Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spider obsessed?

Can I have ice cream since P pulled my hair out?

Where is your hanitizer? (hand sanitizer)

My chair smells like butt.

How'd you get that cut on your eye? - mom
That's how God made me! - York 

Go slow mommy because this isn't a interstate. 

Get out of town, dad!

I love new baby. 

York was killing spiders And I told him "poor spider family!". And he said He was a lost spider looking for a girl to eat he doesn't have a family and He saved the girl!

I made a patterin. (pattern)

Perry was screaming and he looked over at Tascha and replied...
We are working on our social skills. 

I'm trying to toughen him up. 

At beach:  that's God moving me in the water! (ie waves)

While singing itsy bitsy spider York points out that once the spider is in fact "washed away" ... He would NOT be able to climb up the spout again. Because he'd be dead! 

Mom... Why is he loosing his mind? (rams crying)

God is mighty because he is big!!

As York hugged me this am... He looks up and simply said "because you have gotten so small and I can hug you good -your not my boss anymore"

There are a couple of people in my class as cool as me...

Why did you throw that? - mom
Because I live sports- York 

As he put on a head lamp he comes over to me and asks if he can check me for critters... (too much turtle man perhaps?) as he is looking on my arms and legs he gets to my hair and says this is a good place for spiders to hide but your clear!

That day my tummy hurt-ed... There were monsters in me. 

I don't want real food! I want pretend food!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

I've clearly neglected my blog
My tiny baby is 3 months old.. How?
Perry likes to bully- at school
York currently boycotts naps
Halloween has snuck up on me...
It is really calming to hear all three children scream at the same time.
My boys treat my sofa like a wrestling Ring
Bass pro shops does not have a pumpkin patch... Although husband insist they do.  
York said his first curse word.. In correct context (parent fail)
Perry's hair is borderline ponytail material -bc getting it cut is a nightmare 
(I call him Bieber and he repeats it constantly = hilarious)
Market w friends = 4 hour vacation 
My mother turned 50 and looks amazing
Boys birthdays are creeping up (2&4) haven't planned a thing 
Running in full force & loving it
Perry is a little echo
Husband works every other Saturday / killing me
Ramsay must be having growth spurt ** eating at 4 am the last 2 nights
Buying rice cereal for night bottle TODAY -do what you gotta do!
Hubs had the ole "snip" to derail the kid train - he is the best!
York can recite the pledge of alligence. 
Perry likes to count in Spanish. (1,2,3)
Ramsay has the best baby smile!
Our new church is exactly what we needed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That's OUR Tascha

We said goodbye to an amazing friend Sunday as she pursues a different life path.  We took quickly to Ms. Tascha with her kind heart and patient ways. Her love for my boys became evident in the early weeks of her employment.  Soon thereafter our work relationship blossomed into an amazing friendship and bond.  She spoke to, held, and taught my children as her own.  She has a gentle and appropriate way of handling any situation these wild Indians threw her way.... as if she had been a mother for years. She is a born nurturer,  a phenomenal woman of God, amazing wife, sister, daughter and much more.  She gave my family more in the 9 months she spent here than I can ever express in words. She came to our home each morning wearing a sweet smile, genuinely excited for what the day held with my most prizes possessions.  She tackled the craziness like a pro and never once raised her voice. She is a gem. A rare jewel you don't find ... and we had the opportunity to spend 39 weeks with her.  On an average day, I overheard her teaching letters, numbers or shapes followed with praise and encouragement. She was their personal cheerleader.  In the next breath she would tell of the wonderful ways of our savior and how much he loves them. Wow! I can't explain the joy and fullness my heart felt each time I witness the exchange. What else could a mother ask for??  She is irreplaceable and hopefully a friend for life.  Her and her husband made marks on our hearts and we will always cherish the memories and moments together.  We hope to keep in touch as they embark on a life as missionaries and support them in every way possible.  We wish them a life time of happiness and fulfillment. Tascha- we love you more than you know and appreciate your time and dedication to our family. We miss you desperately. 

Lord, thank you for sending us one of your angels!  Thank you for allowing us to meet one of your best soldiers. Bless Jeff and Tascha's future and each step along the way.  Help them to spread your word with ease and conviction. Give them the confidence and knowledge necessary to fulfill your master plan.  Protect them on their journey and return them to the family and friends that love them. Amen