Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Perry Daniel Harless
November 27, 2010
6 lbs 9 ounces
19 1/2 inches long We welcomed this sweet little blessing into our family at 6:36 pm on Saturday night! I will post more pictures and the "delivery story" next! WAR EAGLE by the way!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A wonderful friend of mine does the A-B-C's of Thanksgiving each year and I decided to steal her idea and do one myself. Here goes!
Thank you, Lord, for...
A- the "alarm" that goes off ... that means I'm alive!
B- "best friends" that make bad days better, boring days- fun, and phone calls JUICIER!
(thx Mandy and Kelly!)
C- "clothes" that fit a little tight ... that means I have enough to eat!
D- the "dimple" on York's left cheek... it just makes a smile that much better!
E- the "energy" to keep up with my active toddler.
F- the "faith" we have that makes each day truly a blessing.
G- the amazing "GOD" that walks beside me daily... and carries me through the hard days!
H- the tiny "hands" that have recently learned to bow in prayer before dinner and at bedtime.
I- the "illness" that exist... that makes our health so much more precious.
J- the "journey" we are all on... each different but exciting.
K- the "kisses" from my boys...never enough!
L- the "look" York gives me when he wakes up in the mornings...no better way to start the day.
M- a "mess" to clean up after York... that means he had FUN!
N- the "nights" Wes and I can spend talking and catching up after York goes to sleep.
O- the "outrageous" reality television that has me HOOKED!
P- the "piles" of laundry ... that means loved ones are close by!
Q- the "quiet" time around 1pm in the afternoon while York naps and I can reflect on the many blessings I have been given.
R- the "restless" nights that are preparing me for the miracle of birth that is days away.
S- the "snoring" I hear each night from ALL of my boys including SHUG... this means they are safe and sleeping soundly!
T- the "taxes" we pay because that means we have WORK!
U- the "unanswered" prayers we whisper...for only God knows BEST.
V- the "vacations" I hope to go on as soon as this baby is born!
W- the "worry" that goes with being a MOM... that means I care!
X- the "X-tra" thought that goes into choosing the perfect Christmas gift... it makes it that much more appreciated!
Y- the little "yawns" during the day... that means York doesn't want to nap because he might just miss something.
Z- the "zero" time I have for myself... I realize this when a little man escorts me to the restroom daily, showers with me, brushes teeth beside me, and "cooks" in the afternoons with me. Precious time spent together that is going by too quickly...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon...

There is a full moon tonight and I cant help but wonder if we will end up in labor before the night is done... We will see!! Maybe this is wishful thinking but as of now I'm having absolutely NO signs of labor. Time will tell! Good Night friends!

Friday, November 19, 2010

"I can't believe your still pregnant"

