Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A wonderful friend of mine does the A-B-C's of Thanksgiving each year and I decided to steal her idea and do one myself. Here goes!
Thank you, Lord, for...
A- the "alarm" that goes off ... that means I'm alive!
B- "best friends" that make bad days better, boring days- fun, and phone calls JUICIER!
(thx Mandy and Kelly!)
C- "clothes" that fit a little tight ... that means I have enough to eat!
D- the "dimple" on York's left cheek... it just makes a smile that much better!
E- the "energy" to keep up with my active toddler.
F- the "faith" we have that makes each day truly a blessing.
G- the amazing "GOD" that walks beside me daily... and carries me through the hard days!
H- the tiny "hands" that have recently learned to bow in prayer before dinner and at bedtime.
I- the "illness" that exist... that makes our health so much more precious.
J- the "journey" we are all on... each different but exciting.
K- the "kisses" from my boys...never enough!
L- the "look" York gives me when he wakes up in the better way to start the day.
M- a "mess" to clean up after York... that means he had FUN!
N- the "nights" Wes and I can spend talking and catching up after York goes to sleep.
O- the "outrageous" reality television that has me HOOKED!
P- the "piles" of laundry ... that means loved ones are close by!
Q- the "quiet" time around 1pm in the afternoon while York naps and I can reflect on the many blessings I have been given.
R- the "restless" nights that are preparing me for the miracle of birth that is days away.
S- the "snoring" I hear each night from ALL of my boys including SHUG... this means they are safe and sleeping soundly!
T- the "taxes" we pay because that means we have WORK!
U- the "unanswered" prayers we whisper...for only God knows BEST.
V- the "vacations" I hope to go on as soon as this baby is born!
W- the "worry" that goes with being a MOM... that means I care!
X- the "X-tra" thought that goes into choosing the perfect Christmas gift... it makes it that much more appreciated!
Y- the little "yawns" during the day... that means York doesn't want to nap because he might just miss something.
Z- the "zero" time I have for myself... I realize this when a little man escorts me to the restroom daily, showers with me, brushes teeth beside me, and "cooks" in the afternoons with me. Precious time spent together that is going by too quickly...

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Josh and Beth said...

This is too sweet and made me cry! I am thankful for so many of the same things!! Also, thankful you still have a sweet baby in your belly! Good luck in the coming days! prayers sent your way as you soon become a family of 4! Happy Thanksgiving!