Monday, October 22, 2012

I've clearly neglected my blog
My tiny baby is 3 months old.. How?
Perry likes to bully- at school
York currently boycotts naps
Halloween has snuck up on me...
It is really calming to hear all three children scream at the same time.
My boys treat my sofa like a wrestling Ring
Bass pro shops does not have a pumpkin patch... Although husband insist they do.  
York said his first curse word.. In correct context (parent fail)
Perry's hair is borderline ponytail material -bc getting it cut is a nightmare 
(I call him Bieber and he repeats it constantly = hilarious)
Market w friends = 4 hour vacation 
My mother turned 50 and looks amazing
Boys birthdays are creeping up (2&4) haven't planned a thing 
Running in full force & loving it
Perry is a little echo
Husband works every other Saturday / killing me
Ramsay must be having growth spurt ** eating at 4 am the last 2 nights
Buying rice cereal for night bottle TODAY -do what you gotta do!
Hubs had the ole "snip" to derail the kid train - he is the best!
York can recite the pledge of alligence. 
Perry likes to count in Spanish. (1,2,3)
Ramsay has the best baby smile!
Our new church is exactly what we needed.

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