A day in the life of a waddling pregger...
9:00 am -Rush York to Mother's Day Out (running late as USUAL- pop tart in car)
9:15 am -pulling out of Church parking lot racing to Hospital for doctors appt at 9:30!
9:35 am -pushing 3rd floor elevator button with back of my hand b/c I'm a germ-a-phob! (crossing fingers that all of my extra circular labor exercises have done their job)
9:37 am -sitting in waiting room with every other women in Shelby County!
10:00 am -still siting in waiting room trying to read the new book I bought but mind is on another planet trying to organize the next couple of days if we are going to get induced!
10:15 am -watching every other person called back to see the doctor when an emotional overload creeps in... what if there is NO change and I will be pregnant forever...
10:20 am -wondering why doctors offices make appointments
10:25 am -getting more anxious, shifting in uncomfortable chair because bum is going to sleep!
10:30 am -the lady on the intercom announces "Laura Harless to AREA A".... FINALLY!
10:33 am -step on scales to see I'm up 5 pounds from last week because on my 3 bags of fluid and fun hospital stay on Monday! A-W-E-S-O-M-E
10:34 am -blood pressure/ urine test both look great
10:35 - 10:45 am -waiting on Doc in area A.... waiting, waiting, waiting
10:45 am -"I can not believe you are STILL pregnant!" -doc says
After a nice pelvic exam (which I'm getting pretty used to -I think this totals 3 for the week) I could see it in her eyes... NO CHANGE! Still 1 and a half centimeters dilated she confirmed. I have begun thinning (about 30% effaced)... but absolutely NO more dilation! You can NOT be serious... insert Water Works! As tears streamed down my face the poor doctor said, "Evan he is just not ready yet!". Blog readers... I can NOT complain I feel great and I have prayed and prayed for a full term baby and that is just what I'm getting. It is just difficult to have originally set a date (next Tuesday) and mentally prepare for your baby to arrive and then all of the sudden your body doesn't cooperate and plans are null and void. God is teaching me patience and most importantly that I am not in control! W.O.W -did I just say that... not in control? Evan Perry Harless= Type A personality, Ms. Organized, Take Charge/or OVER attitude, Early Bird gets the worm, etc... can not control this situation!? Doesn't ADD Up! As much as I want Perry here... I am learning valuable lessons while thanking God that each day we are a step closer to bringing home a healthy baby and having a completely different delivery experience than with York. That makes me smile...
I would like to go into labor on my own ultimately and if this guy is a "Turkey" like his big brother then he might just come next week... that would be a blessing! If he decides to "set up shop" for another week then I see the doctor again on the 29th (a day before my original due date). My doctor left me with some parting words... "I will definitely not let you go past 41 weeks!" This hasn't even sunk in yet! 41 weeks... that is just NOT natural! Not to mention (insert anal mother to equation) that York's 2nd Birthday party is on Dec 11th... the weekend of 41 weeks!! O M G... lets don't even go there! HA!
So I picked up my sweet boy from school at 1pm and he is sleeping soundly beside me as I type... What an incredible gift God has given me and I will cherish these next couple of day/ weeks with more care and more attention to every little thing he does (from the way he pats my back when I pick him up to the sweet sound of his breath against my neck). He is our little man and holds his dad's and my heart in the palm of his hand. He makes each day sweeter and now more than ever I realize how important these last days are to savor and enjoy.
Until God and Perry decide... we will be waiting!

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

– Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

38 weeks...

I'm officially 38 completed weeks pregnant (AKA a lifetime!) and never would have imagined reaching this point! Most of you know I had a little hospital stay this past weekend because of a "stomach" bug that got the best of Perry and me. 3 bags of fluid, 2 bags of potassium, and 24 hours later I was back in my own bed!! (Did you know... if they push Potassium through an IV without diluting it feels like your arm is burning off of your body -it was awesome) Perry looked good on the monitor (much better than I) and my contractions calmed down considerable once we were hydrated. (I was only 1 and a half centimeters dilated) Not sure if it was indeed a violent bug of part of what "I" do when labor is close. I did the same thing with York about 5 days before he was born. I return to the OBGYN's office (my second home with personalized cot) on Friday to see if we have progressed any further. If I have reached 2 centimeters then we will schedule an induction for Tuesday the 23rd! If I have NOT progressed I guess I will be pregnant until Christmas! HA! Just kidding... not sure what the plan is if that's the case. I have several newborn turkey outfits that Perry MUST wear! ... so he better decide to come on and make his debut soon! I have officially switched gears from the "keep him in" TO any suggestions to "get this guy out" will be greatly appreciated! FYI... I ate Chuy's (spicy Mexican) last night -I know you all are thinking I'm crazy for choosing that after a nasty episode of nausea/diarrhea but that is how READY I am! I have also resumed my "fast-walking" regimen and feel like I will urinate on myself at any time. All other suggestions will be considered! Until Friday...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

37 weeks and C-O-U-N-T-I-N-G!

WE ARE STILL PREGNANT! How I have prayed to see weeks 35, 36, 37, etc... Each week comes and goes and I can only lift my hands in awe of our marvelous God! Those uncomfortable nights, irritating contractions, Brethine induced nausea and shakes can not compare to the agony and emotional stress the NICU presents. To hear the doc say, "you are considered Full Term" made my heart smile and brought tears to my eyes. The feelings of failure and heartbreak from having to leave a child in the NICU quickly filled my mind. My body still aches, even now, with the flooding emotions of that time. It is a constant reminder of our many blessings and to remember to praise him especially in the good times!
My doc took me off of bed rest and Brethine this am and I can not be happier! I am to resume "normal" activity for someone who is 9+ months pregnant! I did ask if I could do some running and after she looked at me crazy she said absolutely NOT! ... and followed up by adding "you can do some fast walking". So I begin my "fast walking" regime today! It is back to picking up my little man, eating out, driving, washing clothes, cleaning house, grocery shopping, etc! I have never been more excited about daily chores!
If you are NOT a belly person... Proceed with CAUTION!!!
My sister accompanied me to my check up this morning and took this Oh SO flattering picture of my rotund 37 week belly! By the way, we are still not dilated or effaced and are waiting on Perry to decide when he would like to make an appearance! UNTIL THEN...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


