Monday, November 1, 2010

"On" the GREEN for Halloween!

Cutest little golfer...This is how our night started out...
After a few tears... we got the hang of things!
As long as we were on the "cark" (Cart) we were GREAT!
Sweet BOY!
Yes.. the hat was difficult to keep on!

Clubs on back... ball in Hand! Ready for some CANDY!
Happy Halloween, yall!
Our first trick-or-treating experience will definitely go in the books! We began earlier in the day showing York how to "ask" for candy by saying Trick-Or-Treat and holding your bucket out... Well of course we had to give him candy each time he so sweetly held his bucket out and said "Trit-tret"!! After Reese cups, dots, tootsie rolls, m & m's, etc he was WIRED for the night ahead. My mom began dinner as Wes, York, and I headed out on the golf cart (approximately 5:30pm) to visit a couple of neighbors homes. We pulled back in the driveway (approximately 5:45pm) with no candy and irritated baby. York was not loving his costume, no one on our street had their "lights" on, and Daddy was worn out! We decided that with a 9 + pregnant momma, tired daddy, and candy-crazed baby we would eat dinner and let York hand out candy! After our delicious dinner (THX MOMMA!) we anxiously awaited our first little goblin! Around 8pm we realized that the Harless Home was obviously not going to be visited by any candy monsters! So sad... We have a ridiculous amount of candy that must vacate the premises immediately. I find my wandering hands in the bowl all times of the day! A mini snicker here, a kit kat there, an eyeball for breakfast, or a crunch bar for dessert! Perry is definitely packing on the pounds this week! ... or my thighs are!! So that sums up our eventful Halloween 2010! Hope everyone had a wonderfully spooktacular day!
36 week Doctor appt Tuesday morning... will update everyone then!


Ashley said...

PRECIOUS little golfer! :)

Allison and Karl said...

York is adorable!! The costume looked great on him, and the story is priceless!

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness if that isn't just PRECIOUS!!!