Tuesday, November 9, 2010

37 weeks and C-O-U-N-T-I-N-G!

WE ARE STILL PREGNANT! How I have prayed to see weeks 35, 36, 37, etc... Each week comes and goes and I can only lift my hands in awe of our marvelous God! Those uncomfortable nights, irritating contractions, Brethine induced nausea and shakes can not compare to the agony and emotional stress the NICU presents. To hear the doc say, "you are considered Full Term" made my heart smile and brought tears to my eyes. The feelings of failure and heartbreak from having to leave a child in the NICU quickly filled my mind. My body still aches, even now, with the flooding emotions of that time. It is a constant reminder of our many blessings and to remember to praise him especially in the good times!
My doc took me off of bed rest and Brethine this am and I can not be happier! I am to resume "normal" activity for someone who is 9+ months pregnant! I did ask if I could do some running and after she looked at me crazy she said absolutely NOT! ... and followed up by adding "you can do some fast walking". So I begin my "fast walking" regime today! It is back to picking up my little man, eating out, driving, washing clothes, cleaning house, grocery shopping, etc! I have never been more excited about daily chores!
If you are NOT a belly person... Proceed with CAUTION!!!
My sister accompanied me to my check up this morning and took this Oh SO flattering picture of my rotund 37 week belly! By the way, we are still not dilated or effaced and are waiting on Perry to decide when he would like to make an appearance! UNTIL THEN...


Blair said...

Yay! What an amazing milestone! I am so happy for you. It is a moment I have dreamed of, but fear I will never see.

I hope you get to do something wonderful to celebrate...even though I totally understand how rewarding it must feel to resume "normal" activities!

Thanks for making me smile on this bedridden day. :)

The Harless Family said...

Oh Blair!! I pray daily that you too will get to 35, 36, 37 weeks... although I will have to say at 34.5 weeks I was just as happy as I am today!!! You are doing the best thing you can for Christmas baby and we both know that God is in control and will give your family the strength and understanding to deal with the next couple of weeks whatever the outcome! You have 2 beautiful miracles that prove that! I hope one day that we can meet!