap... York said "come on Mom get on my boat and go to Chimney Rock!"

I told York to come change his diaper because I smelled POOP! He replied "no momma its not hurting my body!"

York is quite the songwriter... He sang a song on the way home from target that went a little like this: "I cry on the way home, I CRY, see you after while, I so sad, I go cry in the road, frogs in the road, I JUST CRY, airplane!" ((I'm working on getting the audio of his little dity uploaded... wait! you thought I didn't catch that GREAT moment on my phone... I sure did!)

While changing York's diaper he asks (EVERY TIME) "is it big... is it green?"



We were getting on the elevator and I said push B for basement! and began saying "B is for Boy, B is for baseball, B is for bat..." York quickly said "B is for BUTT!!!"


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lamarshall said...

Abby busted out with something about a butt crack yesterday. I tried to tell her that sweet little girls don't say butt crack and to say honey instead. Well she tried to reason with me by bending over and saying "see my crack right here" haha! They are too funny!