Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walking to a NEW CRIB...

The Harless Family has been M.I.A (Missing in Action) lately... I would like to apologize for leaving everyone hanging from the last post. As for the exciting news... NO I am not pregnant. (that would be SHOCKING news!) We have recently bought a new home and will move in on Monday. Now you can see why I haven't updated! Our home is in boxes and we are staying with Janey (MIL) until Monday. As I think of leaving our home and moving into a bigger place to facilitate our growing family I get a little emotional. This may be a shock to some of you who know that I am NOT super sentimental. I think back to April of 2006 when Wesley took me to 1064 Dunnavant Place and told me this would be our new home. WOW what a day... our very own home! Our first home as Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Bernard Harless. I bounced from room to room admiring each piece of wood, fixture, and cabinet. Imagining all of the delicious meals (I would have to learn to make) in its beautiful kitchen, wondering if Shug would like the nice open back yard, and most of all trying to find a money tree to decorate this little piece of heaven. Then we brought our sweet little preemie home from the NICU to his bassinet beside our bed where he flourished each day in this house we made our home. So many Game Day barbecues with friends, Grey's Anatomy girls nights, Family gatherings, and much more make our home so special. I guess it is another chapter in life that you hold close to your heart and never forget. I wonder if I will ever take York by his first home and tell him all about his first year there. Will I drive by to see if the new family cut down the trees or shrubs that I worked my fingers to the bone planting? Will they hang a wreath on the door or put a flower in the doorway? Will the new owners love our home like we did? I sure hope so! We are so incredibly blessed... God is So So Very GOOD! More pictures and commentary on the move coming next week... Below are some pictures via CELL PHONE of Mr. York and what he has been up to in the midst of all of our craziness! We are WALKING... and with WALKING comes BRUISES !! Big nasty, purple, yucky bruises!! My sweet perfect little man looks like an ultimate fighter! Good News...they have begun to fade. Unfortunately this is the first of many... I hear!
My little hooded monkey!
Sweet Baby sleeping while momma runs in the cold!
Peaking out from his monkey highchair at Ya-Ya's!
(PS... special THANK YOU to Ya-Ya for putting up with us these last couple of days before the move... you have been GREAT!)

This is a picture of our new house! I wanted to get the SOLD sign in the picture... will post better ones later.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and can relax and enjoy the company of their loved ones and indulge in some tasty treats!

Love you all, Evan and York

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Have a ...

Great Weekend Everyone!

Exciting news coming soon!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Love of Jesus...

"Love of Jesus, Fill us,
Joy of Jesus, surprise us,
Peace of Jesus, flood us,
Light of Jesus, transform us,
Touch of Jesus, warm us,
Strength of Jesus, encourage us."
-Angela Ashwin

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick-OR-Treat 2009

Look NO hands!
Cruising to the door to give out candy...
Why do you dress me up, Mom?
York the Giraffe
Daddy was too tired to Trick or Treat!
Long night..

As you can see we had a fantastic Halloween! York tolerated his costume and enjoyed seeing all of the children come to the door. My favorite costume of the night was a 5 year old Dog the Bounty Hunter... mullet, chains, and all! (HILARIOUS!) Second place would have to go to the 8 year old Domino's Pizza boy... he used his pizza box to hold his candy! (mighty CREATIVE) This week York has been taking 4 and 5 steps on his own. It is absolutely amazing and so exciting! Mom came to watch York this week so I could go and help at the Drug Store. It was really nice having mom keep York all day and come home to washed clothes and hot delicious dinner! **Thanks so much mom... your a lifesaver!** We are so very blessed. Other news: York has 7 1/2 teeth... and these last couple of "teethies" have been tough on the little man. He is feeling much better now, but it was a rough few days. He is back to his normal sweet happy baby! I can not post without giving a big shout out to the A-U-B-U-R-N tigers! WAR EAGLE! What an exciting game... I am so proud of our tigers! We will be heading to the plains tomorrow to celebrate Homecoming!

More pix to come!

xoxo- Evan