Wednesday, November 3, 2010


36 weeks and Perry is still in the oven!
Milestone... that was the word of the day at my doctors appointment Tuesday! We are so thankful that God has blessed us with 2 weeks (so far) of extra growth and development for our little P! Each and every minute he stays "put" is a sigh of relief and prayer answered. Doc says cervix is still closed and the Brethine and P17 shots are doing their jobs and she couldn't be happier! I am supposed to continue the Brethine until my next weeks visit (Tuesday) and then we will forgo all measures to STOP him from coming. I will be on my own at that point... So we could possibly have a baby next week or he may decide to hang out until the 23rd (induction day). My contractions are still persistent but the pills seem to be keeping them around 4-6 an hour. Which is acceptable for my doc... Crossing fingers that we will not be taking any more trips to Labor & Delivery until its the REAL DEAL! All of the nerves, doc appointments, and meds have overshadowed my emotions about our coming addition. As I washed the last load of baby laundry and stacked it away in Perry's drawers I realized that in a few short days or weeks we will meet York's little brother!! I became a teary mess... I looked around Perry's room at all of the things we used for York when we brought him home in such a fragile state. I would barely lay him down in his bassinet because I wanted to feel his sweet breathe on my chest. I prayed over him constantly thanking God for this little miracle and asked for his guidance every step of the way. It feels like yesterday I was swaddling his 4 lb body, pumping every 3 hours to make sure he would get the important stuff because he wouldn't nurse, and kissing his sweet little hands and feet over and over thinking life doesn't get much better than this! In 22 short months he has gown into a full fledged toddler with animated personality, sweet heart, and loving demeanor. As I packed him this morning to go home with Mae-Mae for a couple of days I realized that this little guy holds my heart in his hands... and I wonder how I will find the love necessary for another. Will my heart make room for the same amazing love I have for my first born or will it be different? My biggest worry is that York will be pushed to the side or overshadowed by the birth of a new child. I am already planning things that York and I can do together to help him with the transition. Of course he will probably do better with the change than I... I'm an emotional train wreck and have had too much time (bed rest) to think about such things! I can't wait for Perry to complete our family and look forward to savoring the short time we have with our children as infants. I pledge to take too many pictures, give too many kisses, and hold him way too much! It is an exciting journey that we will soon begin and I can't wait to meet this little life that has been growing inside of me for 9 months now!


Allison and Karl said...

You are such a good writer, Evan, and I was crying by the time I finished reading this! I am so very happy that you're still pregnant today! Each minute/hour/day will make Perry stronger. I know things have been pretty tough lately with the contractions and bed rest, but God is taking care of that baby. You are an incredible mom, and your boys are so lucky to have you! We love you and your sweet family and are praying that Perry stays put just a little while longer! :)

Blair said...

Woo hoo for 36 weeks! I am so jealous! I pray I can have a blog post about being pregnant at 36 weeks. Milestone is right!

Charlotte was 20 months when Frances was born. I will say that while the bed rest was no fun, it did make the transition to two MUCH easier on Charlotte. While my time was now divided, she had her mom off the couch and back taking care of her. It was a blessing in disguise. I am hoping it will be the same way this go around! :)

As for the loving another child, it will be different, as it is a different person, but you will have another son walking around (well, not quite walking yet!) holding your heart. I found with #2 I was able to enjoy the baby phase much more since I "knew" what I was doing. (Ha! As if any mother ever knows it all) I was much more relaxed and there is nothing like watching your children play together. York will be a wonderful big brother and you will fall more in love with him watching him love on his brother!

I hope you can keep this one cooking to 38 weeks! I will be very jealous if you do!

The Harless Family said...

Thx Allison and Blair! this is such a sweet/emotional time!

Blair... it is so nice to share these scary times with someone who has been in the same situation! God works in mysterious ways... so glad he allowed our paths to cross! thinking about you constantly!

Margaret said...

Evan-I too had tears in my eyes reading this! You will most certainly find that loving two is natural and the most amazing blessing and gift to be able to do. I stressed over this for days and days before Cope was born-holding Simms and just crying, because I was so, so scared of having another (even though it was what we wanted and prayed for). It all works out so naturally! The Lord sees to it that it will! Prayers and Love!

Susan said...

Evan - I agree with Allison and Karl, you are an amazing author. I, too, was teary at the end of today's blog. I cannot wait to meet Perry and see York again. I love you all