36 weeks and Perry is still in the oven!
Milestone... that was the word of the day at my doctors appointment Tuesday! We are so thankful that God has blessed us with 2 weeks (so far) of extra growth and development for our little P! Each and every minute he stays "put" is a sigh of relief and prayer answered. Doc says cervix is still closed and the Brethine and P17 shots are doing their jobs and she couldn't be happier! I am supposed to continue the Brethine until my next weeks visit (Tuesday) and then we will forgo all measures to STOP him from coming. I will be on my own at that point... So we could possibly have a baby next week or he may decide to hang out until the 23rd (induction day). My contractions are still persistent but the pills seem to be keeping them around 4-6 an hour. Which is acceptable for my doc... Crossing fingers that we will not be taking any more trips to Labor & Delivery until its the REAL DEAL! All of the nerves, doc appointments, and meds have overshadowed my emotions about our coming addition. As I washed the last load of baby laundry and stacked it away in Perry's drawers I realized that in a few short days or weeks we will meet York's little brother!! I became a teary mess... I looked around Perry's room at all of the things we used for York when we brought him home in such a fragile state. I would barely lay him down in his bassinet because I wanted to feel his sweet breathe on my chest. I prayed over him constantly thanking God for this little miracle and asked for his guidance every step of the way. It feels like yesterday I was swaddling his 4 lb body, pumping every 3 hours to make sure he would get the important stuff because he wouldn't nurse, and kissing his sweet little hands and feet over and over thinking life doesn't get much better than this! In 22 short months he has gown into a full fledged toddler with animated personality, sweet heart, and loving demeanor. As I packed him this morning to go home with Mae-Mae for a couple of days I realized that this little guy holds my heart in his hands... and I wonder how I will find the love necessary for another. Will my heart make room for the same amazing love I have for my first born or will it be different? My biggest worry is that York will be pushed to the side or overshadowed by the birth of a new child. I am already planning things that York and I can do together to help him with the transition. Of course he will probably do better with the change than I... I'm an emotional train wreck and have had too much time (bed rest) to think about such things! I can't wait for Perry to complete our family and look forward to savoring the short time we have with our children as infants. I pledge to take too many pictures, give too many kisses, and hold him way too much! It is an exciting journey that we will soon begin and I can't wait to meet this little life that has been growing inside of me for 9 months now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

"On" the GREEN for Halloween!

Cutest little golfer...This is how our night started out...
After a few tears... we got the hang of things!
As long as we were on the "cark" (Cart) we were GREAT!
Sweet BOY!
Yes.. the hat was difficult to keep on!

Clubs on back... ball in Hand! Ready for some CANDY!
Happy Halloween, yall!
Our first trick-or-treating experience will definitely go in the books! We began earlier in the day showing York how to "ask" for candy by saying Trick-Or-Treat and holding your bucket out... Well of course we had to give him candy each time he so sweetly held his bucket out and said "Trit-tret"!! After Reese cups, dots, tootsie rolls, m & m's, etc he was WIRED for the night ahead. My mom began dinner as Wes, York, and I headed out on the golf cart (approximately 5:30pm) to visit a couple of neighbors homes. We pulled back in the driveway (approximately 5:45pm) with no candy and irritated baby. York was not loving his costume, no one on our street had their "lights" on, and Daddy was worn out! We decided that with a 9 + pregnant momma, tired daddy, and candy-crazed baby we would eat dinner and let York hand out candy! After our delicious dinner (THX MOMMA!) we anxiously awaited our first little goblin! Around 8pm we realized that the Harless Home was obviously not going to be visited by any candy monsters! So sad... We have a ridiculous amount of candy that must vacate the premises immediately. I find my wandering hands in the bowl all times of the day! A mini snicker here, a kit kat there, an eyeball for breakfast, or a crunch bar for dessert! Perry is definitely packing on the pounds this week! ... or my thighs are!! So that sums up our eventful Halloween 2010! Hope everyone had a wonderfully spooktacular day!
36 week Doctor appt Tuesday morning... will update everyone then!